Took me By Surprise

Kayden loves One Direction but the kids at school always tease her about it. One day, Kayden meets up with a member of the band. What happens when she falls for him?


6. Never trust Krista

I strolled down to the pond by my house and sat down on the dry grass. I grabbed a handful and pulled it out of the ground, sprinkling it into the water. The water looked pretty in Spring. The sun reflected perfectly on to one spot of the grass making it always stay dry so the rain never got it too wet for a long time. It's where I go when I need to get away from everything and everyone. I decided to go farther away and walk near downtown. I never usually went downtown but this time I just felt like it was a good idea because I could get my mind off everything. About 20 minutes into my walk, I saw a glittery pink shirt in the distance worn by a tall, black haired figure. Dammit. Krista. I turned around but before I could get anywhere, somebody tapped on my shoulder. I turn around to see Krista with her black ringlets and dark green eyes with her pupils circled in light brown. She had Meghan with her. Meghan wasn't so bad. She was nice, for the most part, but when Krista was around she was a totally different person.
"Oh, hi Krista, Meghan." I say.
"Oh heyy! Katy is it?" she says acting stupid. Even though she really is.
"Kayden." I reply
"Whatever. Well Meghan and I were heading to the mall. Do you wanna come? I mean, to do something about, that." she says pointing at my outfit.
"No, actually I was just heading home."
"Oh c'mon. Don't be such a goodie goodie! I mean seriously, 30 minutes can't hurt right?" She asks with no concern whatsoever.
"We'll I guess so, but why do you want me to come? You never even talk to me at school." 
"Well that's before we realized how cool you are!" 
"Okay I guess I could come."
I follow Krista and Meghan to Krista's red convertible. I get in and she drives off. We get to the mall and head inside. As we walk through the doors, I see Christian, my ex. We had something's a few months ago but he meant nothing to be anymore. Krista, Meghan and I roam around the mall and I get a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. 
"Oh shit, I forgot I have something to do right now." I lie as I look at my watch that reads 4:37.
"Oh ok well it was nice hanging out with you, Kaylee!" Krista says with a grin.
"It's Kayden." I proclaim.
"Whatevs." she mumbles.

Meg and I say our goodbyes to Kayden and when she turns around I quickly slip a purple diamond pair of earrings in her bag. She was admiring them in the store so I decided to "buy" them for her. We watch her head for the doors and when she steps foot on the other side, the security system goes off. I smile at Meg but she just stands there with a strait face. This would DEFINITELY humiliate Kay.

I whip around and see 3 security guards running towards me. 2 of them grab my arms and the 3rd one snatches my bag. 
"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" I shout loud enough for people to hear. A crowd starts to gather around me. I see Krisa and Meghan rush over.
"KAYKAY! What happened hun?" Krista asks with a devilish smile. The guard that took my bag starts to browse through it. He takes out several items and tosses them on the floor. Skinny jeans, green top, pink bra (that was ESPECIALLY embarrassing because Christian was standing right there...). Lastly, he pulls out a purple pair of diamond earrings. 
"Wha? How the?" I wonder.
"Ohh Kay! I thought you decided not to get those!" Krista says while gasping.
"I did! I didn't even have enough for them!" I shout. 
"That's why you stole them." One of the guards say.
"I didn't steal them! I swear!"
"That's enough Ma'am. You'll be taken to Mall Security Jail until we can figure this out and call the police."
"We didn't see anything officer. I promise." Krista says. After, she shoots me a mischievous grin. 
"Krista." I mumble under my breath.
"Call her parents." Officer #2 says. They drag my to Mall Security Jail and call my Dad who arrives within 20 minutes. The officer shows him the way to the Jail cell and he glances at me with a disappointed look. 
"Dad! I promise you I didn't do it! I was framed! Krista put it in my bag!" 
"Save it, Kayden." My dad snaps.
"DAD YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!" I plead. "I'm a good girl! I would never steal! I do as I'm told and and.. I eat my vegetables! Please?!" 
"I'm sorry sweetie." My dad leaves the room and I start to cry harder. what did I get myself into...

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