One Direction Imagines! \(-)/

Some Imagines I have wrote.Hope you guys like it. If you want one comment your name below and drescribe your self. If you want,you can follow me on twitter @Denisse_Horan Or @Denisse_2122 and DM me.
Thank You!(:

P.S. Sorry if they aren't that good.


10. Imagine Zayn-For Deajah


          Zayn Malik-


                        You And Zayn were at the dancing studio for rehearsals. You have taken a dancing career and Zayn supported you on your opinion. As you were waiting for the rehearsals to start, Zayn was holding your hand and kissing your cheek every minute.''Deajah, you know why I like you being short or fun size as you call it,'' Zayn says.''Not really Zayn'' you respond.''Well,because you would be able to hear the beat of my heart everytime I hug you.'' he explains. You got shy like always and started blushing,Zayn smiled and kissed you. When it was your dancing group turn to rehears, you put your long jet black hair in a pony tail. While dancing with your group you can tell that Zayn was looking at you the whole time, which you love when he did that. Zayn then decided to record you,he knew he had to go tour but didn't wanted to be far away from you. Meanwhile you were dancing, he got a call from Managment saying that they needed an important meeting. Inmediatly, Zayn tells you what happens and scream-'' I love you Deajah.!!!!!''  Your other dancing partners were telling you how lucky you are that you got Zayn.As always, you didn't know what to say. While at the meeting, Zayn had the idea to get dancers for the tour and the other boys really liked it. Zayn showed the video he recordered of you and your group dancing. Managment approved his idea and went to call your dancing studio to let them know. With happines, Zayn calls you-''Babe!! you can go on tour with me!!'', surprised you ask your managment and they told you the good news. For the first time, One Direction would have dancers on tour. Most importanly, Zayn would have you by his side.<3

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