let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


4. no are YOU okay??

the rest of the campers pulled us away


good they did I almost killed him

should eve'..


"fuck you horan!" he flipped the finger at me

"you better be glad people pulled me away or I ben would have killed your ass!" I yelled a him and he just walked away.


"no activities today!" he yelled and everyone cheered and just started doing what ever.

"eh, you okay?" she asked me

"seriously? jas, you got punched in the stomach; witch made you throw up. AND got kicked in the back. the real questionis are YOU okay?" I said

"im not the one bleeding thoe" she said pointing to my forehead area



jasmine took my hand and brung me in the rest room

I sat on the counter

she looked under the sink witch had loads of first aid kits in it

she got out a moist alcohol toilette.

"this is gonna hurt" she said moving closer to my scar



"aw, fuck." I mumbled

be cause it hurt bad.




her eyes were a couple inches from my face I was looking at her eyes

they were now blue but I thought they were green.....


"hey um what up with your eyes?" I asked her as she got a band-aid for me.


"what do you mean?" she said opening the band-aid


"the color......?" I trailed off

"oh they change frequently,i guess it just on of my flaws.." she said downing her expression

"as I flaw you mean FLAWLESS that is awesome!" I said after my Band-Aid was on and I hopped off the conter top

she laughed ;]

"all better now?" she asked me

"no." I fake whined


"kiss it better" I said with a puppy dawg face

"ugh. fine....MUAWH!" she giggled

"thank woo" I said like a baby



"now.." I started to say

"lets clean up your face" I said sitting her on the counter

man she really light weight.

she laughed


the lunch bell rung and everyone rushed out but me and jas.

we got ours early so they wouldent see us get in our hiding place


"so.. you got any brothers or sisters?" jasmine asked my eating some of her food

"just one.,abrother named greg. what about you?

"I had a brother. I miss him he used to comfort me and care for me when my parents would hurt me, they didn't abouse him though I wonder if hes still alive,or my parent torcherd him to death."

"so that makes 3." I said


"three people who care for you. your bro, your grandmother, and me!" I said chewing my food

"heheh yeah I guess so." she chuckled again





"can we please please PLEASE leave this place tonight just us please?" I begged

"niallllll....." she started

"no. jasmine. don't start. I am SICK AND TIRED of him hitting you! I do all I can but he still does it! I hate it! it kills me KILLS ME to see you hurt!" I was cring at the thought of him hitting her


"JASMINE I care for you!-"

"niall I kno-"

"NO YOU DONT! you don't know how much I care for you jasmine!... jasmine I.....I....I love you jasmine, I love you."

it got real quiet.

"niall I sorry. lets go"

"what?" im so confused

"lets go pack and run away."


"why would I lie to you?"


 we went out of the hiding place the others were still in the café.

 we packed fast it was sunset.

"you got every thing?" I asked her

"yep. but how is this going to work?"

"well, jasmine first we are going to throw our stuff over the back concrete wall and ill put you over it to so he wont see you,and ill go through the front. and ill meet you in the back and we will run and turn very coner we see and ill get a hotel and a car ive got this all figured out.."

"what about the alarm?"

"will run fast its okay."

it was 7 o clock and at 6 we do random stuff till bed time so everybody was every where

we made sure no one was looking and I threw our suitcases over the wall

"jasmine, ill be right back, don't make any noise and stay right over there with our bags"

she nodded

and I gently put her over the wall and fast walked to the front so no one would be suspicious.

and I busted the front door down with my foot and alrams went off here and there I ran so fast I never knew I could run that fast! like it was this adrenalin rush!

I saw jasmine holding our bags I quickly took it out her hands put he on my back and ran I ran and I saw a street

I looked back seen a guy running after us


I ran ad I saw a small looking building I ran closer and saw that it said holiday hotel  her that this place is high quality

 I ran in and the lady/teen saw me and her eyes lit up with joy'

I talked super fast because I was in a hurry

"hi im soverysorrybutcanweplease




she nodded quickly and we got behind the desk shortly after sargnt came in

"hello miss have you see two teen run in here with suit cases?" I herd hi say

"I cant say that I have sir. can I help you with any thing else?" she said

" no thank you mam'."

"no problem sir."


then it was quiet the the girl tapped me on the sholder and we stood up

"listen love thank you. I didn't catch your name?" I said

"janay" he smiled

"erm janay can you keep it on the low that we are here?"

"sure? need a room?"


she typed n the computer on the desk

and gave us a card

"room 1422."

"thank you janay;]" I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek because I could tell she was a fan

an awesome tottaly cool fan who can really lie XD....





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