Mental Stricken Madness.

Amelia a young girl of shy persona, has volunteered to help at her mother's work place of which is a mental hospital, only to find out that former member of One Direction, Harry Styles is suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and has been sectioned for 6 months. He is unable to communicate with anyone, suffering from trust issues and panic attacks, however will Amelia be able to reach through to him?


5. Chapter Five.

Harry's POV

I awaited outside the medical room alone, shortly to be welcomed, in an unfriendly matter by a nurse.

She rolled her eyes, lazily opening the door, "what?", she rudely spoke.

I didn't break silence. I retained my hand onto my dripping nose, squinting at her as she opened the door more allowing me to step foot inside. I cautiously took a seat on the edge of bench, agitatedly waiting for some assistance still not uttering a single word.

"Look at you getting into fights, this isn't going to help you get out Mr. Styles", she tutted abruptly whilst dabbing my nose viciously with a damp cloth. 

She tilted my head back, placing my hand on the damp cloth to help ease of the flow of the blood. I shut my eyes, recalling the events that had just taken place. You'd think I would have envisioned the hit I received, but all that was playing within my mind was her. The girl that helped me, the girl who held my hand. She was the first person in this whole place to have ever lent me a helping hand. She created a feeling inside of me, a new emotion. An exciting sense tingle within me. I smiled lightly as the nurse removed the cloth, escorting me to my room.

"I think for your own benefit you should stay here and have your dinner brought to you tonight, Mr. Styles", the nurse articulated, whilst helping me onto the bed.

I still didn't respond. I never did. I didn't know how. "Well..?, are you okay with that?", she sternly said.

I nodded my head sadly knowing it would have meant I wouldn't of been able to see her again today, but my conscious was glad as it meant that I would avoid contact with Daniel.  

"Ugh", the nurse spat through gritted teeth as she left my room.

 I sat on the edge of my bed inhaling everything in. It was weird. I was all alone, yet I felt this sense of relief within me. I had spoke today. I had physical contact with someone. A girl. I breathed in heavily, letting out a sigh of relief. I achingly pulled off my t-shirt, revealing my bruised and raw body, soothing the pain slowly on my collar bone and neck with the tips of my fingers.  

I pulled off my blanket, slipping myself into my bed, covering myself as I slowly started to drift to sleep. All the thoughts running rapidly throughout me. I began to dream about Daniel punching me ferociously, pounding me to the floor. My nose bleeding, my eye flinching as I was processing these thoughts. I turned from side to on my bed, worryingly as I began to process these catoptric events. As the terrifying vivid images of Daniel started to get more intense, my turn-taking in bed started to increase. I kept dreaming, beastly thoughts overtaking my mind. 

Suddenly, there was a clamorous knock at my door. It was dinner time. I shot up still sitting in my bed, grasping to the ends of my blanket, sweat creeping off my forehead. My breathing once again, rapidly escalating. I tried to calm down as the nurse entered my room, holding a tray of dinner. I was hoping it was her. The girl who helped me. It frustrated me how I didn't know her name. 

"Here", the nurse rudely mumbled placing the tray of food on my lap, leaving me companion-less again. 


Amelia's POV

It was the next day. Again, mum and I headed our way towards her work place. Today I felt even more anxious than yesterday, my feelings were 10 times stronger. The intensity of yesterday was too much to handle. 

I approached the canteen again, the same routine carried out as yesterday's antics; helping mum serve breakfast. The canteen soon becoming packed with patients. They greeted me more friendlier than yesterday, carrying out jokes and asking me about work yesterday. In some ways I felt calm, but others still panicking about what else could happen throughout the enduring time of this day. 


Harry's POV

I meandered my way into the canteen, earlier than usual taking my seat on a separate table; my usual routine. The attention I acquired were more agonizing than ever before, patients staring at the deep magenta, blacked out eye that lay heavily on my face. I rested my lips onto the top of my regular intertwined hands, waiting for that girl to approach me just like yesterday. 

I examined her movements closely, she seemed to be heading towards the other direction. Moving away from me. She gazed over at me, her brunette, wavy hair flowing as her head moved. I fixed a smile subtly across my face, in hope of her coming over.

She didn't.

She smiled back slowly, pressing her lips softly against one another, a sign of pain in her eyes. I waited. Nothing. She still didn't make her way to my direction. Breakfast was almost over. I knew I had to speak to her. 

I ascended from my chair, slowly tucking it in, inhaling a deep breath of oxygen from the air that surrounded me. I stated to amble nervously towards her. The room swallowing me up as I approached her.

She looked at me, a sense of confusion taking over my body. 

I got closer to her, trying to utter a word, my voice becoming dry as I began to speak, "Erm... Hey, I wanted to say thank you again for yesterday". I felt the whole room analyse my movements as I spoke.

She nervously replied, "Oh, It's no problem Harry, I was happy to help, I'm glad you're okay I really am". She started to walk away from me briskly, picking up a pint of squash from the side.

I ran after her. "Hey", I shouted lightly.

She turned around. "Have I.. have I done something wrong?", I apprehensively spoke, trying to catch my breath.

She gulped, her eyes welling up with pain and sadness.

"I know I don't know you, but you don't know me either Harry".

"Let me", I softly replied.

"Let you what?" She questioned.

"Let me get to know you, If you let me that is?", I exhaled as I spoke, becoming more calm.

She placed down the pint of squash back on to the side, letting me step closer into her."Why would you, you said I was different?".

"Yeah, because you are", I answered, smiling at her.

She rolled her eyes. "Harry, I told you, you don't know me". She picked up the jug again, this time walking of angrily.

I rushed after her, grasping hold of her arm. She looked down at me, our eyes fixating on each others intensely, a tingling feeling burn inside of me as I touched her.

"You're different- in a good way. In an amazing way. Everyone else here judges me, looks at me like I'm some useless pop star, who's career is abolished, but you.. you're... different", I laughed lightly.

Her face lit up. Both of us smiling directly at one another, our eyes still attached as we spoke.

"Really?", she questioned me, trying to cover her smile.

"Really", I repeated, this time our smiles widening, our teeth appearing across our faces. 

"Why don't we start again", I asked lightly

"I'm Harry", placing out my hand.

She giggled mildly placing out hers shaking my hand, "I'm Amelia". 



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