Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


17. I would sail across the east sea, just to see you on the far side

I act like I don't give a flying shit to a lot of people, because I don't really care that much about them. However, If you have managed to worm your way into the tiny part of my heart that gives WAAAAAAYYY to much of a shit, I am undoubtedly, and irrevocably pucked. There is a record amount of people that have managed to mash themselves into the tiny space. Those people are as follows: Rebekah Perkins, Bella LaFemina, Dani Barry, Melissa Richmond, Karla Duenas, Emily Moritz, Emily Smith, and Sami Bockstahler. In all truthfulness, I most likely care for these people a whole hell of a lot more than they care for me. If you have somehow managed to get me to care about you, I have a knack for getting very protective. You can see how this presents a problem for me. The problem is that I want to be as close to these people as possible, but then I have some things to factor in. I have to factor in that they probably don't care that much if I'm alive, or 6 feet under, I have to factor that they have many many people that they would rather spend time with then me, and then I have to factor in that I can be an extremely boring person. Take my friend Bekah for instense shall we.I love Bekah like she was my own sister, and I want to hang out with her a lot, watch movies, and all that stuff. But because I feel boring and in significant, I have built her up to a much more intimidating person in my head, than she ever is in real life. Bekah is dangerous, let me just say that. And armed with a metal pole like she is in drill team doesn't much help. I have bruises on my shins from that little 90 pound girl kicking me, so it's not like she isn't intimidating, but thats beside the point. I will go into a conversation with her, knowing full well that she probably doesn't give two pucks about what I'm saying, and I will completely just freak out. However, Bekah being Bekah, helps me out and talks about a mutual interest of our which is Harry Potter. I wish I didn't always feel this way, but it's really really hard not to when all you think about is how stupid you must sound. As I've said before I love all of these people, even though I've just started really talking to Bella this year, she treats me like she's known me forever, and we laugh at eachother like sisters. Ex: I wouldn't survive the Dora the Explorer universe! Bella: Yeah I can just imagine Swiper coming along and taking your stuff and you standing the like 'Bu-but Swiper.. Swiper no swipey!. So getting to the title of this chapter, that is a line from one of my favorite songs "Siberia" by lights, and it pretty much sums up me as a friend. Once my friend Jourdan called me, and I was in the middle of something, and she asked me to come over, so I dropped what I was doing, and went to her house. I am so dedicated to most of the people I know, I would do anything for them. This may sound odd, but I had a dream where it was me, my friend Bekah, my friend, Melissa, and my friends Bella and Dani, and we were all walking together, and this guy ran up trying to grab one of them, so I full on body tackled him, and ended up getting shot...And I died. I can't even not-be-a-fail in my dreams! I mean I died for Christ sake! But they were all fine so I died happily. Sort of.  Another example is a conversation that me and Bekah had. We are just a bit obsessed with Mulan. So we were talking about what we would do if the huns really invaded. She she said "It would be you and me out the with swords trying to kill 8 of them at once!" and I said "Yeah, and then as soon as Shun Yuh came and chased us I'd throw your ass back onto the horse" This ended up in her "yelling" at me and threatening to kick me in the shins if I ever made her leave me to die. So anyway, I'm pucked. So very, very pucked. But I love these people, so everything is right in the world. 

                                                                                       Love Always,

                                                                                              Mary Kate

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