Rock with the Devil

A night club opens a gig where the performing bands are given a chance to become famous worldwide. There are ten to perform one song on stage. Aria and her rock band are behind to win that chance. But when she finds a book of dark power, and out of curiosity, tries to summon the devil himself to help her band reach the top. As the devil grants them the ability to play at their best, the band is kicked off to the top faster than they expected. As things run smoothly, even dark power came at a price.


2. Summon

Aria walked into the bookstore and browsed around the books on the shelves. She stopped at the one and only book sitting by itself on a rack. The black hardcover book written in red was the only thing that caught her eye from the rest. She picked it out and read the title; Guide to Darkness. She looked down at the small font below, "Summon the devil for your dark purposes." She shrugged and went to the counter. After giving the lady the book to get it scanned, the lady looked at Aria's neck, seeing the satanic symbol on her collar. She put the book in a plastic bag and asked, "Are you a Satanist?" Aria looked back up at her, "What?" The lady looked at the symbol again, and then Aria looked down at it, "Oh." She looked back at her, "This is just something that I wear, I'm not a Satanist. I do believe there's the devil." She looked at her confused. Aria saw she didn't understand what a Satanist actually is, and like most people, they'd think, 'devil worshipper'. Aria took the plastic bag with the book after paying, "Don't worry about it. Thanks anyway." She turned to leave.

After arriving back at their place, her band members were resting watching TV. The drummer, Eric, spun his drumstick around his finger lying at the bed as Aria looked at the book walking into the next room. She opened it's pages flipping through what she could find. Her eyes stopped at a title where she read, 'Summon the devil to better your abilities.' She looked out the doorway seeing her band continue to watch TV. She had a thought, would this help them rise to the top? Or will it not work at all and leave her disappointed? She was curious to try it out. She took some black candles and lit them in front of her. She read into the book again for more instructions. The band walked in, Eric pointed out, "What are you doing?" Aria stopped and looked to them, "Just... trying something." The bass guitarist, Alison, asked, "Did you join some cult, what are the black candles for?" Aria stood with the book in her hands, "I don't know, but I read in this book that it may help us." Rhythm guitarist, Jake, looked over, "Summon the devil to better your abilites? This is just some fake for entertainment. The devil's not gonna show up in front of our faces granting us this!" Aria stomped her boots back facing the candles, "I don't care, I'm just seeing if it will work. And if it doesn't, then I'll ask for my money back." She used a red spray can on the large sheet of paper she had for art painting. Her band sat at the chairs as they watched. Eric sighed, "You really don't believe in this kind of thing, do you?" She looked back at him, "It's worth a shot, right?" She shook the can looking at the satanic symbol on the page spraying the red paint on the large paper making it exact. Stepping back, she put the can down as she sat in front of the symbol. Everything was quiet. The band looked around, "Now what?" Jake asked, Aria hushed, "Let me think." She looked into the book again and read the incantation aloud, "Satan, ruler of Hell, I summon thee, help me, grant me the ability." She repeated over.

The symbol glowed. And flames rose. There showed the devil before their eyes. He was not a beast, but a man dressed in black. Aria stood with a gasp; this was a surprise. The ritual worked. He greeted, "I am the devil, you have called. I will grant you great abilities to become the best there is, and once you reach fame, you will ever be the same." A mist of darkness escaped by a click of his fingers. And then the band felt something rush inside them. They felt the same as they were, yet different. The devil grinned, "I will be seeing you." The dark man disappeared within the rising flames. Aria looked down at the smeared symbol from the heat of the fire that came and went. She turned to her band. They were as shocked as ever, "What the heck was that!?" Alison asked, Aria tried to calm everybody down, "Look... just..." she sighed with a grunt and left. They followed her asking questions, "Did you not realize what you just put us in?" Aria stopped and turned to them, "I know, ok! What we saw was real. And I didn't expect it to work. I thought, in a way, it would give us some hope of winning... I really want to this badly for us. I'm sorry for whatever I've done. Just trust that it's going to work." They stood in silence. Winning this with real talent was good, but winning it with talent given to them, was bad. But if they can pull this off with no one knowing about it, they'd sure reach to the top and earn that fame they've been hoping for.

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