let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


7. shes not a fan!


i opened my eyes into a sunlit filled room her herd/saw the door knob jiggle and i got scared. niall wasent in here with me any more so i jumped up and ran int the closet and i herd the door open


"NIALL BUDDIE YOUR BACK!" i herd a voice say

"niall? are you hiding?" he said looking under the bed 

i saw because the closet door had sudders

"achew," sneesed 

oh crap! he walked closer to the door with a smirk  and a dimple showing

"niall, i know your in there;]" he opend the door fast  and his face expression drooped with suprise 


"who are you?" he asked me

"jasmine." i said quietly

"can you.... get out of this house? you dont belong here."



and soon another boy came in

"who is this?" louis asked

"i dont know. probly another fan.." the curly haired boy said 

"i came hear with niall." i said not looking in their faces

"sure you did" louis said yanking my arm 

"owch." i mumbled 

"im serious!"i said

"im wearing one of his shirts!" i said

"its so bloody rude to TrustPass and wear their clothes!"

and as soon as he opened the door  niall was walking in the door 

"louis!" niall yelled yanking him off me 

"im sorry jasmine" niall said sitting me on the couch

"it fine; remember im used to it." i said


all of the guys girl frieds were here

so  guess i could intro duce her to them


"guys GET DOWN HERE I HAVE SOMEONE FOR YOU TO MEET!" i called down and liam, danni,eleanour and zayn and perrie came down stairs

they came down and  sat in a couch

"guys this is jasmine, when i went to this military school the sargent has abused her for 19 years. i saved her by running away with her.she said her parents sent her when she was seven. she had a brother but-"

"wait what was your brothers name?" liam asked

"liam,why." jasmine said





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