One Direction Imagines! \(-)/

Some Imagines I have wrote.Hope you guys like it. If you want one comment your name below and drescribe your self. If you want,you can follow me on twitter @Denisse_Horan Or @Denisse_2122 and DM me.
Thank You!(:

P.S. Sorry if they aren't that good.


5. Niall Horan Short


       Niall Horan Imagines-


      You and Niall were hanging at the hotel right after a concert.You were sitting on the couch

using your phone while he was eating like always.Everything was quiet,out of

nowhere he goes up to you and stares at your eyes. Your eyes were

seeing his ocean blue eyes.When you were about to 

move, he kisses you and tells you-

''I Love You[Y/N]

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