Took me By Surprise

Kayden loves One Direction but the kids at school always tease her about it. One day, Kayden meets up with a member of the band. What happens when she falls for him?



Hey readers! I need a name to call my readers so comment! 


Few more things:


1. I am a young writer so I would appreciate if you told your friends about me!

2. In chapter 3, you may notice that part of it doesn't have quotation marks. If you have the Movellas App than this shouldnt apply to you :) but online it may look like its supposed to have quotation marks but its not supposed to so that part is actually Kaydens pov. I messed it up by accident an I can't change it because it won't let me for some strange reason... so I don't know. 

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4. When people are talking, online it will not look like that fancy shmancy talk for talking because I write on Notes then copy and paste.

One last thing. I write all of these on a hand-held device so I apologize for any spelling errors. Auto correct can be a fag sometimes.  Just comment if you notice any!'


OKAY! I love you all and please keep reading! There are some great surprises coming up soon! Stay tuned for chapters 5&6 coming soon! Thanks! :))

~thetommohoran AKA Tessa<33

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