let just run away and never look back....

my name is jasmine Antoine I've been separated from my brother
and sent to a military school because my parents hate me.
my sargent, likes to abuse me.. he only abuses me
but some one sticks up for her, helps her,loves her ;]


9. all a dream?

JASMINES POV: I jumped up screaming "what?! what?!" niall said stooping the car making the tires make a loud SCREECH! "no, this is not happening!" I saind to my self almost cring "whats wrong jasmine" he said pulling into a parking lot of a place called kings palace "my dream it was so....real..i tougt it was real" niall just got up and out the car and came to my side to open my door and held out his hand for me to take and I did "I figured you were hungry..so I ..."he trailed off "thanks, I was ;]" "your welcome." "I look-" I started but he cut me off "beautiful, I know." he said kissing my hand that made me blush hes so sweet he opened the door and we walked up to the front desk and the lady brung us to our table I got sevral discusted looks from people "just ignore them." niall whispered as we were walking to our table our table was a round one that was cushioned "in sorry we didn't have any more tables for two" the Chinese lady said "oh no, its fine," niall said sitting down next to me "excuse me, mam'" niall got the attention of a waitress "yes sir?" "can you get our plates for m'lady and I?" he said wayving a 20 dollar tip in her face "oh! yes sir! what do you want?" "anything that you'll eat love."he said "god bless you sir" she bowed and went off to make our plates "so niall where exactly are we?" I asked him "west virgina." "I didn't know they had a west virgina in England." "were in America." "what?, they sunt me to America? I don't even remember getting on a plane...or boat." "what about your dream? what was so real?" "it all sarted when you told me you had feelings for me-" "hi wana go out some time;]" some blonde with hughe boobs came over to our table and sat next to niall niall gave her a discusted look NIALLS POV: "excuse me, but do you see me with some one!?" "oh the ugly bitch with no shoes and booty shorts?i see her.

jasmines head down in shame

i felt  bad for her 

"where do you see that? Because all I see is a beautiful girl." Now before you start taking about people's appearances, you should see what you are wearing first." I spat

"ugh!" She rolled her eyes and left our table

jamine looked up and gave me a smile 

"did you ever have problem with bulling?"I asked her 

"yeah. They used to say I have enourums boobs." When she said that I took a glance i think for a little to long at them and I think she noticed because she did a slight chuckel 

"love take it from me I think there a nice size." Then I winked😉

then she laughed  for quite long  

"thanks." She said calming down 

then not to long after the lady came  with our food

"thank you mam'." I said as she sat down our plates


"This is good." She said nodding 


Then another lady came and put to champagne bottles down 

me and jasmine looked up at each other at the same time  in confusion we didn't order champagne? 


"Thanks mam'??" I said confused 

"on da house😊" you know how the Chinese people talk

she nodded and left


"cheers.." Me and jasmine clinked our glasses together 




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