Took me By Surprise

Kayden loves One Direction but the kids at school always tease her about it. One day, Kayden meets up with a member of the band. What happens when she falls for him?


7. I plead not guilty

I flash my eyes open to see the pale white roof above me. I crawl down off of my metal bunk and hop into my orange jumpsuit, trying not to wake up Ryela. Ryela had been my cell mate for about 3 days now. But considering I had only been in here for 5 days, I wasn't alone for long. My dad came to visit me yesterday. I miss his comforting voice already. He felt something strange with Ryela. He even asked the guards if I could have my own cell but they said no due to not enough room. Ryela wasn't that bad as you would think prison women are. She has nice, straight, light brown hair that sits right above her shoulder and pastel green eyes with brown circles around the pupils. In all she was very pretty and not much older than I was. She got sent to jail because she accidentally shot a police officer. She was in a car accident with a drunk driver AKA her ex, Steven, and he started to shoot. He told her to grab the other gun in the car and start shooting. She did what she was told and snatched the gun, but she didnt aim for the cops. She aimed for Steven. Her vision was blurry from crying so she mis-targeted and hit a cop. Eventually they got Steven and he fell to the ground. Dead.  They didnt believe her side of the story either, but somehow I did. 
BZZZZZZ. The buzzer goes off for breakfast and Ry immediately wakes up.
The guards let go of us once we reach the cafeteria or as I like to call it, D00M.
"Yo girls," Tammy says in her New York accent. "It's the rebel kid!" She shouts pointing at me. Whispers begin among the women and I feel my face go red. 
"Don't worry about them. It will be okay," Ry says trying to comfort me. Ry had already made me feel like I was special. That somebody cared about me besides my father. She kind of felt like a second mother to me. My mom was always away on business. She manages bands for stuck up celebrities and stuff like that. We find a table far away from everybody and begin to eat. 20 minutes later a professional looking man arrives with a guard and he calls me out. Everybody stops what their doing and stares. 

"Am I in trouble again?" I ask sarcastically.
"No Ms. Vence. This is Mr.Whik. He will be your lawyer at court this afternoon." He hands me my bag I arrived with and sends me off to my cell to get changed.
I excitedly get changed into my normal clothes and hope that I can get out of this horror facility.
It was a long drive to the courthouse but we managed to get there on time. I get out of the car to see my Dad, Lex, Dylan, and, oh... Krisa... LIKE I WANT HER HERE!! SHE ALREADY SCREWED UP MY LIFE ENOUGH!! But other than that, I just wanted to go up to my friends and family and squeeze them till their brains pop out. I try to walk to the door resisting to go over and hug them all but I can't help it. I wriggle out of the guards grip and rush over to my Dad first. The hug only lasts about 5 seconds and then I move on to Lex. We hug for a good 10 seconds and she tries to whisper soothing things in my ear to tell me it will all work out fine. Lastly, I go over to Dylan. I can tell by his eyes that he was still hurting and now I know why. I had some time to think It over while I was in jail. He likes me. Not even like. He LOVES me. I wrap my arms around his waste and lay my head down on his chest. I feel his strong arms string around me while he rubs my back. I look up into his bright eyes and finally have the courage to spit out,
"I know you love me,"
"Always have, always will," He replies. He tries to go on but I cut him off by smashing my lips against his. We stay like that for a good long 10 seconds. We both pull away and smile. The guard comes chasing after me and I giggle. He tugs me away and Dylan grins back trying not to laugh.
20 minutes into the court session, I start to worry. What if I'm stuck in here? What will happen to me? I try to calm myself down by thinking about the things I love most. Drawing, singing, but most importantly, One Direction. I couldn't live without them. Honestly, I would die for them.
"Ms.Vence, what is your response?" I hear a strict voice call.
"What?" I say confused.
"Start paying attention unless you want to he stuck in a jail cell forever, kid." Mr. Whik whispers.
"Sorry." I whisper back.
A few minutes go by before I hear the question. 
"What do you plead?" 
I take a deep breath before answering.
"I plead not guilty," Duh... "I can prove im innocent. I state.
"Whenever your ready, Ms. Vence."
"For starters, look at my ears."I say pointing to my ears. "Not even pierced so why would I need a pair of earrings? Also, I noticed something while I was being dragged out of the mall. I call Krista Walker to the stand."
"The court recognizes Krista Walker," Krista stands up nervously and make her way over.
"Now Krista, you claimed you never touched those earnings right?"
"Right..." she says quietly.
"Well then explain this!" I shout while showing the court room her fingers. "The print from the earrings matches exactly with the indent print on Krista's index finger and thumb, which means a lot of pressure must have been applied for that mark to stay there." I look around the room and see a familiar face. Meghan. "May I please call Meghan Tate to the stand?" 
"The court recognizes Meghan Tate."
"So Meghan, what exactly happened after I left the mall?"
"Well, Krista and I went back to her place and hung out for a while." she says with a nervous grin.
"And that's all?" I ask.
"Yes." She replies immediately.
"What happened while I was in the bathroom at the mall?" I question looking her directly in the eyes. 
She sighs before spilling it all.
"Krista thought it would be a good idea to pull a prank on you,"
"MEGHAN!" Krista yells.
"Silence, Ms. Walker." The judge says strictly.
"As I was saying, she thought it would be funny so she went back into the jewelry store and bought the earrings and threw out the receipt. Afterwards, she went to go drop them in your bag but I couldn't let her so I tried to grab them from her hand but you were already starting to come out of the bathroom so she quickly dropped them in." Meghan was in tears by the end of the story.
"There you have it." I sit back down in my chair and grin sarcastically at Krista. Whispering goes on throughout the courtroom and the judge finally starts to talk.
"I've made my decision. Kayden, you pleased not guilty, and the jury has decided... that you are NOT GUILTY. You may pack your things and go home immediately." I squeal in excitement. 
"And you for Ms.Walker, you will have 2 years of jail time for framing a crime on somebody else." 
"What about me?" Meghan rises with her face in concern.
"You are free to go too, Ms.Tate."
"Yay!!" she shrieks and goes to hug her family.
Court ends and I run out to my friends and family.
"This is a start to a new beginning." I say as we get into the car.

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