Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


1. From Sea to Shore

Hey everyone! I first published this story on my tumblr: strawberry-fields-forever69 , but it didn't get a lot of er- action? faves? re blogs?
I'm hoping someone might notice it here... excuse my grammar this story will revolve mainly around Niall and Louis.
I hope you all enjoy it comments and criticism good or bad would be
greatly appreciated.
Thank you everyone for reading please let me know what you think :)

Love Gloves94 Xx


'I begin this letter-which may be my last with a forewarning to the reader. It doesn't matter, who you are or where you are, even the best of times can turn to the worst- all because of stupidity. I don't have much paper or time, but perhaps this bottle will reach to someone.

It all begin when myself, my best friend Kris and several friends where on cruise vacationing. Somehow I fell overboard, so did Kris. We are now trapped in an island- alone and perhaps forever. Will we die, maybe? I don't know… Whoever receives this letter-you are our last hope. Please save us from the terrors of this island!
Allison Goodling- X'

Liam Payne stretched out his arms as he greeted the sun's rays. "It's so nice out here."He yawned.
"Yeah, I'm glad you choose this place Lou" agreed Zayn. "It certainly is nice to get away from all the bloody screaming and stuff…" Niall turned to his side to take the sun.
"Louis?" He had been incredibly quiet this whole time, which was rare for the happy gang member. "I choose this cruise because I thought I could pretend to be a sailor, but what I really want is an adventure! I want to do something I have never done before, go off somewhere, find a treasure, save a damsel in distress, heck- save the world-"
"Louis… chill." said Niall trying to calm his band mate's excitement down. Harry who had just noticed a pair of girl just round the corner grinned, "Say lads those girls are kind a cute."
Harry made eye contact with some and winked at them, the girls giggled and gushed.

Allison Goodling, and her friends Kristin Kashner, Vivian Claverly and Emma Stewart all 19 year olds were enjoying their Spring break vacation on a cruise. They four friends were eyeing a couple of teenage boys, one seemed to catch their fancy and winked at them.

"He kind of looks like Harry Styles… Don't you think Ally?" giggled Vivian.
"Harry Styles? In the same cruise as us? I wish!" Allison squealed.
"You should go talk to him." Emma elbowed Allison who was their 'group leader'. From the four best friends, she was considered the most "fabulous", she was the thinnest of her friends, wore the most expensive clothes/make-up, and she always
had the cutest boyfriends-and she was the best flirt as well.
"Naw, I'm more of a Zayn fan." she shrugged it off and walked away- so did her little posse.

"Rats… You scared them off Harry!" frowned Niall.
"Shut up." Harry sighed before punching him.
Later that night the boys were messing around in the deck and Louis was dreadfully bored. He wasn't a troublemaker, just wanted a little fun "Hey, you guys I'm going to play a prank on the captain." he chuckled it was mostly the alcohol talking. "Louis you better not move, I swear!" Liam threatened. The boys took their eyes off Louis for a second and he was gone, which lead for 4/5 of 1D to panic and search for their missing mate.

Louis snuck into the captain's cabin and filled the floor with soap and water. Then he hid behind the door. Meanwhile outside the boys panicked and searched for Louis frantically.
Louis was anxiously waiting for the captain to come in and when he did he begun steering the boat. Suddenly he gave a step back, slipped, and the whole boat tipped to the side., "I'm gonna get you-you bastard!" The captain shouted and the boat tipped once again. Louis ran out and he couldn't believe what he had just seen…

Allison and her friends were as well acting stupid engaged in the consumption of alcohol. And Allison was tripping all over the place. "Don't you think you should lay easy on the drinks Ally?" giggled Emma who was just as drunk. Then suddenly unexpectedly the boat tipped, Allison lost her balance and tipped over the rail, Kristin's quick reflexes allowed her to grasp her friend as she hung on to the railing desperately. "A-Allison! Don't let go!" Kristin shouted, Allison was screaming for help the whole time. When suddenly the boat tipped again and both girls tipped overboard into the Pacific Ocean. Louis Tomlinson without a second thought jumped after the girls. This is my chance, he thought already thinking ahead of what rewards his heroic act would bring to him.

"Louis!" Harry shouted as he saw his best friend dive off the boat stupidly. In a rush of adrenaline, Harry saw a lifeguard kit behind him unknowing that the rest of his band mates were at sea as well, he grasped a large whistle and two large rescue wheels and dove in behind his mate. The water was freezing cold.
"Louis!" Harry screamed trying to keep his head above the water, "Louis!" he screamed repeatedly and blew the whistle, then he saw Louis's body swimming towards him "P-Pumpkin'!" Louis shouted back spitting the nasty sea water. Once Harry had Louis he began shouting but the ship was a long way ahead. The violent waves pulled and teased on the two boys who held on to the wheels desperately. "Harry, there were two girls who fell off the ship, and I jumped after to save them!"
"Louis, you fucking idiot! Now we are stuck in the middle of the ocean!"Harry screamed fear and paranoia beginning to kick in.

"Harry, Louis!" They heard a desperate cry for help, both boys managed to turn their heads to see a figure swimming towards them. They attempted make out the figure, it was Niall.
He held on to one of the wheels for dear life, "Oh, I never thought I would ever be so fucking glad to see you Harry." Niall made a sarcastic remark. "Have you lads seen Zayn? He fell along with me."
"Wait Zayn fell, and so did you?" Louis coughed as the water engulfed him again.
"Zayn can't swim! We need to find him!" Harry panicked; he tried to kick his way up to the surface in order to have a better view. "ZAYN!" Niall screamed desperately until his lungs began aching, so did Louis and Harry.

There was no response…

That night Niall, Harry and Louis struggled against the oceans waves and cried. They cried for Zayn who was probably dead, they cried for their families and friends and their loved ones who they would never see again for all that they knew they were as good as dead…

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