Fame Changed You

Perry was Niall's best friend back in Ireland, but now she hardly hears from him. She feels as if she has lost the only person she could trust. How will Niall react when he gets a letter explaining her feelings?


1. Dear Niall

Niall's P.O.V

I was just chilling with the lads when Simon came in. "Hey guys, new fan mail has just come in." He said throwing a pile of letters towards us. I was just about to open the first letter when one caught my eye. It was sent from a girl called Perry Smith, as i read over the name I kept on getting this funny feeling that I knew it from somewhere. Below her name was a return address: Mullingar, Ireland. I slowly opened the letter and started reading.


Dear Niall,

You always used to say that fame would never change you. Now I find that hard to believe. I see everyday a piece of the young Irish boy I used to know slip away, only to be replaced by some kind of fame centered monster. I know my words may seem a bit harsh, but can you whole heartedly say that you are the same boy from Mullingar? You probably don't even remember me, do you? Well I'm the girl that stuck for you when everyone said you were 'gay' for trying out for the X-factor. I was the one that helped out when you didn't have the courage to ask out your latest crush. The one who you made laugh when she  was on the verge of tears. The one that stood by you even when her heart was aching every time that you went off with another girl. The one you ditched for fame. The one you didn't even say goodbye to...

 Fame has changed you and even though you say it hasn't, that you're still 'just a boy from Mullingar'. Who are you trying to convince Niall? Who? Yourself? The media? Your family? You may have fooled everyone else but you certainly haven't fooled me. 

Goodbye Niall,

From the girl you forgot.


I sat on the couch as flashbacks from my childhood flooded my mind. How could I have been so stupid? I've lost my best friend. She thinks I have turned into a complete and utter douche bag. The sad thing is that she's right and I have no way to make it up to her. "You alright Niall? You look like a stunned mullet." Liam asked, trying to catch a glimpse of the letter. I quickly pressed the paper to my chest, hoping he didn't see. 

"Yeah... I'm fine.." I replied, placing the letter back into the envelope, acting as if nothing happened.  

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