I watched as my house went up in flames.
Great my parents are dead.
Only god knows where my brother is.
My adoptive home is on fire.
Can't go back to being a foster child.
Where do I go?


6. Alone

I woke to find myself looking up to a cracked celing.

"You alright?" I heard. My mind then focused on the voice. Jake. I sat up to find Jake sitting there on a chair in a classroom.

"I followed you into the forest. I got your pack back to but he got the chips." Jake said handing me my pack.

"Why?" I ask anger rising in me. "Why would you do that when you just kicked me out?"

"Because I knew he would get you after that boy did."

"Who is he?" I ask now standing

"He is my brother. He wouldve probally killed you." Jake said standing up and leaving the room. Once he was out Adam came and rushed to me giving me a large hug.

"Hey Adam." I said smileing and he lead he out of the room. He then lead me down the hall into the gym. My mat was still as I left it but there was Jake sitting there and smiling. Next to him was a box. Oh wow I forgot my own birthday. I walked towards him and I looked in side.

"Happy Birthday and Im sorry. The second you left this building I was like what I heck am I doing. I then had followed you. On ther way back I had found this little guy." He said standing and giving my the box.

When i opened it I was shocked. There sitting with big black eyes was a little yellow lab panting. It then started licking my face uncontrollbly.

"Oh my gosh you didn't have to do this." I laughed setting the boxx down and him jumping out.

"What are you gonna name him?" Adam asked as the puppy jumped up on him.

"Its a boy." Jake said helping me out.

"Hunter." I said looking straight into his puppy eyes. His ears perked up with I repeated his name.

"Hunter!" Adam yelled as I stood back up and Jake and I had a large hug together.

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