Shadow Born

The Shadow-Born have one terrible secret: they are the hybrid sons of Lucifer himself, sent from the depths of hell to act as judges, determining the guilt and sins of humans as well as returning the escaped damned to their eternal punishment. The only problem with their existence? After twenty years, they are summoned by their father to attempt an impossible Trial, from which none return. With his very self a ticking timebomb because of the invader within his own mind, Luke must learn to accept this new part of himself and make the best of the few years remaining to him - all while attempting to rectify the mistakes and failures of his unlikely new companion.


1. Prologue: Fate

“The boy is too weak, he’ll never survive!” Veronica cried. It was true, and they all knew it, but the others insisted on being so damned stupid all the time.

“If he cannot even survive the Trials, what place has he among us. Let the boy burn, I say.” Of course you say that, Veronica thought, you barely passed the tests yourself, Vivi. Out loud she said:

“Well, sister, sometimes they do need time. Perhaps the boy could grow to be something.”

“No. The boy is nothing. He will always be nothing. I have seen it. But,” Victoria added, seeing Vivian’s triumphant smile, “we cannot simply kill him. You do know how angry He gets when we kill them. No. We must send the Shadow-Boy somewhere where others will kill him for us. He will never admit to fathering an inept child, so He cannot take action against us.”

“Are we in agreement, Ver?” Veronica wished for an odd moment that the god she no longer believed in would smite Vivian down. Wasn’t it bad enough being cloistered with them for one lifetime? Why did she have to be immortal too?

“We agree. But where to send him?”

Victoria smiled down at the infant. “Why, we shall send our precious Lucius to their world, of course."

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