let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


3. what the?

I woke up and jasmine was in my arms...


 how the hell?! I thought she was in her own bed..


. oh well im not complaining


. I looked at the clock 11:00 only 30 min til' we had to get up and get ready her one leg around both of mine and her head was on my chest she opend her eyes they were green. I thought they were gray...


"goodmorning;]" I said smiling at her. she looked around were she was "im sorry. I had a had bad dream again." she said getting out her bed and getting her uniform out. "its okay love. I understand.." I said getting up with her "thanks.." she said putting on her uniform




 the bell rung and we got in line at the foot of our beds and sargent stopped at jasmine and looked her straight in the eye


 "bitch!" he said chuckling deeply.


 "where were you last night?" he said he had his usual yard stick In his hand.

"I was c-"

he pucher her in the stomach. making her throw up instantly.

"how bout' you let her speak you twat!" I yelled at him

"shut the fuck up horan!"

"your a fucking ass hole! you better not touch her again!"

he wanted to test  my fucking patients!

he kicked her in her back. she screamed in payne..

I hate to see her hurt!


I tapped him on the shoulder  he looked up and BAM!

I punched him rite in the face.

he puched me back .

and we went on from there rumbling on the floor.


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