let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


2. STOP!


or whatever hs name is. he never calls us by our real names.

hes new here.

ive been here the longest.

"ive been here scene I was 7 ;[

never been out scence

never seen the outside wolrd

"2+3?"he told him

"um 5 sir.." horan said

well this is easy

"hey bitch!" he called out to me

my head shot up and looked him in he eye

 I knew this easy stuff so ill know this

"(2 + 3) + 4 = 2 + (3 + 4)" he said smirking evilly

what I don't even know this?

when I left regular school I was in second grade

I barly know aldrabra

he doesnt teach us any thing really

"um. I don't know..." I mumbled

"WHAT?!"he said walking towards me

"I don't know sir." I said louder

he grabbed my hair


and yanked me to the front of the class room and pushed me up  aganst the black bored


"ouch!" I cried out

"did that hurt?" he asked knowing it did

"no sir." I said tring not to cry

"no fucking food for you skinny ass bitch!"

I looked back at horan in fear

he gave me a look

witch made me remember what he said before

'dont let him talk to you like that.'

"I wouldn't be skinny if you'd let me fucking eat!!" I argued

he slapped he down to the ground again

and kicked me multipule times

"STOP!" it sounded like horan


"what the hell is wrong with you HORAN?!"  he stoped kicking me

"nothing! because I know to treat a lady!"

sargent went quiet for a second

"look horan you better be lucky your new here or I would have kicked your ass!" sargent said in his face and left out


horan helped me up and dusted me off

"you okay?" he asked me

"uhm yeh im used to this" I told him

"used to?"
"for 19 years." I said quietly

"what?!" he said suprized

"this is not fair"he said shaking his head

"just leave it alone, he only does it to me. I don't want him doing it to you to."

"I wont." h argued with me

"he shoulded treat a girl like this no matter who he Is!"he said

"stop. just stop. please. I don't want anyone t be in the same situation as me." I told him

"I care about you, a lot you shouldn't be treated this way"

"how do you care? you don't even know me .i don't know you."

"you don't know me?"

"no. should I?"

"im from one direction!"

"ive been in here sencie I was 7 I don't even know what that is."

"im sorry. but im not going to let you be here for any longer" horan said walking away with his head down

"what?" I mumbled to myself

lt me be here

is he gonna take me away from here?


ill never get away from here.


I walked to my bed and sat on it.

and I took out a sketch pad I had that my grandma gave to me when I was 5

sadly she passed away.

anyway I started to draw more like sketch.

I just drew a heart and did some nice effets to it.

and I looked back on the drawings I did

they were drawings of how I wish my life would be and how I think the world would be

I was the only one in the room because  everone else had went to lunch.

I thought about what to draw.

I only drew things I care about.

I thought about horan.

my memory preety good I think I can draw him?
I started be drawing his eyes and nose and hair and stuff I shaded it in to make it look realistic and I just started to make hearts all around it in the background .

"wow, you're amazing" a voice said behind me

making me jump and slamming shut my sketch book and turnend to see it was horan

"you scared me." I wisered

"sorry."he said handing something to eat

"oh my gosh. thank you so much." I said unwraping the cheese burger

"no problem."

"about me saying I dont know you."i trailed off

"can..i get to.....get to know you?" I asked scratching the back of my neck

"uh. yeah sure, what do you wanna know?"

"anything your willing to share." I said turning his way

"well. my name is niall horan. I play gutair.im single. im in a band called one directon--"

"okay so if youre I onedirection.. why are you here?" I asked him or niall I should say

"well I guess I can say I wanted to see what its like to be here" he said

"that makes no sence." I stared laughing

"I know." he laughed with me

"tell me some things about you" niall said to me

"uhm.. my name  is jasmine antonie, I like to draw and to cuddle...." I stoped talking

"that's it?" he asked me

"ive been in here too long to explore myself.."i expland to him

"CRAP!"i said jumping up 

"what?" niall asked me

"im late for the outside-time-thingy.." I said putting on my boots.

"im so sorry" niall said putting on his shoes

"is okay" I said putting on my jaket and me and niall ran to our station






they were already in line.


I ran into my spot in line.

"why the hell are you late?" sargent said in my face

"um... because I was just late."


"because she was with me"

niall said steeping out the line

"it was all my fault sir not mr.horan."

"SMACK!" he hit me across the face

so hard.

I ran fast back into the building crying

and a few weeks back when I was cleaning I found a secret place in the bathroom area



I ran in when we were done outside.

"jasmine.....JASMINE!?" I halfway screamed




I herd crying

proby jas.

I got closer and closer to the sound and it stoped at a wall

"jasmine?" I wisperd clse to thewall

"niall?" I herd a repliy

"jasmine its me where are you?"

she peeked out and took me hand and yanked me in there.

it was really dark

I couldent see her face.


"are you okay?" I asked her

"no." she said sniffeling


I scooted next to her to comfort her and put my arm around her

"im sorry you have to go through this. your entire life.." I tried to make conversation

"not your fault." she said through the tears

"yes it is, I should have stopped him, I- I tried ,I tried talking to him after you left!"i was on the verge of tears now.

"itf not your fault stop thinking like that. other than my grandma, you're the only one that ever cared for me EVER!" jasmine said to me I could tell she was looking my way so I turned her way to

it was scilent for a second

and I wiped her tears away from her face.

"its gonna be-" I was saing but got cut off


"shhh jasmine." I wispered in her ear

she nodded and put her arms around me and buried her head im my neck


I felt jasmine shiver in fear

"he wont kill you." I whispered to her as I rubbed her back


I woke up and it was dark

then I remember I was in jasmines hiding place

I felt jasmine in my arms.. her breathing steady..

she was so small...so cute..



I ran out my hiding place with niall and someone pulled me hand away from mei turned back and he was gon

"niall!?" I called out running where I seen niall last

then I stopped and turned around and stopped in my tracks

I saw sargent.

"I told you ill kill you." he said  smirking evilly walking towards me slowly.

I was backing up as he walked towards me 


I backed into the wall

he laughed "muahah." 

then had a gun u to my head and "POW!"


jasmine was cring

"jasmine? wake up!" I whispered shaking her

she popped up breathing heavy

"you okay?!" I said still wipering

"yeah bad dream." she said

"what about?" I asked her

"we were getting out of my hiding place and som one took me away from you, and sargrnt killed me.." she started to cri agian

" jasmine listen, he IS NOT going to kill you. he may hit you, and I do my best to stop it, but he will not kill you, okay." I said holding her face in bot my hands

"I just wanna get away from here." she mumbled

"you know what?" I said

"what"'she said

"we should... should just get away from here." I said


"we should, should...... run away, just us."

"do you know what he'd do if he found me?!"

"he wont. youre 21 he cant hurt you now..."

"just give me time please.."

"okay.." I sighed looking away

she was still in my arms

"we should go back to our bed before  he gets supiscios.." she suggested.

"okay can we meet up back here later I ike being in here with you.."

"sounds good lets go be very quiet, if anyone asks you were helping me clean up." he said taking my hand and leaving out.

and we went to our beds very one else was sleep

I slept in the bed next to jasmine's


I tucked her in. "good night niall." she said to me smiling her cheeks still wet from the tears before

I wiped them with my thumb

"sweet dreams jas." I said and kissed her on the cheek and walked back to my bed and went to sleep and planning our run away plan.



























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