Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


4. Done Deal

"You idiots are stuck in an island and the first thing you do is try to kill each other?" the girl sneered, she did not looked please. At least she spoke English; her accent wasn't American or British. The way the sun was hitting her, it almost seemed she was glowing.

"W-Who is that?" asked Zayn more curious than intimidated.

"You pathetic people aren't even worth my time, I have better things to do-" The girl retrieved her spear and shot them a venomous look before pivoting, no one dared to move a muscle.
"Wait! Hold on." Of course there is always an idiot willing to break the tension and risk everyone's live. The idiot ran towards her and grasped her arm tightly.

The girl was shocked; it had been years since she had last felt human contact, the touch of warm skin against her own almost seemed like a forgotten privilege. She was frozen just wide eyed observing the pale white hand holding onto her tanned armed. Her golden cat-like eyes slowly trailed up to meet a pair of sky hue ones.

"P-Please, hold on just for a second. We need your help. Two of our friends need urgent medical treatment; does your village have a doctor?" Niall pleaded as kind as he could.
The girl had not seen a human face in years, she saw the kindness and desperation in his eyes and flinched away she couldn't take it. She knew there had been a reason why she had taken this boy away, he was special. He might've been kind, handsome and even skilled in the art of surviving but her heart had grown too cold and lonesome to open up to anyone else, not after years of isolation.

"Hn, what village?" she laughed dryly stepping back "It's only me around here."

"Even so, if you're the only one. You can probably do more than all of us together, so please help us." He looked at her with a pleading gaze almost begging her. She couldn't look at him the boy could be persuasive. She bit on her tongue anxiously, the girl wanted her legs to move, she had to leave, it wasn't wise to become involved with people. "Please."
The girl looked away from the pleading boy to the group of injured people.
"Fine, if you insist." Niall's face instantly brightened up and he jumped to the girls arm's embracing her. The girl's heart jumped to her throat choking her. "G-GET OFF ME!" she shoved the boy off. Her face bright red. The blonde boy chuckled a bit, "One condition, you and your people keep your hands off me." Niall picked up his hands and tuned back to his friends and nodded.

It was amazing the way the girl worked with Zayn and Liam. He called Harry and Louis "walking stiffs" and ordered them around.

"Blondie." she called for Niall's attention "yes?" Niall replied.
"My job here is done, they will be fine. The Muslim guy's arm will be fixed in two months or so if he does as I say and the loony just needs to rest and keep hydrated." She nodded before gathering her weapon and walking away slowly.

"Wait what's your name?" asked Louis jogging up behind her. She paused for a moment "call me Lana." The girl continued walking.
"And where do you think you're going?" asked Allison putting her hands on her hips frowning at their newest ally and possibly salvation.
"away." Lana stated before swiftly climbing on a tree like an acrobat.
"WHAT?!" Harry sprinted in her direction standing at the base of the tree attempting to climb it, "Y-you just can't leave us alone and doom us!"
Lana's expression did not change she replied in a monotone voice "watch me."

"Wait!" Harry reached for foot, she instead kicked Harry in the face before jumping higher. Harry instead climbed just as high and pulled on her leg pulling them both to the ground. They both fell from the tree, and Harry begun trying to pin her to the floor, they struggled and rolled around like animals but she was hard to dominate. Louis attempted to help Harry, Lana sank her teeth into Harry's shoulder. He clenched his jaw in pain "Niall! She's biting me!"
Niall ran to help as well, Louis jerked her head back and held it down in the white sand, Harry sat on her stomach and Niall held both of her arms to the girls, even Allison and Kristin arrived to help and sat on her legs. Lana's chest gravely rose with aggravation her nostrils flared and eyes blared with hatred.

"Stop." Louis said slowly. "Please love, calm down." he said calmly stroking her forehead repeatedly. Lana looked up to see Louis and found herself getting lost in his azure eyes, her arms and legs relaxed a little and she turned to face Harry when she felt his hot hands on her shoulders. His touched burned her; she couldn't bear his touch- he just wanted him and everyone else off her. "Get off me." she ordered.
"No. We want to talk to you." Harry said his nose beginning to turn red and swelling, his usually plump lips were in one serious thin line.
"I am asking you-no begging you, to please stay here and help us. Teach us how to survive; we will help each other-together we can thrive and work together to leave this fucking island."
Lana looked away into the distance, attempting to ignore the boys.
"Lana!" Harry tightened his grip on her shoulders.
He licked his lips exasperated, "Look, if you help us-when we get off this island we will give you whatever you want in return- we are an international boy band from the UK, One Direction, we can give you anything you want." Interrupted Louis.
"really?" she looked up to see him. He removed her bangs from her face, "Really." he nodded.
"What about us?" spoke Kristin looking at her with wide eyes.
"You two are annoying, I'll do anything get away from you screamies." she drowned. The girls scowled in annoyance.

"So will you help us?" asked Niall with a small smile.
A devilish smirk formed on Lana's freckled tan face, "Firstly get off me." The boys jumped off her and the girls stepped away. Lana jumped to her feet. "Secondly, I will-but it's going to cost you, £60 million pounds."

"60?!" Harry's eyes became wide. Lana nodded.
"Why 60?!" Harry was clearly disliking Lana more and more each time.
"Surviving doesn't come cheap mate. I have no family, education or job to look forward too if we ever get out of here. I think my price is rather fair, it's 10 for each one of you, and 5 for each girl since their annoying." she crossed her arms.
"Life is priceless." was the only thing Harry said. Lana narrowed her eyes in annoyance, "Do you want my help yes or no?"

Harry turned away upset at this stupid girl's attitude on life. Who did she think she was to put a price on life? Right now helicopters would be searching for them everywhere and the world would be mourning them. Harry said nothing and walked away his feet leaving footprints in the sand as he walked towards the shore where Niall and Zayn where sitting.

"Harry! What's the problem?" Louis asked losing his patience. "We need her to survive-Is it because you don't want to pay? I'll pay for you if you want." Louis said placing his hand on Harry's shoulder.
"It's not the money Louis, her attitude just pisses me off…"
"We need her." Louis attempted to emphasize the desperation to his best friend. While Harry and Louis where arguing Niall stepped forward confidently.

"It's a deal." He said stretching out his hand with a small smirk; Lana squeezed his hand slowly and looked into his eyes which held a mischievous expression- he almost resembled an imp. His expression almost intimidated Lana and made her want to retrieve her hand, there was something-off that appeared almost baleful to her and her being. Goodness knows what it was, "Deal."

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