Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


3. Idiots Stuck in an Island

Harry and Louis had awakened and begun panicking. Something had taken Niall into the jungle and now he was gone. Liam and Zayn were in no position to go foraging, Liam had a deep cut in his leg which was killing him and they were sure Zayn's arm was probably broken. So, in the end Hazza and Louis, decided they would go to the jungle and search not only for Niall, but for food and hope of survival.

Harry and Louis tiredly ventured into the green jungle. Swatting away nasty bugs.

"Niall!" Harry would shout. "Nialler! Come out we won't take your lucky charms I swear!" Louis shouted, but their shouts would only scare away several birds which would caw and fly.

This continued for like an hour or so, and Harry and Louis felt more and more drained each time. Harry felt drained too and it was when he leaned against the tree that he felt something was watching him. He turned around and saw nothing. "Lou, don't you have the odd feeling that someone is watching us?"
Louis rolled his eyes, "Yes, Harry because this island is so populated. No, It's obviously isolated."
Harry begun tracing the tree bark he was leaning on and he realized there was a perfectly carved number on it, "3".

"Louis!" Harry shouted as something held him tight from behind a sharp blade under his neck. Louis turned around and screamed like a little girl before picking up a large stick to defend himself and Harry. The stranger pressed the blade tighter to Harry's neck.

"Hey! you-thing, l-let him go. We don't mean any harm!" Louis managed to speak with shaky hands. It was then that he noticed that the thing holding Harry back was actually a girl.
The girl had tanned skin, long messy brown hair which was tangled into a rats nest and her body which was glowing golden and perfectly sculpted was barely covered with dirty rags. His heart stopped, and mouth opened agape in pure shock, the wild girl narrowed her eyes, her freckled skin crinkling. Harry turned around to look at his captor, and smirked a little when he saw it was such a beautiful woman forgetting about the knife on his throat.
"You know, this isn't' so bad Lou." The knife pressed tighter to Harry's neck, tight enough to draw blood. Louis flinched at the sight of the crimson liquid before freaking out and screaming. The mysterious girl pushed Harry against the tree and with one swift swing hit Louis square in the jaw making him tumble to the flora covered ground.

"What the hell?!" shouted Louis, but when he looked up the girl was gone already.

Meanwhile, Zayn and Liam sat in sandy shore, dipping their feet into the cool water. Zayn clutching his arm tightly, Liam was starring at the sky delusional, singing to himself.

"What's taking them so long?" whined Zayn. Looking up at the gleaming sun. He didn't want to look at Liam who appeared to have drank to much salt water.
"I swear that the fish flew out of the window" said Liam before chuckling. Zayn found himself looking into the distance, when suddenly he saw someone walking towards them Louis? Harry? Niall? No it was a girl.

Zayn met the girl whose name was Kristin, he asked her if she had seen anyone else. Instead the girl broke down sobbing saying she had lost her friend in the sea.

Niall while venturing in the jungle suddenly stumbled upon Harry and Louis on the floor.

"Niall!" said Louis relieved. Niall was carrying the basket with fruit on one hand, on the other he was munching on it the juice dripping down his jaw.

"What's up guys?" He said cooly. There was a rustling in the trees and they looked up to see the wilderness girl. "Hey! You! what's the deal? are you just going to beat us up and leave us to starve?! We need your help!" shouted Harry his voice filled with desperation, before throwing a rock at her which she swiftly dodged.

"No! Harry stop, she's nice. She took care of me!"

Harry didn't seem to care he threw another rock at her before collapsing, "Do you even talk?!" he shouted before she vanished into the trees again.

Louis had helped himself to a fruit and had trusted one upon Harry's hands, "eat up mate, you need it."
"Ugh, okay. We found Niall we have food, now- Louis do you remember the way back?"
Louis face palmed "fucking shit…" and Niall smirked, "I do" he said cockily, "the tree's are marked with numbers; I assume it must be the distance to the beach."

The boys followed the trail of marked tress and returned to the shore just to see two mysterious girls hugging each other and Liam was in a fetal position clutching his leg on the ground Zayn sitting next to him. Attempting to calm him down.

The girls introduced themselves as Allison and Kristin, and explained they had fallen overboard because the boat tipped over.

"Yes, I remember seeing you fall over-I jumped after you-"

Harry was already over the edge. He was tired, hungry, thirsty and just longed to return back home, but no instead he was stuck in a stupid island in which he would probably die in.

"Louis!" Harry snapped his jaw clenching and fist turning white from clenching. Harry pushed Louis away in a threatening way.
"You bastard! It's because of you that we are stuck in this god damn island! We have no food, water, or survival skills what-so-ever, and it's all because of your stupid wish to have an adventure!" Harry kicked some dirt into Louis's face and begun screaming.

"Well guess what Lou you have it! Now we are all going to die Zayn broke his arm, Liam is delusional-and its all your fucking fault. You son of a bitch!" Harry begun fisting Louis, who fought back tenaciously. While the two boys were arguing, Niall was attempting to pull Harry of Louis and vise-versa but it was useless. Zayn couldn't do anything and Liam was on the verge of going insane. All the two girls could do was scream and aggravate everyone even more.

A flying spear landed at Louis and Harry's feet making them jump away from each other. They stared at the gleaming spear in shock panting before turning their heads to seeing the jungle girl.

"You idiots are stuck in an island and the first thing you do is try to kill each other?"

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