Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


7. Split in Two

 Liam was tapping his left foot on the hard rock ground anxiously; he was chewing on his thumb nail exasperated as well. Louis was currently out looking for food, you could say that he had recently had an-er… epiphany. Zayn appeared deep in thought, and the girls had ran out of tears to cry.

“What are we goanna do… It’s been three days since Harry has been gone!” cried Kristin while pulling her hair. “Yeah and he’s probably with that animal…” Allison rolled her eyes as she attempted to fix her red swollen nose.
“As much as we hate her, and as controlling and possessive as she can be-you gotta admit we need her…” spoke Zayn rubbing his hands nervously. “I mean what the bloody hell are we goanna do?” He looked up to meet Liam’s eyes with his hazel watery ones. “What are we goanna do shit… Harry’s missing and all…” Liam ran his hand through his hair letting out a deep breath. He really hadn’t gotten enough sleep, none of them had. They had all attempted to seek out Harry, it was certainly arduous they were running out of fruit and their hunger was beginning to kick in.

“We are going to do the same thing she did…” Niall spoke quietly. “Learn to survive.” He said before tenaciously standing up and leaving the cave.

“What about Harry?!” called Zayn worried.
“The arse will be fine. I know he’s with her.” Niall said without stopping.

He headed out into the light, with a new attitude he would survive. He wasn’t going to sit and do nothing like the rest. He was going to trust his instincts and become a predator; he would become a savage, and survive.


“Close your eyes.” Harry grinned, tightly holding one of Lana’s rough hands in his. Lana giggled, “Where are you taking me?”
“You’ll see.” He said mischievously. Harry led her up a hill and even periodically carried her over rocks that she would have to jump. After about 15 minutes of hiking he smiles broadly at the view. “Now open them,” Lana opened her eyes which gleamed a shiny gold with the sunlight.
She stifled a small laugh, “You really don’t think I know this island like the back of my hand?”

The sunset was absolutely stunning, it was beautiful the way the golden sun reflected on the soft waves and the azure of the ocean contrasted. It almost seemed unreal, like some godlike painting that a very talented artist might paint. This was the kind of sight you only saw once in a lifetime and you wish you could just freeze and admire it forever…
Suddenly her eyes trailed over his naked torso, which was lustrous from the sunlight reflecting on the sweat that covered him. Even his many tattoos seemed to be glowing, all Harry was wearing was what used to be his underwear he had told Lana he didn’t mind being naked he had been naked before she told him she felt uncomfortable (even if she herself runs around the island with 2 rags one covering her bottom like a skirt the other wraps around her chest rightly).
Something suddenly caught her attention in the landscapes distance; there was a cloud of heavy grey smoke rising from the southern side of the island coast- What the fuc-.. But there is no one else in this bloody island….

“Here come sit next to me, “Harry snapped her out of her attention and patted the soft sand next to him. Lana rolled her eyes before sitting next to him. As soon as she sat down he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer placing a fat kiss on her cheek with his plump lips. Lana blushed and giggled a little failing to hide it.

“I’ve seen this sunset a thousand times…” she whined wanting to leave.
“Yes, but you haven’t seen it with me.” Harry grinned starring at her with his emerald eyes.
“You’re not even looking at it, you’re looking at me!”
Harry shot her a cheeky grin his dimples making him look absolutely endearing “Well-You are a prettier sight.” The wild girl’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment as a dorky laugh escaped her mouth, she tried to hide it. “H-Harry! You are such a flirt!” she hit his shoulder playfully. He pulled her closer to him and placed his lips on the top of his head. “I love being with you.”
“Me too” she smiled sincerely embracing him from the side.

Harry was being honest maybe he didn’t love her-he didn’t know her well enough yet-but the last three days she had completely spent with her were the best he had ever had in this cursed island. Maybe it was because she knew how to survive-who knows. He had eaten some real meat, slept in a comfortable nest, gone hunting, fishing, explored peacefully, relaxed and flirted nonstop with the jungle beauty without anyone cock blocking or bothering him.

“Lana tell me… How was your life before you came here?” Harry asked out of the blue, after Louis had told her that he wasn’t actually in a band she had started having trust issues. She still couldn’t trust Harry not after such small amount of time spent with him he wasn’t like Ni-. Even if Harry could possible be like Nig- there was still something that just wouldn't allow Lana to trust him all 100%.

“I-I’m not ready to talk about it. Sorry Harry, It’s not you Louis just- he- he has given me trust issues. I will tell you just give me some more time…”
Harry nodded understanding. “Why? What did Louis do to you?” Lana scowled starring into the burning sun, her heart aching at the thought of Louis betraying her. “He’s a liar. He can’t be trusted.”
Harry starred into the sun as well feeling slightly tense. “Well I would never lie to you; so you can ask me anything.”
She looked back with a glint in her golden eyes before a smile came to her full lips. “Do you like me?” she grinned mischievously.
Harry smirked back catching her groove, “Maybe, I’m not sure…”
“Mhnn… How could I change your mind monsieur?”
“Like this-“ Harry didn’t finish speaking because he leaned forward and pressed his soft lips on hers.  She leaned in further Deepening the contact wrapping her arms around his neck tussling his curly ringlets tangling his hair it in her fingers. He felt his heart beat like a hummingbird, and she felt her stomach do a somersault it had been so long since she had last kissed someone. After the passionate kissed they pulled apart, “I hope that answers your question.” He grinned.  “I think… I… may need… more…. clarification…” she said in between kisses before they continued their romantic afternoon together…


            It had been about 17 days since Harry had been living with Lana and he preferred it to living with the ‘tribe’ in that stuffy cave. He wasn’t too worried about them; he knew they would be fine. He guessed he just needed some time away from them and to himself. It was early in the morning and Harry and Lana were out hunting. They were hiding behind a pair of vivid green bushes giggling.  Harry’s swift fingers would trail up her tight and tickle the inside and rise higher before Lana would slap his hand away, and Harry would grin at her broadly his dimples giving him a childish appearance. Lana told Harry to shush before focusing on the wild hog which was her new prey. The hog was feeding of some ground roots and Lana shoved Harry back preparing herself so strike the swine with her sharp spear. The hog cried out in pain and squealed and Lana’s eyes became as wide as saucers before she realized what was unveiling before her. Another spear had stabbed the hog claiming it as someone else’s prey. Hazza and Lana exchanged a look both shocked, but it was when a boy stepped out from the jungle that they were really astounded.  Louis pounced down from a tree and crashed a foot away from the swine. His appearance was ragged; a scruffy bear was covering his dirty face. Across his face was a thick smear of dried blood his lips were shut tight and his contrasting eyes icy and empty. Louis retrieved the spear with a grunt and splattered blood all over his dirty pants and naked torso. He looked like a savage he looked absolutely terrifying.
 “L-Louis!” Harry shouted jumping from the shrub, Lana bit her tongue she knew this wouldn’t be good.

“Harry…” Louis scowled all the happiness from his eyes had been sucked out. Lana had seen this happen to people before; she had seen people turn into monsters. She had witness people return to their animalistic origin and all because of this stupid island.

“Louis! What are you doing out here-“Harry stopped dead in his tracks when Louis raised the spear to him in a threatening matter.  Lana skipped over next to Harry raising her spear, mimicking Louis’s position. Louis eyes were cast over her for brief second sending chills up her spine. “You bastard… YOU LEFT US FOR DEAD!” Louis screamed before charging at Harry and Lana stepped in and defended him using her spear as a shield.
“So did you…” He growled.
Lana shoved him back forcefully creating distance between them. “You didn’t want me!”  She cried out.
“Lou, did you find anything?” Liam stepped over some bushes a panting Allison trailing behind him followed by Zayn who was aided by Niall and Kristin was way behind.

Both Liam and Allison gasped at the sight. “Harry didn’t leave you for dead-he needed a break from all your bullshit, that’s all.” Lana snapped emphasizing on the word bullshit.
“Yeah you would know-filthy gold-digger.” the words slowly dropped out of Louis’s lips as if they were poison and they stung Lana.
“Stop.” said Harry stepping forward, a look of annoyance crossed across his soft features. Liam licked his chapped lips before stepping in between Harry and Louis and embracing Harry tightly.
“Louis, we should be happy Harry is back.”
He pulled away before looking at everyone and with his leadership skills he attempted to hold the group together. “I’m sure he had his reasons for being away and even if they were morally wrong…”
He paused briefly taking in a deep breath. “Even so, we must respect them. We must stick together as friends, because we are brothers remember? And we are also a family, and even if-even if, we argue with Lana sometimes-“ Allison scoffed “sometimes?!”
Liam ignored this and proceeded with his motivational speech “We need her and she needs us.”
He finished and shot the wild girl a long lasting look. Lana had to admit Liam was an excellent public speaker, he knew exactly how to get to his audience- he was a born leader.

Lana hesitated for a moment, “That’s a lie. I don’t need any of you burdening me! I am fine all by myself with me, myself and I!” Someone muttered something amongst the lines of “selfish bitch” but Lana ignored it.
“Lana, “Harry placed his hands on her shoulders attempting to soothe her. “Please, Lana you need to come with us. I need you with me, maybe it won’t work out at first-but just give it some time and they will grown on to you I swear.”
He looked at her with a pleading gaze that begged ‘please’. Lana looked away then back to Harry. “Fine, just for a while…” Harry gave her a toothy smile and kissed her temple. And Lana caught the glares of the rest of the tribe, especially Allison and Louis. Louis’s gaze was terrifying the way those baby blue eyes contrasted with the dried blood in his face. Lana looked away hoping he wasn’t glaring anymore-yet his piercing gaze remained focused square on her dirty face.


                             The whole tribe was together again in that old stuffy cave, much to Lana and Harry’s dislike. Lana was sitting alone by the fire sharpening rocks to use as future weapons. She looked up and saw Harry attempting to talk to Louis who was being cold to him, Harry really seemed upset. “Boo-bear…” he could hear Harry say ever so often.

“Hey,” she felt a presence suddenly appear next to her. She turned and faced Niall who was smiling at her softly. She was surprised to find him next to her weaving a rope.

“Hey” she replied with a small smile. “I just wanted to thank you, for leaving us, ya know?”
Lana raised an eyebrow confused, “If you hadn’t left- Louis would’ve never snapped and I would have never had the motivation to learn how to survive. And in the end we would have all simply died- so thank you.”

Niall was such a likeable fellow, his company was nice though it reminded Lana of some bad deed about to happy-there was still something impish about him- “Merci.” she spoke in soft tone before placing a kiss on his cheek. It was a sweet moment of comfort after all being in a cave with seven people which most of them hated her. “Niall can I ask you something?”
“Anything.” He smiled again. Lana stopped sharpening the stone in her hands. “I’m very curious… What were you in the real world you know-out there before ending up here?”
“We’ve told you. We are an international pop boy band from England, One Direction.” Lana chuckled a bit “But Louis said that was a lie that you weren’t.”
“You want me to prove it to you?” Niall challenged, and she nodded confused.
Niall cleared his throat before singing a small verse from “Little Things”, and his honey voice made Lana melt, she didn’t need any other proof that they were actually in a dreamy boy band. With eyes wide and mouth wide agape she thought of Louis and his peculiar lie. Why would he lie about this?

Out of the corner of her catlike eye Lana saw Louis exit the cave, she swiftly stood up and stomped behind him attempting to catch up.

“Louis!” she shouted, and he stopped in his cracks near the stream where they both always seemed to find each other. “Sing now.”
Louis looked at her as if she was insane, “just do it.” She ordered stomping her foot like a brat a fierce look gleaming in her eyes. He couldn't refuse, besides he missed singing and performing a lot. Louis took in a deep breath and beautifully sang a verse from “Summer Love.”
Again it was confirmed Louis’s voice was soft and beautiful as well. Lana hadn’t realized that she had been holding her breath. “Louis, why did you lie to me?” She asked in disbelief.
“Why were you using me?” He retorted.
“I don’t care about your filthy money; you can keep it all if you want. I care about you…”  She said stepping closer to him wrapping her arms around him tightly, she buried her head on the crook of his neck and inhaled his manly scent.

“Harry said you were using me.”

Lana’s head jerked up, and she hissed an unladylike “what the fuck?”
Louis explained what had Harry had told him two weeks ago. Lana pulled away and in frustration screamed at the starry heavens. “Dammit! I can’t fckin’ trust anyone!” she shouted in fury.
Louis immediately stepped over to her and held her rough hands in his. “I’m sorry I lied to you-I really shouldn’t have done that, but I was scared. Could you forgive me?” He looked at her with his beautiful pleading eyes. And Lana felt the need to say no, she was with Harry now- this was the same gaze Harry had given her earlier today-Harry. The arsehole, he had corrupted Louis and Lana would bet anything it was so he could have her all to his selfish self…

“I just want to go back to being friends with you…”

Louis snapped her back to reality, she looked at his face again his structure was beautiful, straight and sharp- it had now been stained by wilderness and besmirched by the inner animalistic instinct Louis now held.  She felt him stroking her hands in his a gesture that on her side was showing vulnerability she needed her hands to fight and defend herself, she wouldn’t allow just anyone to hold them.

“Oui, I will forgive you, if you promise not to lie to me again.” The corner of her lips curved up. And Louis grinned broadly before planting a soft kiss on her peach colored lips. Lana froze unable to react; her heart jumped to her throat and was held there making her unable to breath. Then Louis pulled away just when she was about to give in to the sweet temptation of his lips. “There, it has been sealed with a kiss.” Louis flashed her a crooked grin which showed how truly happy he was, he hadn’t smiled like that in weeks, he felt just as silly as her with funny feelings in his stomach and such.
Lana’s face was burning bright red, she felt butterflies in her stomach and her brain was malfunctioning- W-what had just happened?

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