Took me By Surprise

Kayden loves One Direction but the kids at school always tease her about it. One day, Kayden meets up with a member of the band. What happens when she falls for him?


10. Took me by surpris

I scurry around trying to find a spot to hide. If anybody finds me here skipping class, I'm in BIG trouble. Finally I spot a bush with a gap in the middle big enough to hold a person. I rush over and notice a huge rock in my path. I couldn't get around it in time. I don't even slow down I just quickly jump. I put one foot in the air and land on the rock quickly pushing back off again but this time with both feet. My eyes spots an extended tree branch and I grab it as I'm flying through the air. I do a backflip and so does my stomach. I release my tight grip and land in the middle of the bush. On the way down a sharp thorn branch scratches my stomach.
"OW!" I yelp. Oh no. Holding my side, the footsteps come closer. 
"No no no no no. Please leave," I whisper to myself. What am I thinking? SHUT UP KAYDEN! 
"Hello?" Oh shit. "Anybody here?" The voice continues to ask questions and I get even more scared. 
"Eleanour? Is that you?" Eleanour... I recognize that name... Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. Yeah. Oh my god... could that be... nah.
The steps come even closer to me and I squint while dragging in my knees and holding them tight. There's a rustle in the top of the bushes and I start to mentally hyperventilate.
"Oh, hello." The British voice says. I open my eyes and look up to him. My jaw drops and I can feel a scream coming up my throat.
"Please don't scream!" He says.
"Lou Lou Lou LOUIS TOMLI-" he cuts me off my covering my mouth with his hand. Oh my god I want to lick his hand so bad right now... was that weird? Welcome to the land of Directioners my friend. I sit there with my jaw on the floor trying to process in my mind what's going on right now.
"Why are you in a bush, love?" Louis says in a sweet voice.
"Long story." I reply. He offers me a hand and pulls me out of the bush. 

"What's your name?" he says while smiling.

"Kayden," I whisper.

"What a beautiful name!"
"Ow!" I whimper again.
"Love, what happened to you?" He asks.
"I-it's nothing. I-I'm fine." I started to cry and eventually I end up in Louis' arms crying into his chest.
"Can you tell me what's wrong now?" He looks me straight in the eye.
"W-well I'm supposed to be in school and didn't want to get caught. Also, I cut my stomach while trying to hide." I say as I lift up my shirt to my ribs and reveal the cut. "But I'm mostly crying because of you. Your standing here right In front of me. You have absolutely NO idea how much I adore you. I swear it's incredible."
He examines the cut and finally speaks.
"Well thank you." He smiles his charming smile. "But we've got to get you back to your schools nurse." My face goes completely pale.
"No. We can't. I can not afford getting in trouble. Or should I say more trouble." 
"Well then let's get you to a doctor."
"Won't you get noticed?" I ask.
"That's why I have this." He throws on a black hoodie and sun glasses. "Shall we?" He picks me up bridal style and carries me to his car.
OMFG. Is this real life?

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