Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


4. I hate school

I hate school. I love my friends, but why does there have to be so much drama? WE ARE 13 FOR GOD SAKE. Why are so many people trying to hurry their lives along! I have so much pressure. I have so much pressure to keep secrets of all kinds. I have so many secret I think I might just break down and cry some times. WHY , why do I have to be worrying about my closest friends, cutting, or their latest boyfriends. I have to worry about family issues, My friends having sex, my friends hating someone, or my friends failing school. I hate it. I HATE IT. I have been told secret after secret since I was a kid! Why do people come to me for secrets. I just want life to be like normal, I want my life to be like a 13 year olds 10 years ago would have been. Now a says its skirt that come to the bottom of someones ass, shorts that look like they belong to a 5 year old, and shirts that dont even cover their stomachs. WHAT. THE. HELL. I am made fun of, and picked on for wearing clothes that a freaking 13 year old school wear! I dont' understand. How can girls, and guys for that matter, want to rush their lives along so much? I don't, I would rather stay like this forever, but It's so hard to be a normal kid when you're being pressured so much.

                                                                                                  Love Always,

                                                                                                                         Mary Kate

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