Mental Stricken Madness.

Amelia a young girl of shy persona, has volunteered to help at her mother's work place of which is a mental hospital, only to find out that former member of One Direction, Harry Styles is suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and has been sectioned for 6 months. He is unable to communicate with anyone, suffering from trust issues and panic attacks, however will Amelia be able to reach through to him?


3. Chapter Three.

Harry's POV

I glanced up and to my dismay there was an unfamiliar face subtly studying me. It was a girl. A girl who I've never seen before. Her mouth slightly open, her lips parted. Who was she? Why was she just looking at me? What did she want? 

Yesterday's feelings came back to me, only it was more of a sickly stomach forming inside of my stomach now. I didn't know how to cope with someone new judging me just like everyone else in this god damn building. 

"Oh, erm sorry, erm, spreads? would you like some spreads? for your toast?", she stumbled anxiously on her words.

I looked down, shaking my head, no longer looking at the figure that lay in front of me anymore. I was confused. Panic started to arise within my body, my hands nervously trembling as I tried to lift my piece of toast up off the plate. She'd gone. Why was she nervous to talk to me? Everyone hated me here? Or so I thought?

She seemed different. She was different, seeing as she was someone I'd never seen before. I gradually raised my head from looking down upon my lap, seeing her scurry along further into the room. She had gone.


Amelia's POV

I rapidly paced to the far end of the canteen, mentally beating myself up inside. How could I be such a twat? I cannot believe I just choked on my words in front of Harry, he is just going to presume that I'm another one of his fan-girls. I carried on pouring the patients some drinks, clearing the remaining clutter away. Breakfast time was almost over. I peered over my shoulder, noticing Harry's elbows placed sternly on the edge of the table burying his head into his intertwined palms, which were placed directly in front of his nose. Was he looking at me? I ignored it, I ignored him; still ashamed of the embarrassment that preciously took place.


Harry's POV

Everyone had started to file out of the canteen hall. One by one, heading out the door. I sat alone, with my head placed on top of my hands as a whirlwind of panic still was being stimulated within my mind, my eyes still fixated on that new girl.

Today was different, I felt a new type of anxiety. I usually feel scared, petrified of the looks I'd always encountered, but today I just felt sick. Sick of being here, sick of feeling this way, sick of not being able to speak. I started to close my eyes, the darkness in my mind captivating my vision as I could hear everybody's footsteps lightly but finally escape out of the door.

This was the type of loneliness I didn't mind. Being here, being able to escape the dreaded moment of my day. I awaited on my nurse to take me back to my room. The white room, which swallowed me up upon endless evenings. I opened my eyes mildly, the painfully coruscating light stinging my eyes as I could sense my nurse approach me.

I stood from my chair, sighing heavily whilst lazily tucking it in under the table. I curved my body around, to face my nurse, or who I thought was my nurse, but... it was Daniel.


Amelia's POV

I suddenly could hear a pounding slam across the table, I ran from the kitchen to see a figure lying broken on the cold marble floor. Another figure soaring above, looking down worryingly at his hand-made clenched fist. 

"MUM", I screamed.

I dropped the plate of left over toast onto the marble floor, it slowly slipping from my fingers smashing into millions of pieces as I ran towards him.


No one was around, the gargantuan figure that towered above the person on the floor, ran away. It was just him and I.

" me, are you, are you alright", I apprehensively called, my voice still hoarse from screaming.

The figure said nothing. He didn't move. I got closer finally impending on him, It was Harry.  

I gasped. A sharp intake of oxygen rapidly entering into me. 


Nothing, He still said nothing. I crouched down, emerging over him, his nose accumulated with crimson red blood, streaming off his pale face. 

"Oh my god", I whispered from underneath my warm breath, hoping he would not feel my nerves.

I delicately lifted his head onto my lap, stroking the excess blood away from his face with the sleeve of my cardigan.

He gradually tilted his head back, tears welling up in the corners of his emerald eyes. He blinked. The hundreds of singular tears, streaming down his face.

I wiped them away faintly, this time with my tip of my finger tips, holding his head in place on my lap, his body too weak, too wounded to move.

"It'll be okay, I promise", I spoke softly.

I didn't expect him to say anything, I realised he never did. We sat quietly alone together for a couple of minutes, waiting for someone to hear my screams, his black eye flinching in the piercing light.

He tried to open his black eye, squinting as he looked up at me, "T..thank you", Harry stuttered.

He spoke for the first time, smiling tenderly.




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