let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


8. oh my gosh LIAM!!

 it was really quiet and everyone was looking at eachother we were just copeing whit the news we just got

"sooooo....you liams sister?" zany asked breaking the awk scilence

"if he is why don't yall have the same last name?" I asked her

"because I have a different father than liam." she said

"well aren't yall gonna hug or something?" dani asked pushing liam off his butt

and they immedatly hugged each other super tight.

"I thought i'd never see you again" liam told her

"I missed you so much." she said

"com'ere" liam said bringing her up stairs

"guys were gonna catch up." liam said as he closed the door to his room



I cannot belive I actually foung my brother liam PAYNE! omg

"I wantd to ask, are you and niall like a..... thing?"

"I don't know,i mean when we were on the car trip he tld me the feelings he had for me. and I told him I was nice of him to say that.-"

"I know he's one of my friends but, you being my sister he likes to sleep with girls."

"I don't knw liam, me and niall are preety close, every time he sings to me, I feel complete, when i sleep with him-"

"WHAT THE HELL?! YOU FUCKED WITH HIM?!" he ylled at me

"what?! no! I mean autally sleep."  I chuckled a bit

"oh." he mumbed

"typical liam hasent changed a bit." I laughed


"but if I did...." I teased him

"you changed." he laughed

"what?! nuh uh!, im not the one who has 100 billion tattoos" I joked

"its only. 1...2..and others." he said

"not if you count each letter."

"only you would jassy"



"back to niall.... are you in his 'band'" I put hand gestures by the word band

"well yes, and so are all of the boys down there."

"tell me about your 'bannnd..' "

"its world wide. we take tours all ver the world we have about 4 albums.and aboutttt......... 10 katrillion biliion million thousand bousand hundred fans.." he said over xaggerating

"lol okay."

"don't tell niall this, but I really like him" I said

"why don't you want me to tell him? he likes you right?"

" I guess so, if he asks me im saying yes."

"tell me if he hurts you in anyway TELL ME I kill his ass"

I laughed at him

and we walked out the room down stairs and sat next to niall

"so did you guise 'catch up'?" niall slightly wisped in my ear

"like we never were separated." I assured him


he nodded in return.

"im boooorrrreeeddddd!" Louis dragged

"me dos" I said in Spanish

"lets play hide n seek!" Louis said hopping up

"1...2..3... NOT IT!"

no one said any thing

"NOT IT" zany said fast

"your it mate" liam said patting his holder

"wha?" zany said clearly confused

"count to 30!" I said

"1.....2.." zany started

and every one ran

niall took my hand

"follow me" he said taking me out the back door

I shivered be cause it was quite cold

"shit, sorry" he mumbled putting his arm around me

"its okay" I said

we were still waking the I see this shed type thing and we go inside

I was warm in their but niall didn't let go of me thoe

it was a type of garage I guess. it was dark

"where are we?" I whispered

"my man cave" he said

I tried not to laugh

"wha? I need it for bored porpoises."

"its just funny what you call it."




"its just funny the way you call it" jas mine said in her mixture of American and British accent.

(have you ever seen Fred the movie, you know judys accent?,thats jasmine accent c;)

we sat down in the closet in there

"they'll never find us" jasmine said

"eh, you don't know zayn. he's the best seeker IVE seen in my life"

"wait til' its my turn bub. then ill be the best you've ever seen." she said

"cocky alert" I said

se playfully slapped me on the arm

"boi, im confident NOT cocky bettah get dat wright!" she said getting getto

witch made me laugh because she sound like the moms voice on the fresh prince of bel-air theme song

"niall come out come out where ever you are" it sounded like a faint deep dark dude voice not and of the guys

jasmine tightened her grip on me

"I think its-" she was disturbed  by her terrified shaking

but  knew what she was gonna say 'sargent poopiteen' (poop.)

"jas, highly doubt that its him"

the foot steps got closer to the door

and the door knob jiggled and popped open








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