I watched as my house went up in flames.
Great my parents are dead.
Only god knows where my brother is.
My adoptive home is on fire.
Can't go back to being a foster child.
Where do I go?


4. Nick

The next morning I woke up to find Adam and Jake gone. As I walked through the halls looking for them I relized where could they be. Adam wasn't even aloud out side. I then took a break and ate a granola bar. I then stepped went up the creey stairs. Then at the end of the hall I saw Jake talking to a girl to was clearly flirting with him.

"WHat's going on here?" I asked standing close to Jake.

"Wow your hair is so cool." The girl said ingoring me.

"Uh hello. Yea hi get out." I said smiling and getting in front of Jake.

"Um yea your blocking my view." She said pushing me to the side and stepping closer to Jake as he backed away.

"Don't touch my boyfriend." I said getting in bettween Jake and the blond haired girl. I then looked past her to see Adam dropping the rope ladder that she mustive come up from.

"Oh relax. You are just a waist of space." She said fluttering her eyes. "Get out of my way." She said stepping to the side. I then stepped in front of her.

"Just get the hell out." I said my voice raising.

"Look im here to kiss that hot guy and if I want it I get it." She said brushing past me. Jake then stepped away.

"Leave him alone." I yelled pushing her to the ground. I looked her straight in the eye. "Please get out!" I said as I let her get up and turn her back. When she got to the end of the hall and she relized the rope ladder was no longer there she turned around.

"No you have to go thorugh there." Jake ordered as the girl then got out the broken window and started her climb down the brick building. Then she started coming back up and stared at Jake. I turned around and kissed him until she huffed and left.

"Im hungry." Adam said looking up at us.

"You already ate this morning bud. We have to save the food. Get used to it alright." Jake said as we all walked downt the hall. When we got down stairs after checking everything was in place we heard the front door creak open. All three of us ran to the front to see 8 kids standing there. There were 3 girl and 5 guys. 2 of the girls looked like Adams age and the 3rd younger. 3 of the boys looked like Jake's and I's ages and the other 2 around Adam's age.

"Who are you?" Jake said his back tensing.

"Im sorry we can go somewhere else. We jsut ran away from a foster home who was abuseing us. All of our parents have died in the same fire. It was at a hotel." One of the guys explained.

"You can stay but you have to follow my rules. I have been here for years and it isn't going to change becuase of you." Jake said. When Jake was talking about the rule about me all of the older guys seemed to check me out. Then Adam grabbed my hand. When Jake finished the rules and went to go get them something to eat the 3 boys came over to me and Adam.

"Hey there." One of them said popping my personal bubble. I let go of Adam's hand and pushed him ruffly away.

"Go away." I said through my teeth.

"Oh come one babe we just wanna have some fun." Another said as he got to close to me. I then kicked him right in the shins.

"Baby." The lastt one said and dodged my kick then wrapped his arms around me.

"Get off!" I screamed and elbowed him right in the gut. I then kicked him in his place.

That didn't stop the other guys to get close  to me. One of them the held my arms at my sides and the other started sucking on my neck. I started to yell for Jake but they then clamped my mouth shut. I struggled but they managed to stop me.

"What's going on?!" Jake boomed accross the large room. The guys then let go. I heard a clatter and Jake pounding feet comeing towards us. That then gave me enough time to run away from the guys grip. I grabbed Adam close as Jake started punching the guy who was sucking on my neck.

"Jake stop." I said trying the pull him away.

"Nick stop." I heard as I glanced at the one I had kicked was holding the other back against the wall.

"Jake." I yelped as I was pulled away and the one I had kicked was pulling Jake away from the other.

"Stay off my girl." Jake shouted struggling in his grasp.

"Jake." I cried and he looked over at me.

"Get out. All of you. Except for you Adam." Jake said trying to catch his breath. The little ones then started to cry as Nick and the other 2 boys left.

"Thank you." I wispered as Jake pulled me into a bear hug with Adam.

"I will do anything for you Brittany." He said as the 3 of us went to our mats.

The next morning I woke up to find Adam in the middle of Jake and I holding hadns. I smiled. He looked so peaceful. He seemed like a little brother to me even though he is a bit quiet. I slowly got up and walked over to one of the classrooms down the hall. As I looked through the paper it all said the same thing. Except one. I held up the paper that looked different.

It said HELP.

At the top of the paper it read Brittany Harmen. I stared at that peice of paper. It had the same date as all of the other papers in the school. I looked on the back of the paper.

It read:

Jake HELP me. I don't have much time. You can do this. Stay here. You need to go to the

It ended there. It just stopped. Like it hit a dead end.

"What are you doing in here?" Jake asked as I turned around quickly.

"Jake. Tell me the truth. Now." I said sternly.


"This peice of paper. Your sister isnt dead. And you know that."




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