Mental Stricken Madness.

Amelia a young girl of shy persona, has volunteered to help at her mother's work place of which is a mental hospital, only to find out that former member of One Direction, Harry Styles is suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and has been sectioned for 6 months. He is unable to communicate with anyone, suffering from trust issues and panic attacks, however will Amelia be able to reach through to him?


1. Chapter One.

Harry's POV

I sit here, endless days upon endless days, motionless. I'm so alone. No-one around me. I miss that sense of rush, the excitement, the thrill I used to possess. I hate being here, but then again I hate what the outside world has caused me to become. I don't know who I am anymore.

All I do is severely stare, solemnly into blank space the jet black sky engulfing me. The surroundings of this hospital room is a scarring white, dull and formidable. I bow my head into my sweating palms, tightly gripping and almost pulling out the strands of my curls, rocking back and forth rapidly as I cradle myself hugging my knees. I feel my heart slamming hard against my chest, and the sound of the beats penetrate within me.

You'd think I'd get special treatment here for being me, well I don't. All the other patients ferociously glare at me with disgust for being here, for letting down my fans. They assume I'm some deranged pop singer, who takes pity on themselves, who's become an alcoholic or a drug addict.  Why do people always have to assume things about me!?

I wish I could prevent this mental stricken madness that I'm facing but I can't. I constantly feel on edge, angry, sad, unable to voice my opinions to anyone. 

I wish I could just feel free again. 


Suddenly, I could hear a vicious knock on my door. I knew it was dinner time. The time of day I hated the most. Being forced to sit in a canteen full of other patients, whispering and judging me. The nurse stormed in, her hollow eyes blankly looking at me.

"Can you hurry up, you're late for dinner, just because you're famous doesn't mean you can turn up whenever you please",  one of the nurses commanded as she rolled her eyes.

I didn't respond. I simply slipped my feet into my slippers cuddling my arms, following her down the same scarring white corridor. The same routine every single day. 

We arrived at the canteen, everyone sitting in groups around their circle shaped tables, devouring their food. As usual, the other patients just began to pierce their eyes in my direction, that's what they always did. Even the nurses. What the hell is their problem?!  I talk to no one here. I sit with no one. I keep myself to myself, yet people still judge me. 

I pulled out my chair, staggering on my own two feet as I tried to sit down, the plate of food placed in front of me. I began to cut my chicken, my hands nervously trembling as I saw Daniel and his friend sit opposite me. They were smirking to one another, whispering my name.

"Late again are we Harry? You really think you're better than everyone else here, don't you?", Daniel chuckled as he chewed aggressively on his chicken.

I ignored him, cowering my head down rubbing my forehead, sweat trickling perpetually off my face. 

"Ignoring me now aye?" 

I tried to utter a word, to tell him to stop but before I knew it, he stood up, smashing his fist furiously onto the table. My breathing starting to exhilarate, I could almost feel the carbon dioxide escape from my breath as my mouth widened and more air cascaded out of my nostrils. My chest quickly rising and collapsing. My palms becoming clamy. My face burning a scarlet red.

"I said, Late again are we Harry?!"

His voice deepening, his fist becoming tighter. My legs started to vibrate underneath the table, I bit my lip intensely to stop any of the tears from welling up inside of my eyes. I tilted my head, darting my head across the room, seeking for anyone to help me. Of course, I had no-one.

Daniel marched forward, his broad shoulders covering the surroundings around me. I tried to stand up quickly and move away. He pushed me. I fell onto my chair, my neck jolting as I started to fall.

"You're not the biggest thing anymore, Mr. Styles, I'd think about responding next time we meet again" he shouted angrily as he got pulled away from me.

I knew he meant that. We'd meet again. Only this time, would I be so lucky in escaping his fist?


A/N This is my first ever movella, chapter in fact that I have ever written therefore won't be amazing, so please don't judge xo








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