Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


5. The Cryptic Wall

The tribe was still gathered in the island's beach Lana's hand was squeezing the elfish looking boy's. Who- Yes, She had to admit it-he- was gorgeous, they all were, absolutely flawless the blonde one resembled and angel even reminded her of Ni- him- well never mind that. The way he was starring at her with his pair of icy blue orbs was intimidating. She swallowed hard before yerking her arm back to her person. A chill ran through her spine even if Lana didn't show it she felt as if she had just made a pact with the devil himself.

"Great, It's getting late-so I will begin with the basics." She cockily strolled over to Liam, Zayn and the two girls.

"Alright, for the moment you two-Muslim and Crazy-" she pointed at the two boys- "excuse me, I find that terribly offensive " Zayn spoke politely even though he was feeling insulted.
Lana shrugged, she didn't give a damn about anyone as long as she called them names, she could 've called him an even worse offensive term for all that she cared.

"-you two are useless. Until you heal at least." Then she faced the girls beautiful Allison and Kristin "You two are helpless. so you two are useless too, well there's hope for you- Sidekick-not you Chicken legs." She shook her head motioning to the thin blonde girl. The blonde snapped her fingers "my name is Allison Goodling, and I'd like to keep it that way."
"I'm Kristen," the other girl introduced herself.
"How about we all introduce each other?" suggested Liam anxiously biting his lip, taking the role of leader attempting to amend peace in the group.

Lana's newest companions had decided to introduce themselves, and share some kind of knowledge they all seemed to be kicking it pretty well-until it was her turn.
"…Call me Lana, where I come and what I like isn't important. I don't even know why Im here or care about you." she spoke coldly not making eye contact , she couldn't get attached to them. It would be her greatest mistake. She had seen people eat each other in this island, betray each other, kill each other, she had even suffered a terrible heartbreak in this same stupid island. Surely another tragedy would be the end of such a sentimental person as her.

"Did you even listen to what we just said?" snapped Harry his eyebrows furrowing with anger, face red, nostrils fuming. It was official he hated Lana, and with a passion.

"Sure did, Potter." she replied in a carefree matter.
With a lazy hand she begun to address them as she had just baptized them,
"Zap! (Zayne), Looney (Liam), Krispy (Kristin), Barbie (Allison), the Human Compass (Louis), and of course the blonde imp (Niall)."

Harry stood up furious, beyond belief.

"Listen here, Lana bobaina, whatever the hell you call yourself- we are trying to progress and work togheter like a tribe. All we need is your guidance then you can leave us to starve-all I ask is for you to stop acting like a fucking bitch and cooperate!" Harry finished panting chest violently rising up and down. Lana pretending not to hear this smirked a little. "Great, let's get to it. For basics, you will need shelter, food and water. All of you follow me now."

She shifty guided them through the thick inmense jungle Liam limping leaning on Allison. Zayn attempted to memorize the terrain. Harry shot death glares at Lana behind her back, Niall walked next to her with a small smile which made her very uncomfortable, and Louis attempted to converse with her.

"Oi, North…-you Compass man." she called for Louis, "My name is Louis, or you can call me Boo-bear-"
"Lawrence, whatever-" she walked closer to him, there was just something comforting about him. "what's blondie's deal he keeps on giving me the creeps." Lana twitched slightly.
"Who? Niall? He's a likeable lad, Irish too." Louis screamed something to Niall about loving him, Niall screamed back the same. Lana rolled her eyes and caught him again starring at her with that eerie gaze, there was something about him that gave her an awful vibe…

"We're here." they all came to a halt. And stared at what lay In front of them a massive, empty cave…

"Here?" asked Allison lifting an eyebrow, obviously displeased.
"You mean-we have to live here, like cavemen?" asked Zayne.

"Hey, beggars cant be choosers. It's actually perfect. It provides shelter from the rain and heat, there's a stream nearby and you'll find the nectar trees, small animals and water nearby."

Lana shortly taught them how to light a fire using the phosphorus rocks found in the cave, and purify the water. The whole time, Harry was shooting death glares at her, scowling. Finally when the sun was beginning to set when she looked back at the tribe they didn't look as fearful or desperate as before. When asked where her place was she didn't answer only replied shed be back tomorrow morning.

Lana shifty made her way back to her nest and lay to sleep hidden in a smaller cave, many memoirs of her wreck and items surrounded her and made her hovel a bit more cozy.

It had been about a week since One Directions crash in the island, meanwhile in the real world, the world was mourning them. Families and fans cried and sobbed for the missing band and girls that got lost. Conspiracy theories arises and search teams were set out to find them. It all seemed hopeless, it had also been a week since the last time they saw Lana. The girl had traveled around the island in order to gather round certain flora that would aid the tribe. She was momentarily making her way downstream to the tribe's cave. She knew they were still alive, just wanted to see how they handled themselves. She still had to train them then maybe when they finished their training they would leave her alone, specially that annoying lad who kept on pestering her….

As much as she hated to admit it-she would give anything to be able to actually befriend them, but that price had been set too high.

After being alone for so long, she had developed the strange habit of talking to herself in her native tongue. She paced around the cold stream shore, arguing with herself about what do to next, and when she finally turned around her face was only inches away from Niall Horan's. His blue eyes glowing, and his sickly sweet smile still planted on his face. Lana couldn't help but scream loudly and loosing her balance. Much to her displeasure, he caught her midair right before hitting the cold water. Sadly the weaved basket containing all her herbs and medical flowers spilled to the rocky shore.
"Fuck, sorry didn't mean to scare ya." Niall said as he held the tan girl in his arms.
"G-Get off!" she jumped off his arms, "you didn't scare me-just startled me. You give yourself too much credit."

Niall chuckled a little still observing the girl closely. Besides being an exotic beauty, with that pair of golden eyes, She was also so interesting-amusing, he could see right through her "tough girl" cover. She was just a really lonely person. His eyes, his eyes, his cold stone eyes why did they have to blaze and pierce her in such a way, his cold icy gaze. Matched with a sincere smile-somehow it didn't seem so sincere to her. He was hiding something.

"Well-that was quite a bloody scream for a startle."
"sodd off." Lana rolled her eyes. As she quickly kneeled down to gather the herbs, seeds and flowers she had gathered before the river carried them away. He kneeled down as well and helped her gather them, as they were picking them up his warm hand brushed against hers. He raised his gaze and saw her flustered expression before chuckling to myself, she was so adorable.

"W-What's so funny?"
"Oh nothing, just how you try to be all cool, calm and collected. acting as if you don't care. Its quite Humorous you know?" Niall raised an eyebrow.

"Guess its's true Brits have a horrid sense of humor."
"It's still better than yours" retorted Niall. Lana shot him a death glare. He grinned.
"Go away, don't you have better things to do?"
"I'm actually looking for Harry, he tends to wander of in the mornings."

Lana appeared lost in though for a moment.

You seen him?" she shook her head shrugging "N-No, don't care either."

Lana once again begun walking towards the cave downstream, it wasn't a long walk about 10 minutes or so. "Where have you been? We missed you for like a week!"
"busy, doing stuff…"
"What kind of stuff?" Niall pestered.

"Stay away from me." she hurried her pace, "why should I? I mean after all we're stuck on this island together, god knows if we get out-but if we don't get out… We will have to procreate. If that does happen I want you to be my mate."

Lana's ears were burning bright red she turned to face Niall, her face dark crimson she observed his features carefully. His carefully carved face structure, he had a strong chin, flawless skin which seemed almost carved by the angels themselves, shocking blue eyes, a pretty curved nose and a mess of golden hair a top, his lips were thin and would curve into a sincere smile ever so often- he was just so dreamy, and she had to admit it. Togheter they would have beautiful blonde haired children with plump freckled cheeks, they would be simply adorable… But now wasn't the time or place to think of that!

"Just letting you know." He cleared his troath.
"Well,you don't beat around the bush much do you?"
"no, I don't mind foreplay "
"you just had to turn it sexual, again." Lana rolled her eyes, a habit she was slowly getting back to. He was a teenage boy, so she guessed it was natural for him to be thinking of sex 24/7 after all it was engraved in his DNA. Niall grinned before laughing.

"consider my offer-seriously." he said with a little wink.




Allison was observing the carvings on the wall. 
“Do you think that cavemen actually lived here?” she asked Kristin and Liam. Kristin shrugged unknowingly.
“I don’t know, I don’t think cavemen would carve hearts” spoke Liam pointing at a huge carved heart that had the initials A + N inside it. Then they turned and saw a calendar carved on top where the ray of light hit it through a crack. The sunlight ray pointed what day and month it was, as they scrolled their eyes down into the depths of the newly illuminated cave they saw thousands of small line carvings all lined up evenly and crossed at the fourth. It was a time chart. Each line representing a day in the island.

“H-How long do you think Lana has been in this island?” asked Kristin her mouth feeling suddenly dry, would she be here as long as the strange girl?
“What-What if someone was here before Lana? I mean look at that “A+N”, there must’ve been at least another person here.” deduced Liam, attempting to be enthusiastic hoping he wouldn’t be stuck here for a long time.

“maybe…” spoke Allison softly.
“Do you think she’s hiding something?” inquired Zayn out of the blue, “You know regarding why she’s so horrible to us and stuff- I figured she would be happy to see people after being isolated here.”
“Ofcourse she’s hiding something, duh” Allison rolled her eyes. “About her attitude, god knows what the hell is her bloody problem.”

They heard footsteps approaching and all turned to see Harry walking back into the cave his shirt was off wrapped around his waist and his tattoos were glossy from sweat. Louis was next to him, both carrying a handful of fruits. Every morning when they wake up Harry is always gone, he claims he went to go foraging and to explore the terrain, guess only god knows what he does in the mornings.
Today after a week Lana, finally decided to show her face. She was holding a large bowl with greens in it, Niall tailing behind her like a lost puppy.
When everyone reached the cave, Allison and Zayn had an awkward eye contact, and Harry and Lana shared an intense gaze. After demanding where she had been for the last week, Lana ignored them appreciating the fact they were still well feed and without thirst. She also noticed the boys were beginning to get scruffy.

“Alright, now that everyone is here. We will split into 3 groups. Skinny and Krispy Kream together, Loney and Zap! Together, the rest of you will be another group. Now I will be teaching you about the different flora and fauna in the island, then I will teach each group a different skills that you will be able to share and learn from each other later.” Lana finished and begun explaining about the herbs and flowers she had collected, the purposes of them too.

“Lana, how long have you been here?” interrupted Liam in the middle of the lecture. Lana’s breath hitched as her eyes meet Liam’s warm ones “A while…” was all she replied.
“a year?” ask Harry annoyed at her secrecy. Lana ignored him and continued explaining “More than a year?” he poked at her again.
“SHUT UP!” Lana snapped her face red. Harry faced her and begun shouting in a menacing tone “If you have been here for years what makes you think you can get out? What gives you the strength an hope to know that one day you can make it and get out? It’s imposi-” Lana’s fist flew towards Harry’s face. Making him spit out some blood, she had a mean right hook. “So tell me, why have you survived this far off? Who feed you that load of bullshit, telling you that you would go back one day, huh?”

The infuriated girl prepared to strike Harry again, Louis’s arms snaked around her restraining her. He had to use all his strength to hold her back. “You don’t know what you’re talking about-” Lana begun screaming and cursing at him in a foreign language. 

“shit… Hold on… I’ll be back” Louis managed. As she kept on cursing Louis took the bother of carrying the struggling girl all the way to the stream, it was a short walk but it felt like forever. She was screaming at him in French? Was it? Finally after the short walk he placed her down near the shore. “I swear-I’m going to kill that-” and without a second thought Louis pushed her into the cold stream.
The girl was sharp and held on to his arm tightly pulling him in as well. She gasped for air and gave him a death glare. Louis pushed all his wet hair back and laughed.

“What the hell, was that for?!” the girl splashed water at him violently. Louis placed his hands on her shoulders.
“calm the fuck down!” He starred at her intently “You are overreacting, all Harry did was ask you a question-yes, he might’ve been rude, but he’s just scared just like all of us.” 
Lana rolled her eyes and sat on a rock by the shore attempting to dry her wet hair her legs dipped in the cool water. Louis starred at her for a moment and blushed, her rags had become sopped and he could see every inch of her soaking body, specially all the details in her chest.

“ugh, this was so not necessary Louis. Fuck you.” Louis sat next to her and grinned in triumph. “I just told you to go fuck yourself and you sit there smiling like a idiot?”

She starred at him, just like Niall and the rest of the new tribe he was so handsome. Unlike Niall’s eyes his were an ocean blue shade, they were happy and shined like two sapphire stones. His hair was a chestnut shade, and all his features were long and pointy his nose his cheekbones and his chin. And his smile was contagious. Lana but her tongue to prevent from smiling back.
Louis’s smile grew a bit wider, “you finally called me by my name.”

Lana froze for a split second her eyes wide, she couldn’t have she can’t, she was getting attached. She stopped and looked ahead in a blank state, eyes beginning to water.

“I am so sorry-” she choked. “Hey-Hey, you don’t have anything to be sorry about-” Louis was unsure of what to do, this was peculiar, why would she randomly break down crying?!
He placed his arm around her wet shoulder and she buried her face in his chest beginning to sobb.
“I don’t mean to be rude-mean or horrible, I-I just didn’t know how to react-I didn’t want to get attached to you guys, because if I lost any of you then, that would be it for me.” she sobbed, Louis held her even closer and stroked her back softly, “Listen, Lana… We- all of us toghter, are going to become a family, and I can promise you that-” He held her smaller hands in his tightly. “Look at me.” Her freckled face grew red with a rosy blush and he smiled a little “Nothing will happen to any of us, and nothing will happen to you-because we will care for one another, and I will never let anything hurt you.”
Lana’s stomach did a somersault, she was speechless and felt her heartbeat rapidly increase.Her mouth opened but no sound came out “I-ah… Erg!” and with that she jumped away from him regaining her composure “I-I am so sorry. I really shouldn’t have!” she panicked furiously wiping her tears.
“W-We should get back to the others!”
“Lana, wait- I think you should talk to us, tell us about your life. It would help both yourself and us all a great deal lot.” Louis nodded trying to be as encouraging and supportive as he could.

“I would-but-ah” she stuttered, “why-a, why do you even care?” She cocked her head to the side terribly confused.

Louis smiled a little and shrugged, “I like you-, I mean we could be good friends.” he put his hands in his pockets and toyed with his footing sheepishly. Lana just observed him not sure wether to believe him or not. “I know you are not a cold person. I can see it.” Louis approached her and Lana felt small next to him, even if he was at least half a head taller than her 
“I-I can’t do this today..” she shook her head before sprinting away “wait!” Louis screamed.
“I’m sorry!” she called before vanishing into the wilderness.

Lana had been crying in her nest. Her bed consisted of torn airplane seats and coats bundled up together. It wasn’t as comfortable as a real bed but it was better than the ground. Her eyes were now just red and puffy, yet she was no longer crying. Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching her hidden cave. She frowned immediately knowing who it was.

“Why do you feel the need to always act like such a drama queen?” she sneered.

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