Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


2. Chinny Chin Chin

I hope you guys like it so far, I have to admit it is rather slow at first but I need to let the plot build up a bit.
what do yall think so far? chapters are kind of short...


'I was fortunate enough to find another dry leaf to write on. Lana gets upset with me when I use bottles to send letters, she says it's a waste of time- and resources. Kris and I are not the only ones in this island. One Direction, yes the boy band is also here call it every girls dream I would give anything to be off this stupid island. I still have an ill feeling Lana is hiding something from us, and it's not good. I have a feeling that we are not alone.
- Allison Goodling – X'

The sun shone murderously at the three band members, it was the second day at sea. No food, no water, no sleep, it was taking a toll on the boys, they didn't even know in what direction to kick in. Niall was still crying, Harry was speechless and Louis was down in his spirits "Harry… Do you think we're ever going to go back home?"
"I don't know Louis…" Harry muttered under his breath before lowering his head and sobbing like a lost child…

It was already sunset, the boys had passed out and had just washed up a white sandy beached shore; the mysterious island greeted them like an old friend with open arms. Niall, Harry and Louis's corpses rested against sand.
Destiny certainly is odd, curiously at the same setting Liam struggled to carry Zayn's limp body over to the island. His leg was killing him-he wished it would be amputated, there was a stabbing pain in the bottom of his left foot, and the throbbing ached all the way up to his knee. He had slipped and dropped Zayn once when crossing the rocky island reef. He was so close to the shore after 2 days at sea he felt almost delirious. From the distance he saw the outline of three figures laid out in the sand like dead fishes. He certainly couldn't miss Louis's stripped shirt from afar. In the middle of his pain and tears Liam smiled, there was hope his band mates where just a head and hopefully alive. As soon as he reached the shore and lay down next to Niall he collapsed, Zayn laid appearing lifeless next to his side.

It wasn't long before Liam's pain awoke him once again, he turned and saw Zayn with a pain expression clutching his arm. "Zaynster…" Liam elbowed him. "Hey D.J Malik…" he chuckled a bit, Zayn opened his eyes with a pained expression. "You good?" He asked through parched lips.
Zayne sat up a bit wobbly, feeling woozy, "I-I'm good, my arm really, really hurts tho" He gritted his teeth and asked Liam how he was, then he noticed something. There was a band mate missing.

"Liam, where's Niall?" Zayn noticed that there was a pair of drag marks in the sand where Niall's body used to be. Meaning that he didn't walk somewhere, but somebody or something took him.

Niall's stomach was killing him. He didn't even have the strength to open his eyes anymore. His stomach cried out in pain. He believed even his senses were delirious, he felt as if the Earth was moving beneath him, and swore he could hear angels singing. It was when he felt tickling around his face that he opened his eyes, he wasn't sure what he saw, but there was no one next to him. He was in the middle of the jungle laying on a bed of tropical leaves. The birds were chirping and the sun was bright, and when he sat up he felt a weight on his stomach and that's when he noticed the large basket of fruit on his chest. The fruits were tropical and resembled hairless peaches. Without hesitation he begun to stuff his face with them the fruits thick sweet juicy dropping down his chinny chin chin. "Hello? Anybody here?" He asked in between envious bites of the sweet nectar. There was no reply.
He was so enveloped in fulfilling his hunger he did not notice the pair of large amber eyes cautiously observing him.

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