Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


11. Poison

***Foreword: This chapter has a lot of mature language. You have been warned.***


“I have nothing to worry about huh?”

Harry stood in the darkness a solemn dark expression was held in his eyes. He said nothing and just stood there expecting either one of us to say something. I clenched my teeth and made a go for Niall punching him in the gut, making him collapse to the ground gasping for breath.

“Harry!” I skipped over to him and embraced him. He didn’t even flinch as I wrapped my arms around him tightly. I looked up and all he did was look down at me with his glowing, watery eyes. His dimples weren’t visible and his lips were set in a straight tight line.

“Harry, you saw the whole scene unravel! He was the one that kissed me! It was an honest mistake!”
“An Honest Mistake?” His eyes swelled up even more and he looked away as a small tear slipped from his left eye. I felt a hollow forming in my chest watching him cry. “What did he trip? Did his lips accidentally fall on yours or what? Fuck this. What about that mate thing? You knew this would happen-. You knew!” He shouted a little bit more aggressively. His voice cracking in the process.

My legs felt like jelly.

“Get some sense into your grand stupide tête- I mean head!”  Harry didn’t seem one once convinced, even if he had seen it all play in his head a thousand times. He just couldn’t bring himself to accept that I had struggled that I didn’t want Niall. That I had chosen him over the evil imp!
“Play it back- did you not see how I struggled? How I had to hit him to get him off me?”

Harry remained quiet, Louis suddenly appeared from the bushes. Harry asked for a moment alone and he vanished, as I turned I noted Niall was leaning against a tree shooting death glares in my direction, the smirk had thankfully vanished from his face.

“Louis…” I said quietly as he approached me. “I saw what happened…” He muttered.
“Was it my fault, really? I-I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t mean to!”

Louis placed his hands on my shoulders and looked at me in the eyes comforting me. He chose to embrace me tightly, placing his head on top of mine.

“No it wasn’t your fault- Harry is just- he is just… umm... sensitive to this kind of stuff….” Louis at least tried to make me feel better.
“I know he is! I know! That’s why I didn’t just end us, me and him. I was thinking of a way to let him of the hook without hurting him…”

“So? Tell me Lou, does Harry know that you and his girl are like a thing?” Niall suddenly snapped, I had
forgotten he was there, apparently so had Louis. That bastard. Louis and I instantly jumped away from each other.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” I asked my face turning white; I was also becoming feed up with Niall. Just what was his problem?

“Do both of you really think we’re all that fucking daft? You really think that we- that I – haven’t caught up on the way you two look at each other? The way both of you sneak off whenever you have a chance? The way you give into his touch?”

Just as in cue, Harry returned. I clenched my fist. Crap… How was I gogin to get out of this one.

“Ah! Hazza, just in time good lad. Where do I begin- let me see, did you know that your best mate Louis and your little sugar-puff Lana have been sneaking off and are like a thing?”  Niall begun walking around us in a circle as if he was a shark, taunting Harry, scaring me. This was not going to end well.
Niall begun to explain his verdict to Harry. Who looked absolutely devastated, maybe he was upset before, but now he was destroyed…

“Come on, tell me a lie!” Niall chuckled. This guy had changed, he had probably drank to much sea water or something had gone up his ass.

I couldn’t bare look at his ill face. “Is this true?” He asked once.
There was no reply.
I looked at Louis, into his beautiful azure eyes, trying to read his mind trying to come up with an escape plan, a cover.


 Harry screamed with rage dripping out of his every word. His words stabbed me like knives. Louis flinched at his tone. I felt my shoulders collapsing a little.
Both Louis and I answered at the same time.

Harry’s eyes widened. And Louis turned to look at me his mouth open agape in shock. The only problem was that while Louis denied it and answered with “No!” I, answered with the opposite word. Confirming Harry’s worst fears, shocking Louis and making that stupid sneer grow back on Niall’s face.

Harry had been betrayed by his best friend, by his brother. He clenched his teeth and gritted his teeth taking a step back in denial. He shook his head, what he was trying to shake off I don’t know, I was speechless I couldn’t believe I had said it. Why had I said it? Maybe I was tired of his, maybe I didn’t want to cause Harry anymore pain, maybe I just wanted all of this to be over…

“You filthy cunt!” He shouted about to charge at me. Louis ran and begun attempting to hold Harry back. All I could do was stare back in fear and feel ashamed and sorry for myself.
“You hurt me-you-you bitc-! You really did! I-I ALMOST LOVED YOU!” he finished with a raspy gasp before his head and shoulders collapsed. I couldn’t tell if he was crying again, but I was stunned on the spot. Completely paralyzed. Louis placed his arm on Harry’s shoulder, but Harry shrugged him off coldly and walked away stiffly.

I opened my mouth to say something. And I actually thought of what to say, where to begin- I had to say something smart, something that would fix all the bullshit I had just caused. but couldn’t manage anything out.

 “Louis-“ I tried.

But Louis looked incensed, his eyes held kindness for me no longer. They were cold and with an icy glare he snapped before running after his best mate.

“Haven’t you done enough?”

I felt my knees go weak and I collapsed to the murky ground. And just like that my heart broke, and I was alone again. My own voice echoed in my head ‘Don’t get attached..’ it was too late…
I heard a nasty chuckle and Niall emerged from the shadows.

“So… about my offer?” A crooked grin made way to his face. Just what was this fucking guys’ problem?!




Let’s just say, that night Niall did not return to the cave to the cave that night. He was roughly beaten up and had gained plenty of bruises, amongst them a purple eye. He had also lost some stuff amongst them was blood and 3 of his teeth and all respect Lana ever held for him.

"Je vous déteste ! Vous avez pris tout que j'ai eu, tout j'ai aimé de moi ! Je vous déteste ! Vous foutu frai de diable !!" she shouted as she kicked his gut.
"Just go die! You nasty skank! Make the world a favor and go die!" Niall shouted with rage, anger and desperation flowing through his veins. He wasn't completely conscious as he attempted to defend himself.

"Fine, you know what I will! and it will be a mercy killing!" she begun sobbing a river of tears streaming down her face. "I will make the world and myself a favor, I am done!"

The following morning, the whole crew gathered at the cave. Everyone except for Niall and Lana.

“Any luck?” said Liam breathlessly before tossing the spear he had been carrying around to the floor, wiping any sweat out of his brow.

Everyone shook their heads and muttered 'no's. Harry kept his gaze directed at the floor ,and said nothing; he looked clearly upset. Louis looked angry.
“Everything A’ight, Hazza? Tommo?”Liam asked again.

Neither of them uttered a word. “Where’s Niall?” asked Zayn breaking the fat silence.
That fat silence remained, “And Lana?” He added. Adding more tension to the atmosphere. The tension was so thick you could slice it with a butter knife.

Before anyone jumped to conclusions, Ally rolled her eyes “Probably shaggin’.” She looked directly at Harry expecting to get a reaction and she did.
He slowly looked up a wild look in his face; his curly messy mane was not helping him look any saner. “You know what? You are probably right. She is probably fucking him right now, and you know what- SHE IS ENJOYING IT!”

Everyone but Louis was taken back. Harry continued shouting and prancing up and down dropping f’ bombs, cursing and throwing his hands at the sky every once in a while. Allison and Kristen were actually terrified. Harry had absolutely lost it, he was not responding to anyone calling his name.

“Harry!” shouted Louis, slapping him silly. He finally snapped out of it.
“Get ahold of yourself… she’s just a stupid girl.” He growled venomously.
Harry rubbed his stinging red cheek; it would leave a mark, hurt like a bitch.

Suddenly Niall limped into the cave, getting a hold of the wall. Louis stared at him maliciously.
“And you-I hope you are proud of what you did!” Louis screeched.

Niall showed off his toothy grin, “I’m as proud as you are, bastard.”

Louis couldn’t think of a better comeback, he was just as guilty. “Fuck you, stupid leprechaun.” He hissed.

“Why?” asked Harry, out of the blue the hurt could be heard in his voice. He hadn’t said anything that made sense all night long. Louis and Niall both looked at him. The rest of the tribe was asking question concerning what was happening and what was the conversation about. Niall, Harry and Louis just seemed to block them out. “Why?” Harry repeated his question.
His eyes had taken a shade of olive green, and his skin a golden shade that reflected off the rising son in the horizon just above the sea. The scenario in this cursed island was beautiful.

Louis looked away at first. “She was mine, Harry. She was mine. We had each other, and it was perfect. Then you-you.” He spat the last word as if it was poison.  “You manipulated me to lie to her- I did and when she was weak. BAM! You went and swept her off her feet! It was a low move Harry, it was so low ; for some time I couldn’t believe it. From my own best friend-:
“So you just choose to continue your promiscuous activities under my nose?”
“Damn right. She actually felt bad. She wanted me, but for you- for you’re fucking sake- she knew-she knew how emotional you could get, and for your fucking sake she decided to go on with it. Because she loved you, to some extent…”

Harry licked his dry lips and ran his hand through his hair. This was all so messed up. How had he managed to get tangled in this mess? With the closest people he had. How the fuck had this happened, there were only 8 people in the bloody island for fuck’s sake!
Harry pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking analyzing he situation. Louis was right he had manipulated him so he could have the girl all to himself, his lust and greed had gotten the best of him. It had started out as a simple game, but it grew to more, and he did actually grow to care for her very much. He was just as guilty as Louis, as Niall and as Lana.

“You know what Lou. Let’s, let’s just forget about the whole bloody thing. You said it yourself. She is just a stupid girl…” Harry felt it was best to make up. It was pointless arguing about this nonsense. The group had to stick together, they had to get out and leave the island. Harry opened his arms wide and Louis embraced him tightly like brothers, and Louis knew that their friendship would go back to normal, it would take time and there would be tension, but time does heal all wounds.

“And what the hell happened to you?” snapped Kristin referring to the beat up Niall against the cave wall. Niall spat some blood and shook his head. “stupid girl…” he muttered.
“Bastard got what he deserved.” Louis growled turning to shot Niall a glare, if it weren’t for him, Harry would have never found out and everything would be fine and dandy.

Harry shot Niall a look so he could begin to explain himself, he was usually so likeable, but the island had changed him. The island had changed all of them.

Niall shrugged. “I just didn’t want to be alone. I feel like I’ve always been a loner, just wanted the girl like ya two sons of bitches. Was just a little desperate I guess…” A little? Thought Harry scoffing.
“So yeah, I’m sorry Hazz, sorry Lou.” Niall shuffled his feet uncomfortable apologizing.

Harry and Louis both starred at Niall, Lana had beated him up pretty good. Harry sighed and Louis rolled his eyes as they made their hug a group one. If Lana hadn’t punished him, they probably wouldn’t have forgiven him.  But they did. “I love you guys.” Niall said in a soft tone.
Harry and Louis returned his feelings and eventually the other two One Direction members joined the hug and they each embraced the other tightly. The brother’s were back together, and they would not let anything tear them apart again.

It was a couple of moments before anyone said anything. Then Kristin broke the silence.
“Hey, sorry to er-kill your moment.” Kristin begun awkwardly. “But, what happened to all the rope that was in the cave?”

“The rope…” Harry said back, a little confused. The tribe had been working on twisting and braiding rope for the last couple of weeks apparently it was a priority according to Lana. No one touched the rope and everyone kept an eye on it. Zayn noticed it was actually missing and now where to be seen, “I guess, Lana must have taken it this morning.”

“This morning?” repeated Liam, his mouth feeling dry, this didn't sit well to him at all.
"Oh-OH GOD!" Niall raised his arms and almost pulled his hair out. For once guilt washed over him, all the blood drained from his face making him look dead for a moment. He held his breath.
“What? What is it?!” asked Louis as panic begun to rise in chest, the expression in Niall's face was begining to freak him out. No, this didn’t mean-

Niall gave everyone in the tribe a distant look, and he searched the right words to say. He opened his mouth once and a small sound came out, then with a studder it was out like word vomit.

“She’s going to kill herself!”


Author's note:  If any of the readers has ever considered suicide, talk to a friend, talk to someone you trust, just talk to someone. anyone.
Call a suicide hotline, just get help. suicide is never the answer.

Thank you for reading. xx


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