I watched as my house went up in flames.
Great my parents are dead.
Only god knows where my brother is.
My adoptive home is on fire.
Can't go back to being a foster child.
Where do I go?


5. The Roof Comes in and Truth Comes Out

"No." He said his eyes not leaving contact with mine.

"Jake." I warned and at that his eyes went to the floor.

"My sister. She she didn't die. That was just what I had told everybody." He said his eyes once again meeting mine. "She was kidnapped and was taken to this school. She always tryed to get away. I had already lived in here. I was just spying on them. She always left me hints on where to find her next. But then one day when she was leaving me a hint. The one that you are holding. The man saw me and took her away. Ive been in this school ever since. Hoping to find a clue of where she could be. But know this became my home as I always looked after it." He finished and walked closer to me.

"Jake. We will find your sister one day. I will help you. But we have to try hard." I told him as his head nodded up and down.

Jake then let a tear fall down to the floor as we went in for a hug.

"Why have you just stayed in this school? Wy haven't you gone out and attually look for her?" I questioned breaking up the hug.

"Because I can't." He responded looking at me. "The police have been after me ever since I have been born because my parents were both fugitives. They had me then my sister. We were always hidden. Then when my sister was kidnapped the police found my mom and dad killed them immidiataly. They came after me but I was to fast. I had ran until the school where I saw my sister. If they see me and catch me and do a blood test they will kill me because of my family's history. Ive never had the courage to leave here." He finished.

"Im sorry to here that Jake." I said watching as Jake's fists tightned.

"Why?! Why are you so sorry to hear that? Huh?! Worry about your own life than mine! You treat me like a baby! Im old enough to live on my own! I have been for years!" Jake yelled.

He seemed to get taller and bigger every word.

"I don't need you! I thought you would come in and be under my rules. But no you have to come in and make everything worse!" He yelled more. He then grabbed my arm. "Why do y feel sorr huh?!?! Your parents are also dead. Why care about mine!? Why care about me!?" He yelled more his grip getting tighter at every word.

"Jake your hurting me." I cried. His eyes then softed and let go of his grip.

"Why? You ask me why do I care?" I say holding my injured arm. "Why are you yelling at me?! If you didn't want me here you wouldve just kicked me out! I feel sorry because you knew your parents! Truth is I never knew mine. I know of one memorie. Watching them take me and run andhand me to somebody else and then the house engulfed in flames! The only memorie I know is watching them dieing and yelling my name as their last word! I was 3! You were what 7 when your parents died! You don't even have the guts to be yelling at me!" I screamed back tears falling down my facce.

"Don't say that! Even though I had more years with them dodesn't meaan all of the memories were good!" He shouted back

"But you at least have one!" I yell back.

"You know what get out." He wispered.


"I said get out!" He shouted.

I dropped the paper and brushed past him to find Adam standing there in tears.

"Adam don't cry." I say kneeling down to his size and wipping a tear from his face. "Don't worry Jake is gonna take care of you alright. Don't cry don't cry." I say as he burst into tears.

"Take him too." Jake said standing behind me.

"No. If you are gonna kick me out then he is staying." I say pulling back from Adam.

"No!" He cried as I grabbed my backpack from the floor. He then grabbed hold of me.

"No you are staying Adam." I say not wanting this to be harder.

"No!" He cried.

"Look Adam listen to me. I want you to stay here with Jake. Do whatever he says." I say trying to pull him from me.


"Adam come on." Jake then intervined and grabbed a hold of him and picked him up.

"Bye Adam. Bye Jake." I say pulling my pack on my shoulders. As I walk out of the classroom I hear Adam screaming my name. Just like my parents did.

I then go out into the cool afternoon the sun trying to peek its way down to the forest floor.

A tear then falls. Why did this have to happen to me? My parents dieing Jake kicking me out why?

I then wiped the tears that started falling away and walked. After about a few hours the sun was getting to low to see throough the forest. I looked around. Pure forest. No where to go. No where to hide.

A branch snaps behind me. I spin around.

"Hello?" I call out. Leave then rustle. "Helloo!?"

A figure then steps out of the bushes. It was a boy. I stepped back. A grin lit up his face.  He then tackled me down he then cut my back pack from my back as I fought him for it. But he was to strong. He stood up and shoved me down with his foot and pulled my pack from me and ran.

"Nooo!" I screamed standing back up but the boy was nowhere to be found. Tears then escaped my eyes. Where do I go?

Darknest then over powered me and everything else was forgotten as I collasped to the ground.


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