Took me By Surprise

Kayden loves One Direction but the kids at school always tease her about it. One day, Kayden meets up with a member of the band. What happens when she falls for him?


2. Sickly Science

I walk over to Lex and she greets me by getting down on one knee and asks me to be her partner, in the way of a proposal.

"Ew, no."

I say.


She says getting up with a disappointed look.

"Haha, just kidding."

Lex goes up and grabs the frog bringing it back to slop it down on the table. I can feel vomit slowly rising up my throat so I swallow to avoid puking all over her. The farther we get into the experiment, the more sickly I feel. Finally I ask Mr.Coates to go to the washroom and leave. I get one foot out of the doorway and a sick rush comes over me. I collapse to the ground and puff up my cheeks.

"She's going to blow!!"

Someone shouts. I recognize the voice as Krista Walker. Man I hate her so much. More yelling continues as Mr.Coates try's to get everybody to settle down. The screaming makes me even more sick and nervous. I give one big BLAGH and puke all over the tile floor. Mrs.Tate, the school nurse, notices me from the hallway and offers me a hand. She takes me to the office and calls my parents to come pick me up. It feels like forever, but in 10 short minutes my dad arrives and drives me home.

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