Paradise Lost [One Direction]

The international British boy band "One Direction", accidentally gets stranded on a mysterious island. How will they survive? And what happens when an unlikely character rises from the shadows to aid them in their time of need, and eventually falls for one of the members? Will they ever get out of this cursed island safe and alive? ..that is and without destroying their friendship.


8. Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin' Eater


                     Lana was currently ‘coupled’ with Harry-but he was a selfless bastard, who had destroyed the relationship that she and Louis had begun. And Louis on the other hand was so sweet, but he had lied to her and after all he was Harry’s best friend. Lana didn’t want to be the one blamed for the death of the brotherhood between the Harry and Louis. Under other circumstances she wouldn’t have given a damn, but she had a soft spot for one of the boys. Which one she couldn’t decide…

Another week had passed, and God knows how long they had been in this island for 2 and a half months? Goodness knows….

Lana had been in the verge of breaking down and leaving again-that is until Liam had to beg her to stay.
Niall was sitting next to her fishing near the stream, and both of them were just laughing and talking about life experiences mostly Niall. Lana would just agree and laugh; she was having a good time.

“Hey babe”, Harry greeted her as he suddenly joined them from out of the blue. Lana patiently sat near the stream a waiting for another fish to take the bite. Harry shot Niall a dirty glare and Niall muttered something about taking his caught fish back to the cave.

“Hey” Lana replied a little bit dully forcing a smile.

She was losing her mind, she had to find a way to end things with Harry the arsehole and turn back to Louis in order to finish what they had begun. The tricky part would be keeping Harry and Louis’s friendship stable. Harry had manipulated Louis into lying to Lana, Louis had lied greatly hurting Lana, and she had kissed Louis back while ‘being’ with Harry, and even if what she had with Harry was wonderful she couldn’t help but be upset at the fact he had torn down Louis and her relationship with him, in order for him to have her. And he had attacked in the right moment when she was weak and vulnerable…

“Why were you all alone with Niall?” Harry beat straight to the point.
“We were just fishing Harry…” Lana muttered under her breath.
“Right…” Harry mumbled uneasily. Before wowing at the amount of fish Lana had caught and congratulating her on the side, then he took an opportunity and  kissed her…


                            Harry carried all of Lana’s fish back to the cave for some nice skining and grilling. Lana saw how he instantly engaged in conversation with Louis both of them were laughing and hugging. Louis caught Lana’s eyes for a second and winked at her without Harry noticing making her blush. She shook her head before returning to teach Niall how to skin the fishes.

“fuck!” Niall hissed. Lana noticed the crimson liquid drawing out of his palm he had accidentally cut his hand making blood flow out of the inside of his palm.
“Are you alright?” she asked taking his hand in hers. “Just a damn cut.”
“We should go clean up your wound.” Lana stood up about to head way outside the cave and go to the stream-
 “Lana, stay. I’m sure Niall can clean his own wounds. He’s not a child you know?” Harry’s voice echoed the cave. Even Kristin, Zayn, Allison and Liam appeared to be taken back by Harry’s tone. Niall almost flicked off Harry but instead swallowed his pride and muttered something about Harry being a cunt before stalking off.

“What is wrong with you?” Lana whispered once she approached Harry. Louis stopped by them and discreetly laced his pinky with Lana’s giving her a small rush of adrenaline, the thought of getting caught by Harry excited her and they were both doing it right in front of him. “Everything alright pumpkin'?”

'Pumpkin'?' what an odd pet name for someone.
“Everything is good Lou.” Harry patted Louis’s shoulder and much to Lana’s dismay he walked away unhooking his pinky from hers.

Lana raised a pair of eyebrows expecting Harry to speak to her.
“I don’t want you talking to Niall.” He begun. “why?”
“I just don’t like the way he looks at you” Harry begun explaining his green eyes filled with concern “It’s like he’s going to take you away…”
“You allow me to be with Louis” Lana stated. Harry laughed a little, “but Louis is my best mate, he would never take my girl.” Oh, you don’t know how wrong you are… thought Lana coyly.
Harry smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around his girl holding her close to him; he pressed his lips against the top of her head. Lana hugged him back not as tightly tho, and she noticed Allison’s eyes burning in her direction. And Lana silently scowled back at her.

What was her problem anyways? Wasn’t she a Zayn fan to begin with?

The following day Lana found herself hunting in the north of the island where there was a small pretty waterfall and the water was crystal clear. She was tracing some hog prints in the muddy ground, yet there was a print that stood out… The print was of a shoe it clearly showed the line outlines and brand of a factory made tennis shoe…

This was odd no one in this island had tennis shoes…

Lana pondered on several theories of what the prints were, before she was tackled into the water, splashing water everywhere.

She screamed and gasped for air, she already knew who it had been.
“Louis!” she screamed his named, before getting a hold of him and shoving his head in to the water. She cackled evilly and was taken back when she was sucked inside the water. Louis had his arms wrapped around her legs holding her underwater with a huge grin plastered on his face, the grin was contagious and made its way to Lana’s face. A laugh escaped Louis’s mouth making bubbles burst everyone around the water. They rose to the surface and begun pushing and shoving each other like children. Then Louis wrapped his strong arms around her pulling her close to his chest. Lana grinned and tiptoed a little so she could press her hungry lips against his, hands pulling and tangling at each other’s hair. Louis bit her bottom lip, his hands roamed down her hips. Louis picked the girl up and she wrapped her legs around his naked torso, arms resting on his tattooed chest. They both smiled against the kiss feeling overwhelming joy of being able to share a private moment with each other.

“Harry! Wait up!” Louis and Lana looked around in panic and realized one of the girls was coming obviously following Harry. “Shit.” Louis cursed. Lana and Louis hauled their butts out of the cool water; they managed to roll over the mud and dirt in order to hide under a large shrub. Both of them were panting and their hearts were racing, their bodies covered in thick brown mud. And with wide eyes they unfolded the scenes unravel themselves in front of them.

“Harry!” Allison cried after him. Harry walked away from her with a basket in his hand he was probably collecting herbs and fruits. Lana observed them carefully eyes kept straight on the large butterfly in Harry’s chest.
“What part of ‘no’ didn’t you understand?” Harry snapped.
“I’m not asking you to love me-to marry me, all I want is to have sex with you.”

Lana’s eyes became wide and she covered her mouth with her hand so she wouldn’t gasp. “I want you to ‘Rock Me’.”  Allison spoke seductively as she ran her hand up Harry’s arm. Louis chocked down the urge to laugh. Lana didn’t understand what was so funny; she must be missing out on a reference or something….
Harry said nothing just shook his head. “Listen, being frank- I just, don’t want to get involved with you…”
“Why not? I am very experienced better than that wild animal you keep with you. Trust me you won’t regret it.” Allison approached him wrapping her arms around his neck. Harry frowned pushing her off. “Sloppy seconds aren’t my style.”
Ouch. Both Louis and Lana flinched at his harsh words.

 Lana shrunk a little, if she ever had a sexual encounter with Harry it wouldn’t be her first time… Was she sloppy seconds as well?

Harry shoved her off and begun walking east away from the waterfall.
“That bitch must be screwing you so damn good! You will regret this Harry Styles!” Allison shouted in rage after Harry clenching her fist tightly, she obviously wasn’t used to rejection.

Harry simply raised up his middle finger before turning around looking greatly annoyed, “Go fuck yourself, horntastic cunt.”

Allison screamed in frustration before turning the opposite way and returning to the cave fuming and sexually frustrated.

Lana said nothing, her eyes remained wide as her and Louis stepped out of the shrubs. “I-I am sorry you had to see that.” said Louis slowly, his muddy hand reaching for hers. Lana felt horrible; she was here cheating on Harry when he was rejecting the other girls for her actually being a loyal and sweet boyfriend. Then again maybe he would think she was sloppy seconds just like Allison, she wasn’t a virgin either…

“Louis I feel terrible. Harry is-he is-…. wow. I am such a horrible person…” she muttered her eyes swelling with guilt. “I’m sorry-I just can’t do this.” she let go of Louis’s hand; remorse, guilt and sadness overwhelming her. Louis bit his thin bottom lip and closed his eyes and thought for a moment.

“Alright, come here.”

 He opened his arms wide and embraced her muddy body tightly running his hand over her dirty hair.

“Lana it’s alright, if you can’t. We can always go back to being friends...” He spoke holding her tighter, sounding a little disappointed and hurt. She held him tightly and mumbled against “Thank you Louis…” They both pulled away and Louis tasseled her hair “Alright, let’s get cleaned up now.” He smiled softly at her.

They both slid back in the cool water and begun washing their own bodies of the dirty mud. After a while Lana sat up on a large rock nearby and continued scrubbing her skin.

 “Louis… I have been in this damned island for five long years.” Louis looked at her for a second surprised. “And I swear to you in my time here in this cursed island with or without company, I have never been in a greater emotional roller coaster-than after meeting all seven of you.” she chuckled dryly. Louis hesitated in whether he should ask something or not. And he chose not to.

“With or without company?”  he repeated slowly trying not to sound too interested.

“Louis… When I first came to this island I wasn’t always… alone… There were 16 others...” She swallowed hard.
“W-What happened to them?” Louis couldn’t hide his intrigue he asked a bit louder with wide eyes.
“They…” Lana begun she was looking down at her feet hiding her face. “They…” she couldn’t bring herself to finish speaking. “Never mind… I’ll tell you more about it some other time…” she shook her head still not making eye contact. Louis frowned a little and swam over to where she was sitting. He picked himself up with his arms both arms on either side of her legs. She looked up and they both simply got lost in each other’s eyes… Louis used his arms to push himself forward, he leaned his head forward and he brushed his lips against hers. Lana’s heart was beating hard, her breath trembled she couldn’t give into temptation into him.

“Louis… don’t.” she pleaded with a small voice. Louis pressed his lips to hers lightly and softly for one last time. She took in a deep breath inhaling his breath and the way he smelled. Louis leaned back and opened his azure eyes “Sorry.”  He said with the slightest smile which said that he wasn’t sorry for what he had done, not at all.

And so with a guilty and heavy heart, Lana and Louis both made their way back to the ‘tribe’ wet and empty handed…

When they arrived to the camp, everyone turned to inquire them on where their dinner had gone. Before they could answer Lana strutted over to her beloved Harry who was currently sharpening a bone attempting to turn it into a weapon.

“Hey, there you are-“he greeted her with a wide smile, his green eyes shining at the sight of his beloved. Lana wasted no time and smashed her lips against his as passionately as she could. She held his head in place with both hands, her fingers tangling in his curly mane. She kissed him hard and good, attempting to express all sorrowful apologizes and regret she knew-she wouldn’t be able to say to him.

He had been so loyal and sweet to her, despite his lying he cared. She on the other hand had been vile and as slippery as a snake. Sneaking around his back to be with his best friend… He had to know how much he meant to her. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and held her even closer, kissing her back with ferociousness. Louis felt his stomach churn, Allison shot them a death glare and the other tribe members looked away awkwardly-except for Niall who kept his eyes wide. Lana then pulled away her breathing shallow; Harry had a wide smile on his face “wow” was all he managed to say.

Lana felt sick, not because of Harry and his lies, not because of Louis and his behavior-for once her pride had washed away and she felt sick and nauseated by her own wild self.

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