One Direction Imagines! \(-)/

Some Imagines I have wrote.Hope you guys like it. If you want one comment your name below and drescribe your self. If you want,you can follow me on twitter @Denisse_Horan Or @Denisse_2122 and DM me.
Thank You!(:

P.S. Sorry if they aren't that good.


16. Imagine Harry- For Ariel


                You and Harry have been dating for a while now, today he was gonna go to your house for dinner to meet your parents. ''Hey my little Ariel'' Harry textes you. You couldn't anwer fast like usuall cause you were cooking dinner. When you were on the done cooking you finally text him back.''Heyy babe. Sorry I took long,I was cooking dinner.''Then he texted '' It's okay.I'll be over in 10 minutes.Okay?'' As soon as you read his text,you go to your room to get ready. You get your black leggins,a purple dress and your pair of black VANS. Then you put some mascara that makes your blue eyes bigger,Which Harry loved,then you put long brown hair in a pony tail.While checking if everything was in place you hear a knock.''Harry!!!" you scream as you open the door.''Ariel!!'' he screams back. He gives you a kiss on the cheek and hands you some flowers.''Flowers?Really!?'' you ask.''Yeah,it's for your mom.''he says as your mom walks in with your step dad.When you saw her,you handed her the flowers.''Thank you Harry.''she says.''Don't try to hook up with her baby.''you whisper in his ear.His eyes popped and he laughed. The whole dinner went perfect and your parents accepted him as your boyfriend and he couldn't wait to meet your other family.(Dad & Step Mom) When dinner was over,he helped you clean up and he complimented you on your cooking and your outfit. Your mom let him stay over for that night, so you and him decied to watch a movie.''Let's watch a chick flick!!'' you say winking at him. He smiled and agreed. That night was the best night of your life with your boyfriend Harry.

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