Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


10. Keep Calm, and Carry On

               Liam shot Harry a triumphant look.

“I need to tell everyone, everything..” Lana looked down. Harry licked his bottom lip and nodded trying to be as patient as he could with his current girl.


Lana’s P.O.V

                   So Harry, Liam and I returned to the cave. It was night already, and I was thinking of a way to break the news to everyone, this was going to be really hard…

As soon as we got to the cave we all became rather annoyed with the fact that Kris and Allison had been fighting over Zayn. The boy just seemed rather upset at all the ruckus, Niall was currently cooking some fish he had previously caught attempting to ignore the bickering girls, and Louis was still knitting some more rope like a good boy.

“Enough! I don’t want either of you, I have a girlfriend!” Zayn whined covering his ears.
“But Zayn!” Allison plopped herself on his lap and batted her eyelashes. Zayn attempted to shove her off.

“We’re back.” Liam cleared his throat catching the girls attention.
“Liam!” they both cheered as they completely forgot about Zayn and each attached themselves to one of Liam’s sides.
“Liam! We missed you Daddy!” purred Kris. Allison made a flirting attempt at Liam, but I ignored them. They really weren’t worth my time. I turned to Harry and begun trying to explain-

“Harry, I am ready. I am going to finally tell you, what happened and-“

             I was interrupted by Allison wrapping her arms around Harry’s waist in front of me. Harry pried her off and turned to tell her off, annoyed as hell. I said nothing, and felt nothing but pure displeasure. Ignoring her with Harry and Kristen with Liam I walked over to Louis in the cave.

“Hey,” I smiled a little.
“Hey!” He said a bit more cheerfully flashing me his infamous smile, it made me smile back I couldn’t help it- it was contagious! “So, what’s up?”
I took in a deep breath, “Liam is making me tell all of you the truth, about everyone that was here…”
Louis’s face twisted into a small frown. “You shouldn’t-I mean if you don’t want to.”
“I have to Lou, it was just a matter of time…” I looked away and leaned against his chest. Not caring that Harry was only a few feet away. Louis pressed his lips to my temple and rubbed my arms, and then he took a large step back. I looked up wondering why- when I saw Niall had joined us.

“They have been rather touchy lately, haven’t they?” He spoke.
“Yeah, it’s rather annoying actually.” Louis answered I said nothing. There was something in the way the Irish boy was looking at me that was creeping me out. Now he was back to creepy imp Niall, to think that we had gotten along so well before!

“So you and Harry, are you two like a thing?” He asked still starring at me, making me feel uncomfortable. I actually looked at Louis but found him looking away.

“Uh-I, I guess…” Suddenly there was a hand at my waist and Harry was holding me tight next to him.
“Well, that answers my question.” Niall smiled at both of us. Louis ran his hand through his messy hair nervously and Harry just starred Niall down. Niall, still had that sickening smile on his face. Harry just looked annoyed as hell and pretty upset. So I turned to comfort him.
“calm down.” I said to him in a soothing tone reaching for his hand. Harry said nothing, just starred at the floor.

“Alright now, we found something we think everyone should know about, but before, Lana has a lot of explaining to do to us…” And so with that all eyes were on me.
These people were expecting the raw truth, they were expecting a story of hope without sadness, death and disaster and sadly I could not give them that.

I let go of Harry and stood in the middle of the cave.

“Alright… I-I have been stranded in this cursed island since 2007. Oui- 5 long years. I came to this island when an airplane crashed, we don’t know why, and then-we landed here- Maybe it was luck, destiny god knows. Perhaps death would’ve been better mercy… There were 16 others…”

I forgot I was with other people as I lost myself in the flashback. I remembered them all, the Doctor Robert, my older brother, Michelle the old lady, Jean and of course Nigel…

“Lana! W-What happened to them?” asked Zayn snapping me out of my flashback.
“Oh-M-Merde….” I swallowed my tears and proceed. “Many died of natural causes, starvation, disease… Some even ate and killed each other, and other’s got lost at sea.”

                 Lana remembered how it begun. It begun with the elderly, disease consumed them first that’s how Michelle the elder lady went first. A short period of starvation later came and the people became insane, many of them attempted to leave the island only to have their bodies wash back to the island. Now only half of the survivors remained. The Doctor a man who Lana had grown close to was driven to cannibalism. No one suspected him until it was to late, and he attempted to eat Nigel. Nigel in his own defense killed the doctor. Lana remembered the spilled blood and the look in his cloudy grey eyes when he murdered him. In the end he became her only company. Nigel, was an English boy with curly blonde hair 2 years older than her. Nigel and Lana were very close and since they were both alone, they fell for each other. Then one morning, Nigel went into sea-he never came back… Neither did his body.

“And only you where the only one left…” Kristin deduced.
“There is still something you’re not telling us.” Spoke Liam not buying it.
“Baise! est-ce que diable, voulez-vous que je explique detally comment chacun est mort ?!”

They all exchanged a confused look. No one spoke French.

“Désolé…. What? Do you want me to explain in detail, how each and every person died?” I shot Liam a cold look. He shrugged. Just what I thought…

“There!” I said motioning to all of them. “That’s how I got here and what happened, and why I’m alone, happy?”

No one said anything just starred at me.  “What about the ‘A+N’ on the wall?” asked Allison signaling to it. Lana’s heart broke a little at the sight.

“Just two dumb teenagers that were here.” She said flatly. Making it obvious it was a sensitive subject no one said anything and so Liam clapped his hands feeling satisfied that everything was in order (well at least as in order as things could be) just like Daddy Direction always had to have it.

“Anyways, not the important thing- we found some tracks. We don’t know who they belong to, or where this person/people are, we don’t know if this being is good or bad, but we gotta keep our eyes open.” Said Liam.
“How about we go look for the bloody thing?” asked Niall before kicking a rock.
“Now you’re just looking for trouble, lad.”  Zayn answered.
“No ,I agree with Niall. I say we look for this person and ask them what they are doing here. I mean I’m sure that if we find them, they must have gotten on the island one way or another.” Harry suddenly spoke. His tone powerful and determined.
Everyone chuckled a little I didn’t it, maybe it was something Harry had said.
“Yes-“ Liam spoke sharply, “but we need to be careful, again, stranger dang-“
“Yes, Yes, we get it Dad.” Niall rolled his eyes.
“Great.” I droned this wasn’t going to end well; I had an ill feeling in my gut.
Harry then cleared his throat and begun speaking with his best American accent,
“Alright, gang I say we split up now, me and Lana will go our own way- Shaggy, Scooby- sorry wrong show.” He chuckled. Louis face palmed and did his best to held his laughter, honestly that was terrible! It was so terrible it made a way to my smile.

Harry laced his fingers with mine and smiled at me, his dimples adorning his angelic face. I couldn’t help but smile back, but something didn’t feel right…

“No, Now- sorry Hazza, but you and Lana can’t go together. Both of you will probably stop and start snogging somewhere. I’ll make the teams.” He stated. Harry groaned and there was no arguing with Liam. He said that it was best to put us with the person we could best cooperate with.
So the teams where: Harry and Louis, Kristin and Allison, Liam and Zayn and much to Harry’s displeasing Niall and myself.

“I don’t like the way he looks at you..” Harry grumbled shooting a death glare at Niall.
“You have nothing to worry about.” I said looking over Harry’s shoulder, where Louis was packing some fruit.

There was a full moon and the stars were shinning bright so we would be able to as unwise as it was, go out and look at night. Liam said there was no time to lose, and since when had he become the leader?!

“I promise you, nothing is going to happen.” I flashed him a small smile. He held my face in his hand and pecked my lips softly.

Allison cleared her throat we both shot her a death glare. “Hello! Can you like stop sucking face? We have to go!” she said in that whinny uppity voice she had. I rolled my eyes “chienne…” I muttered.

            It had been a while and we had all gone out separate ways, the moon was bright and appeared to be even bigger. The sky truly was a sight. The sounds of the jungle seemed louder and there even appeared to be more flora and peculiar fauna lying around.

“If you’re scared you can hold my hand.” Niall said offering his hand grinning. He might have been smiling, but that glint I didn’t like remained.

I shot him an incredulous look, “Really? From all the people on the island you are asking me if I’m scared?”

He laughed and ran his hand through his messy hair, which was beginning to show his brown roots.
“Just tryin’ to be a gent, don’t wanna seem like an arse.” He chuckled. I didn’t say anything, I had seem some scratches on the trees, there had definitely been something human roaming around him. Question was what or who?

Then Niall interrupted my train of thought.

“So, have you considered my offer?”
“Hm?” I asked confused, what offer was he talking about-I couldn’t remember. “Oh! No, I don’t want your money anymore blondie. I’ll be fine.” I said quickly and continued the process of tracking down this person. On the fresh ground I saw two pairs foot prints, one was fairly large. Harry… I thought, he must be nearby that means that Louis was near as well. My heart swelled at the thought.
“No, the other offer.” He begun. I racked my brain but I couldn’t possibly remember. “You know, the one of being my mate?”

I stopped and turned around my eyebrows raised high, my eyes as wide as tennis balls. “Ce qui?”
He looked at me dead in the eye, he was serious. I couldn’t help but start laughing, he was actually serious. I attempted to stop laughing. He approached me with his face red feeling angry and infuriated.

“Niall, I’m with Harry…” I said as gently as I could. He didn’t stop, he said nothing, he held on to my arms so tight I feared it would leave a bruise and then he smacked his face into mine colliding his lips on mine. I groaned, and wriggled like a crocodile. I didn’t want this, I didn’t want him, I wanted -
And so I head-butted him. “Ce qui la baise?!”
Niall held on to his nose rubbing it. Suddenly we both heard the shrubs rustling, and from all people in the island Harry stepped out. His eyes were large and glassy; they even seemed to glow in the darkness.

“Harry…” I gasped.
“I have nothing to worry about, huh?” 

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