Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


39. I'm back

Hey guys. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and that has kind of meant that I havent been on as much as I usually would be, but I'm back now, so fear not! Or fear some if you don't like this story I suppose... Any way! Theres something that I thought of, that I would like to share with you. You know how some people know they're gay in like middle school, or highschool? Why the fuck do people tell them they're too young to know! Why is heterosexual the standard sexuality! If I go up to someone and I say "I have a crush on this guy at my school" no one questions it! No one says that I'm too young for that! But if I was to say "I have a crush on this girl at my school" Every body looses their minds, it's like WHOA, WHOA THERE I'M GONNA NEED TO SEE YOUR GAY CARD, THREE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. Seriously what the fuck! In my mind, I think truly is love, and that no one is born gay or straight, and that if you fall in love with someone, you fall in love with someone, there shouldn't have to be labels attached to everything. I think everyone is just born a person, some happen to prefer guys as a partner, some prefer girls, some don't give a shit, some don't like any one period. AND THAT IS MOTHER FUCKING FINE. Jesus christ people why does everything have to relate back to offending people! If I went up to a hetero couple and said "You two are so disgusting!! The magical man in the sky  I worship said that you people shouldn't be together so you're going to hell. Your kind offends me" EVERYONE WOULD HAVE A FIT, but when people go up to gay couples and say the same thing, IT'S THEIR RIGHT? Who the fuck came up with this shit! Those fucking people are the reason my cousin can't marry her girlfriend OF 8 YEARS. They met like anyone else, they fell in love like every one else, they moved into together, they pay their bills, they don't smoke, drink, get arrested, none of that, but people who do ALL OF THOSE can get married and they can't. Cassie (My cousin) and Stephanie (Her girlfriend) are two of the best people I have ever known. It wasn't enough that both of their parents shunned them, and that they lost friends because they were together, oh no, they have to be shunned and hated by people who don't even know them! Cassie got really depressed a few years ago, and Steph found her curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor trying to pry a pill bottle open. I love her more than anything, and seeing her so broken and beaten was the stuff of my nightmares. She's better now, her and Steph are stronger than ever, and they're fighting to get the equal rights they deserve, and I'll be right there with them the whole way. Another thing I'd like to rant about, is the word "homophobic" YOU ARE NOT AFRAID. YOU'RE JUST AN ASSHOLE. That is all.

Love Always,

Mary Kate

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