Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


16. I'm done

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. I can't even believe the massive amount of pure idiot that I have experienced in the last 24 hours. There is so much stupid in these, that I could feel myself loosing brain cells as I read them, or saw them.  The first is this "news" headline I saw online. "Boston Bombing a hoax?" ARE. YOU. PUCKING. SERIOUS. In the words of one Miss Rebekah Perkins, "I want those journalists to look the parents of the 8 year old boy in the eyes, and tell him it was a hoax." That was a terribly traumatic event for many many people, the parents of that boy now have to go on without their child. The child they watched grow up, they watched have 8 birthdays. 8 birthdays isn't enough, he should've had his entire life ahead of him, and your going to sit here and tell me that you honestly believe it was faked? That boys did nothing wrong, he was waiting at the end of the race, happy and healthy until a piece of shrapnel killed him without him ever knowing what happened.  It's not just him either, a college student had her entire life ahead of her, she could've had a family, a job, she could've done anything, but no she was killed running a marathon. The next one is this one "Is the Megladon real?!" ... IT WAS ALWAYS REAL YOU DUMB ASS. It's just pucking extinct! It's been extinct for millions of years! There may be some big ass sharks still alive down in the depths, there quite possibly could be a megladon or two still around, we don't know.  But that isn't the point, your saying its like a myth! It's not! It is a proven fact that Megladons were real, living creatures. However, it is believed they died along with the dinosaurs. Next on my long list is this "Jurassic park possible! Read this article to find out what scientist are taking from movie" O-O No. Just.. Just shut up, no. As soon as Jurassic Park came out  (1993) scientist told everyone that is was impossible, the blood stored in a mosquito would either be contaminated, or just not liquid anymore. And on another note, why the puck would anyone want to bring the damn dinosaurs back! The movie even said man kind has absolutely no hope of controlling those creatures. We would be setting ourselves up for chaos! We have no way to know what they eat (well that would be the simplest thing to figure out but still) We have no idea how they hunt, we have no idea of anything except how big they were, and what they might've looked like. Next is this "LA teenager jealous of Anne Frank" I nearly reached through my computer and slapped someone. She is jealous of ANNE. FRANK. Do you know why shes jealous? Do you? Because Justin Beiber visited the house Anne Frank hid in during the Nazi invasion. Next is this "Princess Dianna was still alive hour before her death in Paris" No shit sherlock! ESPLAIN TO ME! Esplain to me when the world got this stupid! Now this next one may not be obvious to everyone, but I will explain. This was a comment that I saw on facebook "I think Robert Downey Jr. was a better Sherlock than Cumberbatch anyway..." Ok, first off Benedict Cumberbatch is a "modern day" Sherlock, he is not Sir Arthur Conan Doyles version. There is a difference! Jesus christ, if your going project your opinion to the world, at least do the damn research you loathsome little cockroach. I'm not lying, these are actual thing I have found, seen and heard. This world is going to be full of half wits who will overpower the number of normal people in a matter of years. You mark my words, If we don't do something to stop this, these people will force our kind out of existence. 

                                                                    Love Always,

                                                                                     Mary Kate

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