Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


24. 25 Facts about me that you probably dont want to know

#1. I have braces

#2. I have an odd hatred for guys who are athletes 

#3. When I was 8 I contemplated throwing myself into throwing myself into the ocean because I wanted to live as a dolphin because 4 of my best friends had left me and I no longer wanted to exist

#4. I have Hermione Granger esc hair when it isn't braided of straightened 

#5. I watch too much YouTube for my own good.

#6. I have a thing for guys with any of the following: Blue eyes, green eyes, black hair, and who is tall

#7.I also have a thing for guys who are funny and/or like books

#8. I hate confrontation. I act as though I don't but I do, I don't like getting in peoples faces. Although if it was a case of someone punching one of my friends that twat would be on the floor bleeding faster than I could blink.

#9. As I just demonstrated I'm a bit overprotective of the ones I love

#10. I've had the same crush since 4th grade

#11. I've had mild depressive symptoms since I was 11

#12. Every once in a while I need my friends to remind me that I'm still somewhat important to them

#13. In 6th grade I wanted to be exactly like a girl, who I mustn't name, who now makes my life hell by just walking into the same room as me.

#14. People have called me gay since I was in 4th grade, newsflash to those dumbasses, I'm not

#15. Censucks middle school was the greatest, and worst thing that has ever happened to me. I met all of my bestfriends, but I also was forced to meet the people who make my life hell.

#16. I don't really like Spongebob. Its not a recent thing either, I just never have.

#17 when I die I want my name to be put on a bench outside my local aquariums killer whale tank.

#18. I have a deal with Bekah that whoever dies first the other shall have this carved onto their gravestone "(Our name), no longer able to even"

#19.I collect pressed pennies

#20. When/If a guy takes me on a date, I don't want to go to a movie, or to dinner, I want to go to Sixflags, or the Zoo, or something FUN. I don't want to sit quietly in a movie, not being able to talk, or pretend to be fancy or more polite than I am at a restaurant.

#21. I hate so called "metal" music. Well except for My Chemical Romance, but they dont really count any more

#22. I have solar system stickers on my ceiling 

#23. I make polymer clay charms

#24. I have dreams to make a youtube channel with my friends

#25. and finally, My favorite quote is "Evil can happen when good men do nothing"

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