True love<3

One Direction fan fiction once again! More of a story than just random stuff.


2. True love (Finally)

I turned around when he tapped my shoulder.He smiled and scooted closer too me."Do you want too go to the beach after this"? I agreed and we went too the beach.It wasn't crowded so it was a perfect day!We set the beach towels on the ground flat and took off are clothes with nothing but bikini on and some swim shorts!We held hands and walked on the water with the less big waves and sat when we got tired of standing.I smiled as we got more pushed into the freezing but refreshing water."I am having a lot of fun,are you"? He asked and I looked at him and got up and pulled him into the fresh blue crystal sea.I started too think how his beautiful blue eyes was similar too the sky and the ocean.I smiled when he started too laugh.I splashed water on him and he looked at me with a little smirk on his face and splashed 10% more water on me!"Ah"'I shouted when he got the water on me."Ha now this is fun"! I totally agreed with that and we started too go under water and back up having a lot of fun.We ran back too the beach and started taking naps so we could get a tan.

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