One Direction Imagines! \(-)/

Some Imagines I have wrote.Hope you guys like it. If you want one comment your name below and drescribe your self. If you want,you can follow me on twitter @Denisse_Horan Or @Denisse_2122 and DM me.
Thank You!(:

P.S. Sorry if they aren't that good.


17. Imagines Harry- For Catheryn & Destiny

Harry- (Catheryn)


   ''Today is gonna be the best day ever'' you thought to your self as you got ready for your date with the new kid at school,Harry. He has been the new kid for a couple of weeks,you have been helping him fit in and with his classes. Since you started helping him you started to like him and he started to like you back.Finally he asked you on a date and you agreed. It was gonna be a date at the park so you decided to go natural. You put your long wavy brown hair in a messy pony tail and wore some flip flops with some shorts and a cute tank top.''Are you ready?I'll meet you at the park okay?(;'' he texted you. You inmediatly texted him back''Okayy(:'' When you got to the park and saw him starting at you the whole time.''Heyy! I noticed you're starting at me...''you say.''Oh yeah!It's just that I saw the most beautiful girl ever.''he says. You blushed and smiled at him.''You did a good job there Harry. I love romance.'' you answer. ''I try my best.''he says winking at you.You blushed again,to brake the ice you touched him and said ''Tag!You're It!!'' and you ran to the nearest tree.''Not fair!''he screams as he tried to catch you. That day was the best day ever and you didn't know it was gonna get better until Harry catched you and whispered something in your ear.''Catheryn,would you be my girlfriend?''he asked. You started to jump up and down and said yes as you jump in his arms.




               ''Hey Destiny,wanna go to the amusement park today?'' Harry asks you while you two were hanging at his house.''Well,yeah sure!''you say.You get your purse and fix your long brown hair. When he saw you,he stared at your black eyes and started kissing you passionatly.''We should get going to the park don't you think?'' you say. ''Oh...yeah!''he says back. When y'all arrieved to the park,you two went straight to the carniaval games. You didn't had enough money so he paid for you. While playing you kept losing and Harry kept winning,he noticed you were upset and won you a stuffed big bear as tall as you.''Here,for you'' he says. You smiled and thanked him. You noticed there was a little note that said- 'Destiny,would you marry me?'When you read it,you huged him and whispered ''I'd love to''


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