Mental Stricken Madness.

Amelia a young girl of shy persona, has volunteered to help at her mother's work place of which is a mental hospital, only to find out that former member of One Direction, Harry Styles is suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and has been sectioned for 6 months. He is unable to communicate with anyone, suffering from trust issues and panic attacks, however will Amelia be able to reach through to him?


2. Chapter Two.

Amelia's POV

I'm quite nervous for today. My first day of working with mum at the mental hospital. I crave of helping people, but I'm worried everyone will think I'm just some young girl with no experience. Some girl who has wandered in with some happy life, trying to rub off my happiness onto them. Just some random girl.

I suppose that is who I really am. Mum get's angry with me when I call myself that; she thinks I'm this wonderful happy go lucky person. Well, of course she'd say that, she is my mother after all.

I have no friends, no-one to talk to. I don't get bullied at school or anything, I just don't get anything at all. I almost feel as though, I'm just that girl. That girl who is just always there sadly by herself.

I'm sick of that though. I want to make something of myself, if not at school then somewhere else. To finally be good at something even if it just making one person's day better. That's all I want, just one.


"Amelia hun, come on hurry up we're going to be late", Mum chanted up the stairs at me.

"Mm, coming", I screamed out.

I ran down the stairs, the bun on top of my head bouncing as I skipped down. I held onto my rucksack with one arm as I met mum at the bottom of the stairs.

Mum looked at me weirdly, her eyebrow lifting on her face, "Amelia, we're going to work, not camping. What have you got in there?".

"Just some essentials, don't worry. Lets go or we'll be late", I uttered as I stole the slice of toast in her hand, giggling as we headed out of the front door.

We walked towards the car door, I sat comfy next to mum. Just the two of us, side by side. That's the way it had always been- the way I liked it.

I leaned back onto the car seat my head rested to  the side as she started the car and drove away, heading towards her work. She blasted the radio on.

"WE ARE NEVER EVER EVERRR", Mum randomly burst into song.

We laughed and giggled at each other as we sang, mum waving at random people on the road. My mum was slightly strange slightly embarrassing; but I loved it. 

We arrived at her work, it was a small building just bigger than a cottage in the middle of nowhere. Gates covering the ground. It looked as if the building itself was trapped. I gulped. I jumped out of the car, slowly heading towards the door, arm in arm with mum.  

As we entered and mum had signed us both in, we headed down the corridor into the staff room. The corridor was tight. My heart started to correlate with my footsteps as I heard the painful screams from some of the patients. There was an old man, pacing up and down the corridor, tightly folding his arms, whispering damaged thoughts to himself.

I looked up at mum, she could instinctively tell I was worried.

"Hun, it'll be fine", she softly spoke, brushing the excess baby hairs behind my ear.

I put my bag down in the staff room next to mums whilst taking off my coat. I started to tremble. The combination of nerves and the cold in this place had taken over my body.

"So... what's first", my breath shook as I spoke.

"Breakfast", mum happily answered.

Again, we hurried down the endless bright light white corridor. I noticed patients in their rooms. Some screaming, some angry, some worryingly silent.

We entered the canteen, still an oppressive white with the feeling of emptiness taking over me. There were food trolleys, filled with bountiful amounts of plates of toast, and different kinds of cereals. I helped mum arrange the breakfasts on each table. Soon after we had finished, the patients started to swarm in. The room no longer quiet anymore.

Instantaneously, I had many looks aimed right towards me however, not all of them were as severe as I had imagined. My heart started to calm down, my breathing rate beginning to decline. I grabbed the jug of orange squash from underneath one of the food trolleys heading my way to the other side of the room. Everyone had arrived and commenced on eating their food.

I began to pour some drinks, holding a smile across my worried looking face. 

"Hello love, you new?", one of the patients interrogatively questioned me as I poured her a drink.

"Erm, yeah I'm just helping my mum for some experience", I spoke softly, still holding my smile.

"Oh, that's lovely dear".

I smiled. My lips pressed against each other as I became more calm, embarking on more conversation with the patients. My nerves fluttering quickly out of my body. I looked over at mum, who was laughing with some of the patients. They really loved her here. I only wish to be like her one day.

As another ten minutes passed, I could hear the door slide open as a final patient ambled nervously in. I looked ahead only seeing the outline of their body. I knew it was a man. Tall, quite slim, with thick curly hair. I headed down the room to prepare his breakfast on a separate table. As I approached him closer and closer, I could almost make out his features. Soft peachy lips, a wide nose with emerald eyes shimmering in the beaming sunlight. He looked familiar. 

He was severely staring at me as I approached him. His hands woven together, his chest also rising and falling. As I finally got to the table, he slowly slumped his whole posture down, head and all.

"Here you go sir. Sorry there isn't much left, but would you like any spreads for your toast?", I calmly whispered.

He looked up. His features appearing more distinct than ever. No reply. Not even an utterance. My eyes became fixated on his, it was him. I knew who he was. It was Harry.

Harry Styles.





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