One Direction Imagines! \(-)/

Some Imagines I have wrote.Hope you guys like it. If you want one comment your name below and drescribe your self. If you want,you can follow me on twitter @Denisse_Horan Or @Denisse_2122 and DM me.
Thank You!(:

P.S. Sorry if they aren't that good.


12. Imagine Harry- For Johana


            Imagine Harry- 


                 *Sorry If It's Short*


                               ''Johana! Where are you?'' Harry screams. You and Harry have been dating for a while, so that day you two were playing hide-and-seek. While he was looking for you, he was getting desperate because he couldn't find you. Finally he saw  you long brown hair, were fast asleep. Like I said, you two were playing hide-and-seek, and Harry sucks at that game because he always takes long. Because of that, you got really tired and fell asleep. When he saw you lying behind the couch asleep he couldn't help but to take a picture of you before he woke you up.''Babe, wake up!'' Harry whispers in your ear while moving your long  brown hair out of the way.''You finally found me Harry!'' you say as you wake up,Harry rolled his eyes and kissed your cheek.''I Love You Johana.'' He says As he stares at your big beautiful brown eyes.

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