let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


5. in the hotel ;]

"we fianally made it" I said locking the door and jasmine put our bags neatly on the floor

"wow. im fianally free" jasmine said quietly

"I can fianally get out of this ugly uniform" she chuckled


"im gonna call my mates update them on what happened" I said dialing liams number

"don't metion me. yet." she said



liam picked up on the first ring.

"hello?" he asked

"hi liam!" I greeted

"who is this?"

I forgot I was calling from the hotel phone


"oh hey, whats up?"

"im just up at a hotel."

"I thought you were at the military school?"

"long story short......I ran away."


"because the sargent, or whatever, he is a complete jerk! he likes to hit this one girl. and I just hate to see him do that."


"niall ill call you back my phones is about  die"

"okay mate talk to you later, tell the guys I said hi"

"yeah,okay luv ya mate."

"luv you to"

then I hung up


"uhhhh. niall, can I brow a shirt?" jasmine said

I turned around


"shut up!" she said laughing

her shirt was so tight on her XD

"why is it so small?!?" XDD

"don't forget went t that school when I was 7 I cant fit this shirt no more"

"how come you can still fit those pants?"

"im very skinny remember?"

"heh heh I guess so." I said handing her a green shirt

"thanks." she put it on

"so are we just gonna stay here?" she asked me

"well no tomorrow we are going to go on a long trip"

"okay.. I guess that will be fun, where will we go??"

"to my holiday house,with my mates."

"are the mean?"

"heavens NO!"

she chuckled

"now get some sleep we have a long day ahed of us" I said as she cuddled with me in the bed and we went to sleep



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