let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


10. Good time.


"this was fun." Jasmine said as I wrote the check down

"föurchaun cookie?!" Lady said

"yes please"I said and we walked out the restaurant with our fouchuaun cookie

we stopped at the display of monkeys at the front and we opens our cookies

"forever is the only beginning." Jasmine half way mumbled

""that special someone is alredy here." I read aloud

"Niall look!" Jasmine said in awe

the monkeys were kissing

It was romantic seeing the monkeys make out also incredibly adorable

i took jasmine hand and held it

shelooked down in shock but looked up at and smirked at me and went back looking at the monkeys..

"oh my gosh!!" She squealed

"Ewww!" I said in discuss

the monkeys were having sex then we burst out laughing

then we started walking still laughing our asses off

I opens the door for her and got in on the other side then I turned on the raidio

our song 'summer love.' Came on

and I started to sing aalong jasmine was clinging to my arm with her head on my shoulder and

her legs curled.

o was driveing with one hand and my other hand was around her

"this is one of my bands songs"I ssaid

"sure..." She said

"why is it so hard for you to belive me when I say I have a band?" I said

"I don't know..."

"Go in my phone and search in my contacts 'boo bear' that's one of my band mates . Call him

"Okay it's ringing."jasmine said with it up to her ear

"Put it on speaker."

And she did as I said


"hello?" Lou said

i gave jasmine the 'shhh' finger so she can be quite

"hey Lou;)" I said

"NIALL MATE!! What's up?"

"it's just this beautiful fan helped me with something and she wanted to say hi to you all."I winked at jasmine so she can go along to my lie

"oh yeah ok." Lou said

"her names jasmine." I added

"hey jasmine!!"they said in Unicon

"act happy.." I liped to her

she nodded

"OH MY GOSH HII!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!" Jasmine sscreamed

the boys chuckled a bit

"I love you to." Harry said

"can y'all sing a little for me?" Jasmine asked

"sure love." Zayn ssaid then they sung the chorus of little things

i started laughing at the way jasmines face looked

"okay love we must go now..." lou said

"bye" the all said off unicion

"bye" me and jasmine said

then we hung up

"believe me now?" I teased

"eh, I guess so..."


"where are we?" jasmine asked me

"an airport" I said

"an air port? as in flying?...in the air?!"she said as we both got out

"yeah problem?"

"yes! im not getting on a plane! ive seen to many movies about planes to learn that im never getting on a plane!"

"never say never love. because today were getting on a plane" I said

"no way!" she spat

"yes way!" I mocked her

"two tickets for England please." I said to the elderly lady


"you have that much money?" jasmine slightly whispered

"you'd be surprised."

I opend my wallet and gave her the money and she gave me the tickets

"FLIGHT TO ENGLAND, 10 MINIUTES!!" the lady over the loud speaker

"keep the change." I said to to the lady  and I took jasmines hand and we ran to out flight

"here you go mam'." I gave the other lady out tickets  and we walked in the plane and sat n our seats

I got looks form little girls an smiles from them too

the plane lifted off slowly

"niall im scared!" jasmine said clinging on to my arm

"its okay just go to sleep and by the time you wake up we will already be there." I said to her soothingly

"okay." then she placed her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes










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