Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


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               The rain was heavily pouring outside the cave. Everyone just seemed to be very calm and comfortable at the sound of the droplets hitting the flora of the jungle. Even the usually loud birds had chosen to remain hidden and undisturbed. Harry and Lana were sitting in one of the deepest parts of the cave; Lana was sitting in Harry’s lap knitting a rope. Liam and Zayn who had both recently healed where knitting rope as well, Louis was knitting rope, Niall and the girls were also knitting rope-everyone was knitting rope!

“I’m so sick of knitting rope!” whined Allison, “I’m just so sick of being in this stupid island-it has been forever since I’ve had fun.” she added.

“Yeah, I mean what do you do for fun here Lana?” asked Kristin dropping her rope and stretching. Lana shrugged, “There usually isn’t time to have ‘fun’, but if you can figure something out kudos to you.”

The rest of the group begun to discuss what they could do for fun. Meanwhile Harry bit the side of Lana’s neck discreetly and begun to suck on it softly. Lana bit the inside of her cheek to prevent a low moan from escaping.

          “H-Harry, they will see you!” she giggled. That was surely going to leave a hickey. “So, Lana tell me what do you do here for fun?” Harry whispered in a husky tone into her ear. Lana turned around and smiled at Harry “bug ya” she pecked his lips. Harry’s fingers trailed up her jaw and held her face close,
“Ah, let me see your smile.” he insisted.
“No.” she turned away.
“Harry, I’ve been in this island for 5 long damn years without dental treatment… I really don’t want you to see my teeth…” Even if Lana attempted to keep her hygiene as perfect as possible by chewing on mint leaves and doing salt water mouthwashes it still wasn’t the quality care you would receive in the real world. “Come on, love.” Harry encouraged smiling, flashing his perfect heart melting smile his dimples were like accents which only made it lovelier. Lana attempted to smile and Harry pouted, “No, I mean a real smile.” He insisted. “You’re goanna have to earn it, mon choux” she winked.
Harry grinned even wider before pinning her in the ground and tickling her. They were both laughing and grinning broadly when one of the members snapped.

“Get a room you two-will ya?” Niall snapped.

                Harry and Lana both jumped to their feet and made way out of the stuffy cave into the rain. Louis tried his hardest not to look at them he knew that if he looked at Harry starring at Lana with those large infatuated eyes he would’ve probably barfed or punched the bastard in the face; maybe he would’ve done both.  He felt the pits of his stomach boil it was because of him, that he wasn’t together with her. He had knowingly manipulated Louis into lying to her so that he could have her- he had played dirty.

Harry shouted out a ‘be back soon’, before disappearing into the jungle with Lana.

          Liam kicked a nearby rock and shook his head. There was an awkward heavy silence between the tribe. “I miss my boyfriend…” whined Allison.
“You have a boyfriend?” asked Niall sounding a little shock, the way she flirted and threw herself at everyone it was hard to believe.  “Josh? I thought you were cheating on him.” Kristin asked.
            Allison took in a deep breath “He could be so annoying sometimes-he was an excellent lover tho.” Kristin rolled her eyes, “Well, he’s probably mourning me right now…” said Allison looking at her now nasty nails broken and filled with dirt.

“What about you guys are you still with your girls?” Kristin asked 4/5 of 1D.

Liam looked down at the floor and shook his head, “I miss Danielle so much, it’s becoming unbearable…” You could tell by the tone of his voice he was truly heartbroken.  “I miss Perrie every day, just the thought of her receiving the news… and eventually moving on breaks my heart. If I do go back, I wouldn’t expect her to still be ‘mine’ she is just such an amazing person…” Zayn said lowly his spirits broken.

                      Everyone looked at Louis and he didn’t realize they had been waiting for him to speak. He thought of Eleanor once again her small round nose and pouty lips, he pictured the way her brown hair messily cascaded around her neck and the way her hazel eyes would roll whenever he made a sappy comment. Then Lana came into his head, the way her tanned freckly skinned felt under his, the way her golden eyes would gleam when she smiled and how her smile would curve up given her a feline appearance wrinkling her nose…How she would kiss him-
 “Louis-“ He snapped back into reality feeling embarrassed.
“Yeah, Eleanor I miss her… she must’ve moved on by now…” he said more to himself than to the group.

The girls shot him a judgmental look specially Allison, Louis had a bad feeling that she knew what was up and that he was lying.


                    Lana giggled like a school girl as Harry chased her through the rainy jungle flora, he pinned her up against a tree and kissed her with a great burning passion.
He bit her bottom lip and his hands roamed around her torso. Her hands tangled and pulled at his curly hair. The cold rain pouring on their bodies was refreshing and would contrast their hot skins.

          The pits of Lana's stomach churned, Harry pulled away and flashed her a heavenly smirk. Lana smirked back and her eyes hint a seductive glint.
Harry wiped the hair of Lana's forehead out of the way and kissed her nose.
"I love being you," he smiled at her. "Me too" Lana grinned before running her lips over his wet neck. Leaving a love bite or two.
It was true she loved being with Harry it gave her such a rush the way he would touch her and kiss her.

Harry groaned and caught her lips in hers once again his urgency could be felt against Lana's tight.  "Harry." Lana moaned, Harry ran his hands up her tight and below her bum picking her up, pressing her body against the fat palm tree. His lips trailed down to her collarbone and lower just above her breasts.
"I want you,” He whispered against her ear in a husky voice. She was quiet for a moment, “then take me.”

Harry crashed his lips against hers again, devouring her both of their breaths were becoming sharp.
“Harry…” a moan escaped the girls lips.

Another voice spoke. The touchy couple stopped what they were doing and Harry turned to face Liam.
“Really Liam? You couldn’t have found a better time to cock block?” He droned annoyed. I mean after several months in the island, you could say that the boys were all rather- tense.

“-Harry, there’s something you two need to see.” Liam said in a hushed tone.

Much to Harry and Lana’s annoyance they had to stop their current activity and follow Liam.

“Look.” He said scratching his chin nervously; his lips had been pulled into a straight line.
He was motioning a pair of boot tracks, which were imprinted in the muddy ground.
Lana’s face drained of color, so it was true; she hadn’t been hallucinating the other days.
Liam noticed the look on her face. Harry held her hand in his tightly.

“What’s wrong babe?” He asked squeezing her hand and pecking her cheek.
“Y-You knew about this, didn’t you?” Liam begun his interrogation.
“I-I saw some last week-“
“This thing-person it’s on the other side of the island, right?” Liam interrupted her.
“I’ve n-never been there-“
“Lana, please. I am asking you nicely, are there other people in this island?”
“Sod off Payne, didn’t you hear her? If she says she doesn’t know, she doesn’t know, OK?” Harry stepped in. Liam swallowed a lump in his throat his eyes becoming dark.

“She’s a liar Harry. And she’s hiding a lot of things from you-from us.”
Harry just starred back at Liam coldly, and pulled Lana closer to him. Lana, felt guilt wash over her once again. “You haven’t lied to me right?” He asked.
Lana didn’t reply, just glanced at the ground.
“…Right?” Harry asked once again, his expression turning into one of disappointment.

Lana felt weak, she stepped away from Harry and meekly said, “I haven’t been completely honest with you….”

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