Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


6. Hold On

"Why do you feel the need to always act like such a drama queen?" She sneered.

Harry stepped out of the shadows casually his hands in his pockets.

"I don't know, you tell me why do you feel the need to act like a fucking bitch all the time?" he retorted before casually approaching her.
"Move over," he commanded. Lana shrugged and rolled to her side. "I don't like you," she droned. "Really?" he said in a teasing tone before snaking his arms around her stomach pulling her closer to him. Harry nuzzled his head on the crook of her neck.

"Is that why you let me cuddle with you ever night?"
"You're the one that likes me! You've been sleeping here every night since day one!" Lana snapped elbowing him off her; Harry momentarily pulled away then went back to his spooning pulling her even closer to him.
"Sod off, Harry go spoon with another girl-I'm sure they would be very willing." Lana rolled her eyes even if as much as she hated to admitted longed to be cuddled and touched by a pair of soft hands.
Harry shook his head, ticking her side with his mane of curly hair. "no, no, no you're more tender."

Lana sat up, and walked away glaring at Harry. "No. I'm not letting you sleep here anymore. The tribe is getting suspicious, and besides you are such an asshole to me-like all the time!"

Harry ran his hand through his messy hair, "Why is it that you won't tell us anything? What's the big deal?"
"I don't want to scare you, kill the hopes and dreams that keep you alive. Feed you a bowl of bullshit." she spat. Using the same words he had used earlier. All while holding a murderous gaze.

Harry rolled his eyes standing up, "Will you at least tell me how long you have been here?"
"Get out." she ordered her finger pointing the way out. Harry shot her an ugly look and walked outside.


Harry stormed angrily and returned to the cave which was currently One Direction's camp site. He was clearly upset as he strolled in empty handed, "Hey, Pumpkin what happened? Where's the fruit?" asked Louis clapping his hands as he shook some dust of them from his hands.

"It's that stupid girl…" Harry growled.
"Lana? She's a bit cold at first, but once you get to know her she's pretty nice." Louis smiled patting his best friend in the back.

"Listen, Lou" Harry began placing his hand on his friends shoulder pulling him closer for some privacy. He really didn't like the way they had gotten so…. close.
"I know how you feel about this girl, but I just want to remind you. Her feelings aren't real- she isn't real, all she wants is our money. That's all…" Harry explained before anxiously moistening his chapped lips and patting his best pal in the back. "What? who says I have feelings for this girl?" scoffed Louis nervously while fiddling with his hands.
"I can tell by the way you look at her-" Harry rolled his eyes.
"Ha! No, Lana is not like that Harry!" Louis attempted to defend his new little crush. "Oh, Really? Why don't you test her then?" Harry challenged Louis. "Fine, I will and I won't be disappointed." Harry and Louis decided to shake on it. When suddenly something itched in the back of Louis's head. Eleanor.
He hadn't thought about Eleanor ever since he set foot in this cursed island. He suddenly wondered what she was doing and worried himself about his relationship with her, he wondered if she would move on, or if he should tell Lana about her…

"Hey, I'm back." Lana happened to appear out of the blue, it appeared to be a couple of hours past 12 about 3 in the afternoon or so- "If you guys have some questions and I don't answer them it's for your own good- But if you're so curious, I will tell you I'm from France."
"We all knew that already, you literally cursed out Harry in French." Allison said putting her hands on her hips. The edge of Lana's eye twitched in annoyance this dumb bitch…
"Ah, well-" she didn't know what to do so she just flicked her off. "Okay, let's get to the point. Girl's I am going to teach you to weave a rope today." Lana took the girls to the jungle and showed them what bark tissue they would be using to make a rope.

"Ugh, this is so annoying." whined Allison.
"If you want to stop just let me know so I can leave you to die already." Kris rolled her eyes, Lana was so annoying. She thought she was all that, that she knew everything about survival or the jungle.
"What is your bloody problem anyways? You don't have to be so fucking hostile 24/7-"

Lana pivoted to face the annoying girl placing her trusty blade right under her neck. The girl swallowed hard, eyes wide. "Stay out of my business." Lana growled. Kristen was frozen and was unsure of what to do, all she could do was starred at her animal-like eyes

"Y-You wouldn't…" Ally managed.

Lana's eyes glinted with mischief, "Oh, I would. I have done it before, but it be a waste of blood, I mean who will make my ropes and baskets then?"
Lana saw the fear in Allison's eyes and pulled her spear away, pleased that she had made her point. Lana turned around and begun explaining how to weave and the different types of knots and plants they would use she trailed off when she heard the girls giggling.

"I told you she wouldn't do it." Allison begun, Lana could hear the cocky edge to her voice.
"Duh, she's all talk of course she wouldn't hurt you." Kristin agreed, like always.
"And as if I'm going to be the one weaving stupid baskets-ugh all this is so annoying…" Their pointless conversation continued and Lana was growing sick off them-her quick temper wasn't helping her much. "Yeah" Allison scoffed, "I mean who she thinks she is bossing us around? All she is some crazy wilderness girl who nobody liked so she got abandoned in this is-"
"SHUT UP." Lana raised her voice before tossing the basket she had in her hands at their feet. "I am sick and tired of you twos attitudes, all you are good for NOTHING. A waste of air, space and time!" she snapped, giving them an aggravated look her face turning red. "You are sick of us? How do you think we feel?" Kristin came into defense.
"We have no choice but to put up with you and your bullshit. And you think you know how to survive and all acting all wild like some kind of ape, but-you know what in reality all you are is a fugly, sad, lonely bitch." Allison finished speaking and a coy grin made way to her smug face. Kristin stood as back up and went like "ooooh" Lana's golden eyes were wide her mouth opened agape in astonishment. Suddenly her teeth begun to grit and she felt the itch of one of her muscles twitching, she clasped her fist tight her knuckles turning white from clenching.

"You got that st-"Allison didn't get to finish her sentence before Lana's fist collided with her face making a nasty crack echo through the jungle. Allison collapsed into her knees and begun screaming and crying "AHH! My nose!" She wailed while attempting to ease the pain and stop the crimson waterfall of blood from oozing. Kristin was attempting to somehow aid her best friend, Lana starred from above with eyes without pity before she spat at Allison on the floor.
"Chienne stupide…" she muttered before leaving abandoning them in the jungle.

Lana stormed back into camp where all the boys raised an eyebrow and shot her curious glances. She was screaming in French like a mad woman. "W-What happened?" asked Zayn from the rock that he was sitting in, "I am absolutely done with those two stupid-ugh! DONE. DONE, with all of you!" She shouted panting her chest rising up and down violently. She stopped when she noticed the boys had actually been attempting to construct spears and braid fishing nets. Suddenly from behind the bushes Allison came out violently sobbing, Kristin aiding her in the way. It was when the boys noticed that her blue shirt was now crimson that they realized something had happened.

Liam limped over to the girls as fast as he could and saw the notorious deformity in the once girls perfect face. "What in the bloody hell is your problem?!" he snapped feeling the anger boiling in him. "My problem? They're the ones that started it!" she shouted in defense.
"You broke her fucking nose!" Liam would've pulled his hair out in stress if he had any. "What? You want me to break yours too pretty boy?" Lana begun cracking her knuckles standing on a fighting position. Niall and Zayne ran next to Liam in case something Happened, Harry was ready to hold him back. Liam was usually the one that was the most mature, calm and reserved from them all- but all this madness just seemed to strike a nerve…

"Lana, stop. Try to control yourself." Louis whispered in her ear as he seized the girl from behind.

Allison and Kristin explained what happened and Liam swallowed hard before infamously pointing at Lana with his index finger. "You know what- you are sick. People like you sicken me, selfish, lunatic, horrible inside and out. Worse than an animal!" He shouted before Niall and Harry had to hold him back, he was charging at Lana even if he had an injured leg. Louis tugged Lana away, but she didn't hesitate to flick them off and shout obscenities this time in English and French.

Louis again dragged her away; apparently nobody was on her side, except for good 'ol Lou.

Louis sat her down on a rock near the stream and they both dipped their feet in the cool water. He held her hand tightly stroking her knuckles, as she explained what had happened.

"I think you could've… handled the situation better." He said slowly.
"What the hell was I supposed to do?! I am sick and tired of them and of trying-I-I just want to be all alone here again, all by myself…"

Louis swallowed hard; here it was now or never. He would prove Harry wrong and see that she wanted nothing to do with him or his money. He observed here freckled profile and bit his lower lip before holding both of her small hands in his larger ones. He thought about what Harry had previously said how she was just using him. "-All she wants is our money. That's all…" Harry's voice rang in his head.

"Lana…. you trust me right?" he begun. "So far yes." She shot him a weak smile, gently squeezing one of his hands. She was beginning to trust Louis it wouldn't be long before she revealed all of herself and her dark past to him, he could make her smile he made her happy and she longed for a friend that she could rely took in a deep breath it was the only way, then he would take it back and she would be okay with it.

"W-What would you say, if I told you, that we don't have the money we promised to pay you?" Lana slowly brought her hands back to herself. "What?"
"We are not an international pop band, we don't have any money at all, and we are just five humble lads- We can't pay your price." Lana slowly crawled away from Louis a look of hurt plastered on her face. "L-Louis, you lied to me…"
She stood up, "You lied to me! And to think that I actually trusted you!" she shouted her face burgundy in anger nose wrinkled in disgust.

"So, what are you going to do now that you know we can't pay the price?" Louis jumped to his feet tenaciously his arms were crossed across his chest he was beginning to feel more and more disgusted by her reaction. "What am I going to do?" she hissed pulling at her tangled mane. She approached Louis before punching his chest repeatedly. "For one leave you here so the fucking jungle can have its way with you all. Next, I am never trusting anyone ever again, and finally I'm getting the hell out of this fucking island all by myself! I don't care if it takes me another useless five years. I will get out! Someway! Somehow! And without you." She shoved his body away hard, Louis held no expression in his face I guess she was just using me after all… he thought sadly. Louis observed her with cold empty eyes. He saw her amber eyes well up with tears she was attempting to fight back and when she failed and chocked back the first sob, she whipped her body to the side and stormed off. Louis stood near the stream and felt as if he had just been stabbed. He stood there for a moment contemplating his mistakes. He had been stupid enough to trust her, he felt used, chewed up and empty. Suddenly he was snapped out of his thoughts by the thundering clouds. He had been so absorbed in himself he hadn't noticed it was beginning to rain.

When Louis made it back to cave it was violently pouring the sky was dark and the trees were swaying violently as if dancing with the heavy rain. Once inside he removed his shirt and dried his soaking wet hair.

"It's definitely broken…" He saw Zayn carefully observing Allison's nose carefully her face was now red and swollen her nose was turning purple. All eyes turned to him when he reached the cave. "So? What happened? Where did Lana go?" asked Niall sounding worried.
Louis shrugged his shoulders and scowled a bit starring of into the fireplace in the middle and attempting to distract himself with the shadows it casted, "I don't want to talk about her."
"What happened?" asked Kristin sounding concerned.
"Stupid, really." Louis said to himself not knowing if he was referring to himself to her or the whole situation. He felt Harry's green orbs watching him carefully. He made a note to thank Harry later, he was right. Lana was just a user and could not be trusted just like everyone out there in the real world.
There was a fat silence in the cave the thing that broke the silence was Niall's hungry stomach growling crying out for food.

"Sorry… so where's Lana staying? I think it's dangerous for her to be out there by herself-alone you know with the fucking weather like this…" He spoke slowly.
"Who cares where she is? She's an animal she can handle herself…" snapped Allison as she scooted closer to Zayn, obviously enjoying his attention.

"I care." and to everyone's shock he raised up his arm tall and proudly. His toned arm casting a shadow against the wall. "You!" Allison hissed. "There's no way-you don't even like her!"
He shot her a blank look before standing up and stretching his lean body. "She's an animal she doesn't need you!" Allison shouted in attempt to keep the boy wrapped under her finger. All he did was roll his eyes and shot her a chilling look, "Even animals have feelings? I was hoping you would know." He turned his back on the Ally's furious face before getting ready to leave.

"Wait, I'll go with you." Niall stood up. "No." He snapped way too suddenly. "You- er stay here…."
"But you don't even know where she is-what the fuck. What if you get lost or something?" Niall insisted. "If the rain clears up, they will need you to find food, you can't just leave them here alone mate." He placed his hand on Niall's shoulder who looked upset and possibly angry.
"fuck off, arsehole." he muttered before retrieving to the cave. "Just get back here in one piece tomorrow!"

The boy took in a deep breath he was sure Niall would get over it eventually.


Lana sat in the edge of her "bed" in her cave alone-like always sobbing, the thunder boomed in her ears and the lighting casted horrendous shadows in the floor. She couldn't believe she had been foolish enough to trust Louis, she was such an idiot and he was so stupid-horrible, he was a liar. She didn't even care about the money anymore all she cared about was that her trust had been broken…
She whined and attempted to wipe the river of tears from her face, it was useless she would never leave this stupid island-there was only one way out… and that was the easy way out…

"Lana?" a sweet voice called out. "Are you in here?" Lana managed to make out a human shape from her blurry vision. She instantly knew who it was.

"H-Harry…" she sobbed.

Harry ran towards her and kneeled next to her. "Shhh…" he tried to sooth her, it was so strange for him to see such a strong cold person in such a vulnerable state. It really broke his heart to see women crying mainly cause he would often think of when he had seen his sister or his mother cry.

"Stop crying, why are you even crying? You're not the one who had her nose broken." He attempted to wipe the river of tears streaming from her face.

"Oh s-stop it, will ya?" She attempted to shove him off. "Go away…" She turned away from him. "Lana…. Please stop crying…" He asked kindly reaching over to her. She allowed him to embrace her, "Why a-a-are you even here?"

Harry placed his head on top of hers and she leaned into him burying her face in his soaking wet shoulder. "I'm here because I care." He said gently stroking her back. Lana was too tired to argue with him and somehow prove him wrong, she was too mentally exhausted. "Harry… please don't leave me. Not tonight…" She silently cried as he held on to her tightly. He placed a soft kiss at the top of her head, "I won't."

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