let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


13. im gonna stay up

NIALLS POV: "what time is it?" zayn asked lou looked at his phone. "11:45" "we got a signing tomorrow ! got get to bed" zayn said heading for the spiral stairs "OH YEAH! that's right.. im gonna go off to bed to.."liam said dani going up the stirs also with him "night jasmine!!" zayn called from up stairs "nite!" said back ** eventually every one went upstairs to bed jasmine and I stayed up because we just woke up from the plane so we watched tv up in my room until we fell asleep...



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