let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]





I woke up cuddeling a pillow

 wherez niall?!

 my heat was beating fast I was scared what f he finds me!


not soon after the door creaked slowly opened

he found me I already know


well that's the end  of me I love niall and my brother

then niall popped in I was so scared it made me  jump and I fell off the bed



"jasmine are you okay?" niall said picking me up and setting me on the bed

"yeah, I was just scared."

"I just went to rent a car." he said stroking my hair

"let me just pack-" I started

"did it for ya!" he said smiling with his mouth closed

"awh thanks." I said kissing him on the cheek

he blushed madly


"well let me take a shower and change and I guess we can be on our way" I said jumping up and walking in to the bathroom

"hurry up!"  herd niall whined as I turned on the water


I ignored him and took a quick wash



"took you long enough" I joked


I was now wearing another one of nialls shirts and some shorts

they were really short on me I only grew a little; considering sargent didn't let me eat

but the had elastic band  with socks on because I couldent fit anyshoes I had and I wasent about to walk out there in some ugly boots from military school!


I waited for niall in the lobby because he was finish packing and tiding up



I decided to get some food; they had a breakfast buffet

so I got some and sat in the café, I was the only one in there

"heyyyy babe" I thougt nial had said but it wasen't


"hi." I halfway waved

"your so sexy!" he said


"you so welcome"

I let a smile appear but I didn't like the way he was speaking to e though

"how about we got up to my hotel and have some adult, fun?"


just got realy awk..


"erm... no thank you sir."

"room 221" he said smiling

"I said no!" I raised my voice a little

"I don't care what you said!" he said yanking my arm pushing my up against he wall

I screamed so loud

niall please come...

"we don't even have to go to my room we can do it right here!"

niall please come

and the he flew into a table making it break in half.


niall had just thew him away from me


"did he touch you in any sexuall way?"

I shook my head

and he storemed away to finesh him off

"this is for toucheing girls!" he pucnched him in the face

"this is for touching her!" punched him again

"this is for what your gonna do in advance!" the last one was an upper cut a right in his jaw


he called the cops and they came to get him


when we were walking out we herd cring

me and niall looked at each other in confusion then we noticed it was coming from the back counter

"janay?" niall questioned

me and niall sat on ethier  side of her

"whats wrong?" I asked her

"that guy, Jordan, he was perverting you."

"you kno him?!" niall asked

"yes he was my boyfriend, not any more."

"oh I see..." niall said

"im sorry.." I said hugging her

"I should being saying sorry to you!" she said

"you didn't do it im not mad at you. im just scared." I confessed


"hear janay," niall gave her his number

"call us if you need someone to talk to, okay?"

"thank you guys."

"now we gotta go we have a trip to start" niall said getting up and helping me an janay up

"no more tears!" I said

she chuckled and wiped her tears

"tanks again guys" she called out as we left




we were on the trip for about 45 min

he got some weird one iv never seen before

instead of having the drivers seat and the passengerseat separated, they were conceted like......rows

you know?


"your awfully quiet." niall said smirking

"what do you want me to say?"

"any thing."

"uhm....I cant wait to meet your buddies"


"their fun to be around."


"hey, do you have any tattoos?" I asked him




"whats your favirote place to eat?"




"favirote color?"


"you like to ask loads of questions."


"what?! your the one said I was being quiet"


"well now your jut talking to much!"


"well now your just talking to much" I mocked him


and we lauged for a while

and he started to sing to me this song I don't what it was called but I liked it

"When you're dreaming with a broken heart The waking up is the hardest part

 You roll outta bed and down on your knees And for a moment, you can hardly breathe......" niall sung driving with one hand because his other hand was around me.


I slowly was drifting to sleep in his arms and the last thing I remember niall kissing my fore head..





 kissed her on her fore head because I knew she was falling asleep

when  stoped at a red light I took my jaket and put it on her

she smelled so good

like... green apples it washer oringanal scent





it was 2:45am

and im not sleepy at all!


I really like jasmine

shes so beautiful!

should I ask her to be my girl friend?

no, she'd probley say no.

niall,, face your fears if you love her tell her, then ask her

I felt her squirim

then she woke up stretching.

"jasmine I need to talk to you..." I said

"okay." she said resting her head on my sholder and curling her legs

"I don't know how to explain the precious thoughts my heart contains for you even though on uncommon grounds we met to become good friends.i offen thought that dreams don't come true, iv dremt for long but no I relize their true every time I hold you in my arms... just one day with you is better than a thousand else where. if only you know how I feel for you. throughout my whole life I feared rejection; causing me to be weak. but over these couple of days with you ive gained confidance to tell you.... your what makes me complete..."


it got quiet  for a while

"please say something or im gonna go insane!"

I herd her cring softly

"that's the sweetest thing I ever herd in my entire life"

I smiled but what if shes just saing that so I wont cry.

"niall, I thought you never felt that way for me. I was scared you didn't really love me. i thought you were just being nice. Every time you would kiss me n my cheek or fore head id get butterflies. you don't know how long ive been waiting for this moment to come.i love how you cuddle me and tell me every things gonna be okay. I love it when you stand up for me and sing to me."

I was cring tears of joy too

"we are here."

"woah!" she said as I got out to open her door  and swep her off her feet to carry her in the house

it was dark and every one was asleep

"you'll meet everyone tomorrow" I told her carring her up the stairs and setting her on the bed

"okay...I love you" she smiled kissing me on my nose

"I love you more"i replied kissing her cheek












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