I watched as my house went up in flames.
Great my parents are dead.
Only god knows where my brother is.
My adoptive home is on fire.
Can't go back to being a foster child.
Where do I go?


3. Get out

"Can you teach me how to shoot?" I asked as I watched Jake shoot the arrow right into the target we made with the deer skin.

"Of course. Come here." He said setting another arrow in place.

"So this is what you are going to do. You are going to pull the string right up to your cheek and your other arm is stright." He said placing my hands in place. "Then you are going to look right down the arrow and release." And at that I did. Right into where the heart would be on the deer.

"Nice job." He said giving my a peck on the cheek.

"Wow nice shot!" We heard as both of our heads shot behind us. There sitting right there, was a boy. His eyes were red and puffy and there was dried tears on his cheeks and ripped grey shirt.

"Get out." Jake said sternly.

"What? Why?" The boy asked tears filling his eyes.

"You heard me."

"But I have no other place to go. Im only 10. My parents were shot and killed and I can't find my sister." The small boy explained.

"Fine you can stay but you are under our rules." Jake said taking the bow shooting another arrow.

I smiled. I now know his deal. If you explain your story right then and there you get to stay. Mine was probally the first one.

"Yay!" He shouted clapping.

"Rule number 1 no stealing food." Jake said then shooting an arrow. "Rule 2 you have to stay in this school every day all day." He then shot another arrow. "Rule 3 that girl is mine touch her and you die." He said pointing to me and smiling then shooting his 3rd to last arrow. "Rule 4 never talk to anybody else that isn't in our group." He then said shooting his 2nd to last arrow. "Rule 5 you do what ever Brittany and I tell you. Understand?" He said as the small boy nodded and Jake shot his last arrow.

"Now what is your name?" Jake asked acrross the gym and getting his arrows.

"Adam." The boy replied and stood up. "What about you?"

"Jake." He said as he pulled out another mat.

"Thank you." Adam said and curled up on the mat and fell quickly to sleep.

Jake and I then fell asleep quickly after Adam.

"Jake. Brittany wake up." I heard as my eyes fluttered open. Fear was in Adam's eyes as he hovered over us.

"Another rule, son't wake us up unless it is an emergency." Jake said still his eyes closed.

Then Adam pointed to it. I followed his finger and there was another boy but he was alot older then all of us maybe in his older teens early 20s.

"Umm Jake I think you should wake up." I said slapping him but my eyes were still in contact with the stranger.

"Wha-" Jake stopped and stood up quickly.

"Get out." He said as he walked towards the stranger.

"Im just here for my sister." He said looking Jake straight in the eye.

"I said get out." Jake repeated as I stood behind him.

This stranger looked nothing of what I remeber of my brother.

"You don't remember me?" He asked. As I shook my head. "B." He said and that was it. He was the only one who ever called me B. Then I saw him. His blue eyes, dark hair, tan skin and muscular body.

I ran and jumped into his arms. He was my best friend he was always there for me. He was the only friend I had.

"Brittany." Jake said as I pulled away from my brother.

"What's your name?" Jake asked pulling me behind him. Guess he doesn't trust him.

"Liam." He said "You?"

"Jake. Now get out." Jake said sternly.

"Jake." I said. Why was he kicking my brother out?

"Quiet Brittany." He said harshly.

"Hey! You don't talk to my sister like that!" Liam yelled.

"Well if you don't want me talking to her like that then get out!" Jake yelled back his back tensing up.

"Im here to take my sister." Liam said shocking me.

"Why? You left mom dad and I all alone. To fend for our selves. So they were drinking doesn't mean you just leave me!" I shouted stepping in front of Jake. "You were my best friend and to wake up and you just left me. Mom that night couldn't stop crying. Then they tried to clean themselves up for me then the car accident!" I screamed tears wheling up in my eyes.

"Why? Why did you leave us?" I asked looking up at Liam.

He shrugged unable to answer.

"That's what I thought. Get out." I said shacking my head.

"B. Please. Ive searched for you for forever." He said taking a step forward.

"Go. If you didn't leave I wouldve been with you. We couldve stayed together. Just go." I cried and then I ran.

I didn't know where to go. Or what to do. I ran down the hall and into the commons area. I sat right in the middle and cried. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and then Jake sitting next to me pulling me close.

Adam then sat on the other side. Wow I totally forgot about him.

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