let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


11. they dont live far

-"WE WILL BE LANDING IN ENGLAND SHORTLY!!!" the lady over the intercom said making me wake up; and made jasmine squirm I smiled to myself

because she so cute when she sleeps.


"mmmmh." jasmine mumbled a she stretched

"were landing" I said smiling at her

she looked out the window


she grabbed my arm

I laughed

"well, she said hold on tight" jasmine said



we walked out of the airport and I caught a cab.

and I gave the caber 20.00$ "keep the change" I told him

"you really love to give chan- holy shit!" her eyes lit up when she saw the house

"its HUGE!" she spat

we walked up the long pathway up t the house

the house had a big fountain in the frount.

tit was dark out now and the lights were hitting the house making it look nice

i unlocked the door and my mate except Liam I didn't know where he was but dani. Was here sitting on the couch,, ANWAY all my mates except Liam tackled me

"woah!" I said as I got tackled down

"who's she?" Harry said referring to jasmine

"this is-"

"JASMINE?" Liam yelled but out of curiosity

jasmine looked up at were the sound came from and her eyes got big with joy

"LIAM!" She said and ran to where her was and jumped up on him wrapping her legs around him

dani was watching the whole and she got a little mad, more like jealous.

i have to admit I was a litte jelly 2

i went over there to kinda break them up

"liam, you know jasmine?" I said

"yeah. why wouldent I?" he said with a big smile jasmine standing on his side

I looked as jasmine then at liam then at jasmine and back at liam

"duh! I remember the story you told us about your sister! I knew something about your story sounded familiar..."

"what?" dani said getting up walking over here

"this Is my sister!" liam said

"oh right.."  dani said poking out her hand and jasmine shook it

"this is my girlfriend, Danielle." he told jasmine

"how long have I been gone?" jasmine said

"I thi to long becase LiLi dosent shut up about you" dani joked

"aw! shut up!" liam playfully pushed her


there so cute together

im so happy right now

words cant even describe how happy I am right now

"hello jasmine.im harry" harry said kissing my hand making me blush

"im zayn" he said said kissing my cheek making me blush also

what gentlemen ;]

"Louis" lou said as he spun me around











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