I watched as my house went up in flames.
Great my parents are dead.
Only god knows where my brother is.
My adoptive home is on fire.
Can't go back to being a foster child.
Where do I go?


1. The Fire

"A family wants to adopt you." Katrina said walking with me to my room.

"Really?!" I said happy but then yet sad.

It has been 2 years since my brother ran away. 1 1/2 years since my parents died. Since then nobody wants to adopt a 13 year old girl. Who isn't the smartest or is independant. I have been in countless foster homes and 3 adopt homes. Each one gave me back within 2 weeks.

"You are leaving to day." She said walking me to the car. The second I saw it I stopped.

It was the junkiest car I have ever seen. It had scratched off blue paint and grey paint showing underneath. When it pulled to a full stop it sounded like the car was dieing by smoking a hundred packs a day.

"Is this the car?" I asked as Katrina somlemly nodded.

"Get in." The man in the front seat said opening the door for me from the drivers seat. I then put my stuff in the back seat and climbed in the front.

"Bye." I said to Katrina as we quickly drove off.

"Put your backpack in the back." He said looking over at me.

"No thanks." I said. I am attached to my backpack as if it was my baby. It has everything I need in case of an emergency.

A blanket, water, can foods, granola bars, matches, a flashlight, and badages.

"Fine." He said stepping on the pedal harder then glancing at me.

He had a beard growing in and he had dark eyes. His hair needed to bee bruushed and his teeth were yellow as corn.

"Whats your name?" He asked almost demanding it.

"Brittany." I said as we got off of the high way.

The rest of the car ride was scilent. We then pulled into the driveway of a broken down house. Every window was smashed except the very top one. It was a circle window almost like a clock.

"Are you coming out or not." The man asked as he got my belongings from the back.

I opened the door and grabbed my bags as he led the way inside.

He then led me upstairs into a small room. The attic.

"Dinner is on your bed." He said and shut the door.

I then made my way to my bed and opened the pizza box. It had 1 small slice of pizza in it. As I ate the pizza I looked ouut the small clock like window. The same one I had saw in the driveway.


The sun then now had set when I heard a crash of bottles. I ran downstairs to see the man drunk. When he saw me he chucked a bottle at me and yelled. I then ducked just in time and ran back up stairs. I then opened my suit case and put in extra clothes in my bag and a extra sweat shirt. I then crept down stairs. Half way down I heard him yell and run out the door and close it behind him. I saw a moving light coming from the kitchen. As I ran down stairs I looked up and saw a blazing fire spreading on the alcohol he had spilled. I then ran to the front door and tried to open it. The door wouldn't budge and the flmae was spreading quickly. I then looked around and found a clamp for the fire place. I grabbed it and chucked it at the window to open it up more. Just as the fire was about to spread all the way arund me a dove out of the house. I then saw the man's car screech down the street and turn the corner. I looked arounhd me as neighbors came out of their houses and on their phones.

I didn't know what to do so I ran. I ran away from the street that the man drove down. I then ran into the forest and kept running. I couldn't go back to countless foster homes. You could just now call me homeless.










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